Great for high flat-rate cash back††
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Mar 05 2020
Does what it says...
Credit Karma Member

I was approved for this card with just good approval ratings from CK. Limit was $4500 when approved. Fast forward a year and my limit is now 10k. The customer service issue has never been an issue for me. They even gave me $25 cash back for my troubles with their website. So far so good...

Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 25 2020
Customer service is horrible
Credit Karma Member

Opened this card for a balance transfer. Takes 14days to transfer even though the account was open and card was active. I complained at why it took so long and asked is there any consequence for canceling. They admittedly assumed I wanted to cancel and did so then refused to reverse it and are making restart to entire process and wait 14 days again. Beware they won’t help you if they make a mistake.

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Jan 05 2021
Not as great a deal as it appears to be
Credit Karma Member

When the COVID19 shutdown occurred in March 2020, Citi IMMEDIATELY lowered the limit on my card to the amount of my balance, in spite of my having a credit score over 700 at that time and a stellar record of payments for all my cards. Also, if you pay more than you charge in a month, you lose rewards.

Jan 03 2021
Credit Karma Member

Upgraded to this 2% cash back card 2 years ago with a balance, it was a quick process. Paid it off 6 months later. In terms of the customer service, overall generous experience. The interface on the Citibank App is clean and easy to understand in regards to how the cash back is obtained. In my opinion, great for amateurs. But I do hope they increase the cash back % in the future

Dec 23 2020
CK , told me i was pre aproved,,
Credit Karma Member

so i applied 751 / 751/ 725 , denied *** :( Citi has a very long memory.., i did the big D,.. 12 years ago.

Dec 07 2020
Good for Maximum Unlimited Cash Back
Credit Karma Member

This is among the best (2%) Unlimited Cash back cards as long as you pay off your balances every month otherwise the interest will totally defeat the cash back purpose. Was hard to get approved, denied me 2 times in a year with a 750+ score, I was eventually approved with 795 Credit Score, 3 inquiries, & 4% CC balances, but only a $2500 Limit. That was 4 years ago, I have since been using the card, paying it off, and request Limit Increase every time My score is over 800, it's currently up to only $10,000 after 3 limit increases in 2 years which I had to ask for. I also have a Synchrony 2% Cash Back Card, it's better than Citi double cash.

Dec 03 2020
Decent card for 2% Cash Back
Credit Karma Member

It is my go-to physical card when my other cards are not offering bonuses above 2% Otherwise, I'd just use my AppleCard when ApplePay or contactless payment is available. Would be an instant 5 stars if I could redeem the awards as soon as they're available (got spoiled by CapitalOne) instead of having to wait until it hits the $25 minimum.

Dec 02 2020
I was pre approved denied 787 score
Credit Karma Member

Credit Karma said I was pre approved and I was denied with a 787 credit score. Not only that but they did a hard pull on my credit and now my credit score will suffer. Credit Karma shouldn’t advertise that your pre approved and then denied despite excellent credit.

Nov 29 2020
Best Cash Back Card!
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card your 3-5 years. Never had any problems with it. I also have a high credit limit with it.

Nov 28 2020
Best card I ever had
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for many many years. I charge EVERYTHING I buy on it , then pay it off. I just cashed in $ 1500.00 CASH. Not flyer miles that you can't use because of covid 19, not discount coupons on something you can buy at Walmart cheaper anyway, just cold hard cash.

Nov 27 2020
Free money back. What's not to like/
Credit Karma Member

I too wonder about the many negative reviews. I have had nothing but great experiences over the many years I have used this card. I probably get $500 (tax-free) cash back every year on this card. When I dispute a charge, I get the credit immediately. Customer care has been stellar.

Nov 25 2020
Best card EVER!!
Credit Karma Member

I use this card for everything then, pay it off at the end of the month and you can make some serious cash. Citibank has contacted me when they notice suspicious transactions and they have always returned the money and corrected the situation quickly. I would highly recommend this card.

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Great for high flat-rate cash back††
See card detail
See card detail
Rewards rate

1% - 2% Cash back

Annual fee


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