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Financial Calculators and Tools

Credit Karma’s Financial Tools can help you understand how long it could take you to pay down debt, estimate how much home you can afford, and much more.

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Mortgage Calculators

Credit Karma’s Mortgage calculators could help you estimate how much home you could afford, understand potential closing costs, and much more.

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Money Calculators

Credit Karma’s Money calculators can help you estimate your savings, see how compound interest works, and much more.

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Auto Calculators

Credit Karma’s Auto calculators could help you estimate how much you could get for a car loan, whether it makes sense to lease or buy a car, and much more.

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Personal Loans Calculators

Credit Karma’s Personal Loans calculators could help you estimate the total cost of a loan, what factors influence the time to repay a loan, and much more.

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Credit Card Calculators

Credit Karma’s Credit Card calculators can help you navigate debt management and much more.

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Additional Calculators

Credit Karma’s calculators can help you make better financial decisions based on your inputs and situation.