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Credit monitoring can help prevent identity theft and inaccurate information from appearing on your credit report. Monitor your credit for free with Credit Karma.

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More About Your Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring is a service that tracks your credit report on a daily basis and notifies you of any significant changes on your report. Since the credit monitoring service will notify a consumer any time a new account is opened in their name, many consumers use credit monitoring as a means of preventing identity theft. In addition, credit monitoring can help prevent error from credit reports. Mostly notably, credit monitoring will notify a consumer of derogatory reports such as a delinquencies from a creditor. These derogatory reports can often hurt a credit score for years. Tracking them is very important to building a good credit score.

Historically, credit monitoring services can be expensive. Many charge $10-30 per month. Credit Karma offers credit monitoring for free. Our service is powered by TransUnion, one of the three major credit report agencies. Credit Karma leverages an advertising model meaning that advertisers pay for the credit monitoring service. Consumers are never charged. We don’t require a credit card and there are never any hidden obligations.

Register for free credit monitoring today. Remember this service is completely free.

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  • “...Probably one of the most awesome sites I have come across in a very long time! ...I will tell everyone I know about this!”

    - Renae

  • “Thanks to Credit Karma... I check my score monthly and enjoy seeing it rise each month! THANK YOU!”

    - Wendy

  • “You guys ROCK! I mean, seriously. If I could hug y’all, I would!”

    - Christina

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Credit Karma™ Believes All Consumers Should Have Access to Free Credit Scores
A credit score is one of the most important components of a consumer's financial profile. At Credit Karma™, we believe free access to one's credit score and report is a fundamental consumer right. That is why our site allows consumers to access their credit score anytime they want for free without the sneaky "free" trials or subscription requirements. In addition to free credit scores, Credit Karma™ has a wealth of tools and content to help consumers better understand how credit scores and credit reports work. Credit Karma™ is a completely free pro-consumer service dedicated to demystifying the credit landscape. With our credit simulators, free credit scores, credit advice, and credit score comparisons, our goal is to empower consumers to more actively manage their credit and their financial health.