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More About Your Credit History

Your credit history is a significant factor in your credit score. Lenders and creditors view several aspects of your credit history before deciding to extend a line of credit to you. These include:

  • Percent on-time payments: If you’ve made a late payment on a loan in the past, it can seriously affect your credit score.
  • Derogatory marks: accounts in collections, bankruptcies and liens can stay on your credit report for 7 to 10 years.
  • Average age of open credit lines: The older your credit history, the more accurate an assessment of your creditworthiness overtime.

With Credit Karma, you can see how your credit history is affecting your credit score with our Free Credit Report Card. You’ll be able to see what may be negatively affecting your credit score so that you can make healthy credit choices in the future as well as the positive aspects of your history.
Sign up for a free credit score from Credit Karma today and get access to your Free Credit Report Card, which will help you keep track of your credit history and your credit future.

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A credit score is one of the most important components of a consumer's financial profile. At Credit Karma™, we believe free access to one's credit score and report is a fundamental consumer right. That is why our site allows consumers to access their credit score anytime they want for free without the sneaky "free" trials or subscription requirements. In addition to free credit scores, Credit Karma™ has a wealth of tools and content to help consumers better understand how credit scores and credit reports work. Credit Karma™ is a completely free pro-consumer service dedicated to demystifying the credit landscape. With our credit simulators, free credit scores, credit advice, and credit score comparisons, our goal is to empower consumers to more actively manage their credit and their financial health.