Dec 19, 2022

Breaking Bad Financial Habits in the New Year 

More than two-thirds of Americans’ finances did not improve or stayed the same in 2022 (68%)  76% of Americans made a financial mistake in 2022. The most common mistake? Not saving any money (40%)  More than money mistakes, 35% of Americans developed bad financial habit(s) in 2022  Say goodbye to 2022 and all of the […]

Nov 29, 2022

Home for the holidays? Only if parents pay the way, study finds

Roughly half of Gen Z and millennials plan to travel home for the holidays, many on their parents’ dime  41% of Zoomers who are traveling home for the holidays expect their parents or family members to pay for their travel accommodations   For those not traveling home for the holidays, a quarter blame rising gas prices  […]

Nov 15, 2022

Deals abound this holiday season – nearly half of consumers aren’t buying it

Nearly half of Americans say holiday sales won’t make a difference this year because of inflation (48%)  45% of Americans worry they’re being taken advantage of when shopping major holiday sales More than half of Americans say they have been tricked into thinking they were getting a deal during holiday sales (51%) Black Friday, arguably […]

Oct 10, 2022

Finances are keeping Americans up at night, study finds 

Money is the biggest source of stress for 54% of Americans 44% of Americans say their finances have a negative impact on their mental health 39% of Americans say their finances keeps them up at night  Money is stressful for most people. Yet, much like mental health, money has been a taboo topic that has […]

Sep 30, 2022

Many Americans use credit to pay for fertility treatment–some priced out altogether 

67% of respondents who have undergone fertility treatment say the cost of fertility treatment had long-term effects on their finances   71% of respondents are willing to take on debt to finance their fertility treatment Nearly one third of respondents have used, or plan to use, credit to pay for fertility treatment (29%) Note: The following […]