Sep 11, 2015

15 US Cities With The Least Consumer Debt

Consumer debt levels keep hitting all-time highs. But Credit Karma data looking at average consumer debt for our more than 40 million members shows there are still some cities where borrowing isn’t spiking so high.Credit Karma members in Detroit, MI have less than 25 percent of the debt our members in Frisco, TX have – […]

Sep 4, 2015

15 US Cities With The Most Consumer Debt

Consumer debt breaks down into a few different areas. People can borrow to study, buy a home, finance a vehicle, or make everyday purchases. An analysis of Credit Karma data from our member base of more than 40 million consumers reveals the 15 cities in the US where our members have the highest average amounts […]

Aug 28, 2015

15 US Cities With The Highest Amount of Student Loans

It’s hard to afford college without student loans. According to the Institute for College Access & Success, 69 percent of graduates from public and nonprofit colleges had student loan debt. Credit Karma data from our member base of over 40 million consumers shows the 15 cities where the highest percentage of members had student loans. […]

Aug 26, 2015

4 Myths About Credit Cards That Should Be Retired

Until recently, it could be expensive and confusing for the average consumer to access their credit scores and reports. A side effect of this was a proliferation of rumors about the best way to manage credit. Like any good urban legend, it’s hard to know exactly where these got started. Since Credit Karma launched in […]

Aug 21, 2015

15 US Cities With The Highest Average Credit Card Limits

Looking at Credit Karma data around national credit limits, from our more than 40 million members, we’ve found two commonalities: people with the highest credit limits tend to live in cities with both higher than average incomes and retail sales. The cities on our top 15 lists are spread from California and Arizona to Illinois […]

Aug 14, 2015

15 US Cities With the Highest Amount of Mortgages

Want to own a home? You may want to ditch the big city. We consulted our data to find the US cities where the highest percentage of Credit Karma members had mortgages, and small cities dominated. Of the top 15 cities, none had more than 250,000 residents, and all but three had less than 200,000. […]

Aug 12, 2015

The Future of Credit Karma

It’s been a hugely exciting time at Credit Karma the last couple of months. As you might have read in the news, we closed a $175 million Series D financing round at the end of June, to help us drive major new additions to our product that we think will make Credit Karma an even […]

Aug 6, 2015

15 US Cities With the Lowest Average Mortgage

Where the US cities with the highest average mortgages were all out west, the 15 cities where Credit Karma members had the lowest average mortgage according to our data* spread all over the country: the Midwest, South and Northeast. Despite this geographic diversity, the cities share some commonalities. Median household income falls below the U.S. […]

Jul 30, 2015

15 US Cities With the Highest Average Mortgage

If you’re thinking about buying property in California, you might need to see how deep your pockets go. While the Golden State is known for its beaches and endless summers, it’s also home to some of the priciest real estate in the country. According to Credit Karma user data,* of the 15 U.S. cities where […]

Jul 27, 2015

Weddings, Marriage and Money: Credit Karma Survey Findings

In July 2015, along with research company Qualtrics, Credit Karma surveyed 500 Millennials (ages 18-34) and 500 Baby Boomers (ages 50-65) in America to compare their beliefs and behaviors toward getting married and building a future. Here’s what we found: Breaking the Bank to Tie the Knot: Millennial weddings carry a higher price tag Fifty-six […]