Mar 27, 2024

Americans blow their tax refunds as if it’s “free money,” study finds 

Tax Day is looming and, while many Americans have already filed their taxes, many still have yet to submit their returns. In the first six weeks of tax season, the IRS paid $135 billion in tax refunds to American taxpayers. The question is how did they use it and how much of their refunds remain?  […]

Mar 22, 2024

AI expected to fuel a new wave of tax scams, stoking concerns among taxpayers   

Tax refunds are often the biggest windfall of the year for many Americans, presenting an opportunity for fraudsters and scammers to swoop in and claim whatever money is owed to fillers by the IRS. Last year, the IRS flagged over 1 million tax returns for identify fraud, costing consumers millions of dollars, not to mention […]

Mar 18, 2024

Gen Z looks to friends and parents for help purchasing a home, study finds 

Homeownership has long been considered a cornerstone of the American Dream, yet, lately it’s felt unattainable for many Americans. Between rising rent costs, high home prices, elevated mortgage rates and low housing inventory, aspiring homeowners are turning to their inner circle for financial help.  According to a recent study conducted by Intuit Credit Karma, 47% […]

Mar 14, 2024

Gen Z and Millennials’ financially irresponsible era is over as many adopt “no-buy” financial trend  

Consumer spending has remained strong despite sustained inflation, record-high interest rates and bubbling concerns of a recession. In some cases, consumers are blowing money to cope with concerns about the economy and foreign affairs, while others are spending to fuel their shopping addictions. However, recent online trends like “loud budgeting” are changing the conversation and […]

Mar 4, 2024

Gen Z earns six figures as digital side hustlers, new study finds 

Side gigs aren’t new, but in true Gen Z fashion, the generation succeeding millennials is putting a new spin on what it means to earn additional income – and it’s paying off.  According to a new study conducted by Qualtrics on behalf of Intuit Credit Karma, 45% of Gen Z consider themselves digital side hustlers […]

Mar 1, 2024

Millennials and Gen Z rack up credit card balances amid sky-high interest rates 

In November 2023, 56% of Gen Z and 69% of millennials said they were concerned about the current state of the economy, driven largely by inflation, rising interest rates and high debt levels. Now, threats of the Fed not cutting rates at all this year, could put many Gen Z and millennials’ finances in jeopardy.   […]

Feb 22, 2024

The traditional 9 to 5 is soul-sucking for Gen Z, study finds 

Generation Z is known for many things. They’re more racially and ethnically diverse than previous generations, they’re digital natives, having grown up on social media platforms, they tend to be more progressive on key social issues, and they’re not afraid to challenge the status quo – especially when it comes to their careers and work-life […]

Feb 5, 2024

Single Americans “swipe right” on excellent credit, study finds

Online dating is one of the primary ways romantic partners meet. Singles can customize their dating experience, including how they present themselves to potential suitors, and how they select potential partners, based on their preferences. This online world of dating allows people to learn a lot about a person before ever meeting them IRL. Things […]

Jan 29, 2024

Americans will depend on refunds to pay for necessities this tax season 

Today marks the official opening of the IRS, which means organized tax filers who have received all of the necessary paperwork can begin filing their 2023 taxes as soon as today. While the majority of Americans save filing their taxes until closer to the April 15 deadline, many are eager to file early so they […]