Now on Android: Credit Karma Mobile!

March 8, 2013

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Android app—Credit Karma Mobile! Now you Android users can get your credit score on-the-go and for free. Here’s what you get with the app:

  • Truly free credit scores. The app will automatically update your credit score on a weekly basis. You’ll also see when your next available score update is.
  • On-the-go credit monitoring. You’ll receive an alert straight to your phone whenever something important changes in your credit report. Credit monitoring can alert you to things like new accounts or changes in your personal information on your report. It’ll help you keep track of your credit and catch suspicious errors or fraud as soon as it happens.
  • Your Credit Report Card. Developed especially by our awesome engineers, the Credit Report Card shows you how you’re doing in the most important factors that influence your credit. You’ll get a letter grade for each factor so you know where to focus your credit-building attention.

The app is free to download and, of course, joining Credit Karma is free, too. Now you can get your credit score for free, from anywhere. Credit Karma Mobile is available in the Play Store.

Bethy Hardeman is the Social Media Manager and Writer at Credit Karma, where she’s been since February 2011. When she’s not writing about credit and finance all over the web, you can find her playing her guitar, catching the latest movie, training for her next race or just exploring the city of San Francisco. Say “Hi” on Twitter: @bhardeman.