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Sep 06 2020
very poor customer service
Credit Karma Member

Paid off card early and in full and asked them to cancel the card on 6/25/20. After several months still shows a 6000.00 balance, however when I call the automated system there is no balance. Don't get this card. Poor customer service as we called at least 4 times to cancel. Should have read the other reviews before today.

Nov 05 2019
Avoid this credit card company!!
Credit Karma Member

Avoid this credit card company at all costs!!! They scam you!!! I made all my payments plus some on time every month, they saw that and tried to charge me NSF fees and would return my payments! Nothing is their fault ever. They see they won't make any money off of you so they try to charge you by saying you don't have funds in your acct and bc they tried to take a payment and returned it back to you now they charge you $25, $35. Their systems SUCK!! Trying to make an automatic monthly payment is a nightmare. You actually have to go int every month and make a payment. If you make a payment for let's say 10/3 and that same day you schedule a payment for 11/3 they will cancel each other other bc you can only make one payment at a time! So in the end your charged a late fee, your credit is fxcked and you act is past due. AVOID THEM. READ THE REVIEWS PLEASE BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!! This card company is a SCAM!

Mar 29 2019
Credit Karma Member

I have Discover, American Express, 2 Cap 1 cards and 7 other credit cards with almost no balance on them. I have an excellent credit payment history as well. I applied on line and a message was flashed across the screen that my application could not be completed and I would be given an answer in 10 days. I called them 30 minutes later and they said I was denied. From all the reviews I have read here and other sites I would steer clear of applying for this card. The people were very rude and gave me the run around for 45 minutes.

Jan 23 2019
Getting Scary!!!
Credit Karma Member

Got this TD bank Yard Card when buying my golf cart. Paid double minimum pay ($300) monthly. No issues until all of a sudden I get a returned online payment (Had $2600 in my account) and a NSF. Called to ask wtf and they blamed me, " we didn't do anything to change your account". Turns out their system added a "place filler" zero to my routing number. No refund of NSF, no apology. Worried this will continue after reading reviews about TD. Paid $6000 of the $8000 owed and it seems like they're trying to screw me for interest in the end by fabricating a missed or late payment.

Feb 02 2018
Credit Karma Member

The company closed my card after paying it off within the first two months. I will not ever use these company again for any financing, and will not buy another grasshopper. Thank you for the hard inquiry.

Jan 04 2018
Credit Karma Member

I did not sign up for the yard card, it just showed up to my house one day with a $12,500 limit. I immediately cut the thing up.

Jul 22 2017
Credit Karma Member

i had this card and paid if off within 6 months over 3000 dollars . Went back to buy a 360 dollar weed eater and they said I had to have my credit reinstated because I paid the card off within 6 month and they denied the sale. Do not use this credit company they don't know anything about loyalty.

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Yard Card

Yard Card

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