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Credit Karma’s Money calculators can help you estimate your savings, see how compound interest works, and much more.

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Document with a money sign and lines representing a 401k contribution document

401(k) Calculator

Estimate how much you could have in your 401(k) account by the time you retire.

Three pieces of paper with a dollar sign on the first one representing documents users compile when budgeting

Budget Calculator

Get a clearer picture of how much money you’re spending, what you’re spending it on and where you could improve.

An outline of a document representing the compound interest as a percent based on calculations

Compound Interest Calculator

See the effect of compound interest on your money and how compounding frequency can make a
real difference.

Dollar bill with arrows pointing from one end then back to the other end representing the cycle of inflation

Inflation Calculator

Use this inflation calculator to see how much money from the past is worth today — or the other way around!

Bag of money representing calculated retirement savings

Retirement Calculator

See how much money you could save by the time you retire, along with an annual breakdown of how much your estimated retirement savings could grow year over year.

Chart showing a percent symbol and up and to the right arrow for a potential return on investment

ROI Calculator

Estimate the gain or loss on an investment using this return on investment (ROI) calculator.

Savings Calculator

Find out how much you can grow your savings and how long it’ll take or set a savings goal and see what you’d have to contribute per month to reach your goal.

Hand holding a bag of money representing the social security money you could earn in retirement

Social Security Calculator

Use this calculator to find your estimated monthly Social Security benefit for when you retire.