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May 21 2018
Great to get rewards for every day use.
Credit Karma Member

I love that this card offers purchase eraser. Using purchase eraser you can buy anything related to travel using this card and then use the miles you have earned to turn around and pay off the travel expense within 90 days. The card automatically shows you what is a valid travel purchase and allows you to click redeem. Then voila! Within 3 business days, you have yourself a credit on your account. The customer service is excellent, and I get alerts on my phone whenever a purchase is made. (Completely customizable in the settings). I also love that it is Visa and is accepted most places. It is a heavy metal card, so no worries about it breaking down from everyday swiping, and the number is on the back, so not easily seen by prying eyes. I get 2 times miles on any purchase, and they add up quickly with a family of three. The only negative thing I will say is that it comes with a 24% APR, so if you get this, plan on paying it off every month so you don't need to pay the ridiculously high interest rate.

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May 13 2019
Credit Karma Member

On May 8 I was browsing through my reward points looking at pricing for a potential vacation. I was doing some comparisons and mistakenly clicked to redeem 44,000 points with JetBlue. Immediately after I realized my error I contacted customer service at capital One to alert them of my error. In conversation with the level one rap they understood my concern but we???re on able to assist. I then requested to speak to a manager and was transferred accordingly. In conversation with the manager he stated that there was nothing he could do to correct the issue. When I asked to speak to his manager he claimed there was no one higher than him then I could talk to. He was a little rude in his tone and suggested we contact JetBlue directly. I contacted JetBlue and the rep was sympathetic to the situation and simply stated that the points could be returned to capital one and that a simple email from the points department to JetBlue is all that would be required. I then called back to capital One and spoke to a new rep who stated that my concern would be escalated to the appropriate team and a review would take five business days. I received a call back this evening May 13th and again explained the situation to the capital one rep. Once again our request to have the points returned to our account was again denied. I again requested to speak to a manager. In conversation with the new manager she was unwilling to write a simple email as I requested to JetBlue to resolve this to which I feel is unfair to me being a valued customer. I am very upset with the situation and the lack of customer service capital one has provided thus far. Your company needs to review their policies to be more customer centric. When errors are made there should be provisions to help the customer. I will be taking this matter to the Better Business Bureau and other social media outlets.

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Mar 20 2020
My Only Travel Card
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card after I woke up this morning and saw that my credit score rose by 60 points in a week. This was due to a very strategic payment plan I came up with. Anyways, CK had me at 684(T) and 700(E). I gambled and it paid off. I was instantly approved for $5k. I'm currently at 9% credit utilization, 100% on time payments (after my foreclose lost its magic powers, 2 years old), and 8 inquiries. I know that's a lot but I've been rebuilding my credit since 2017 and it's paying off. I will update my review after I've used it for a while.

Mar 16 2020
Difficult to get
Credit Karma Member

Capitol One doesn't tell you everything they require before hard inquiry on your credit. They require old school fax or hard mail of your social security card, your proof of residence and your driver's license. I already have an active, healthy account with them, and they still gave me hell in the application process. My credit score is excellent and I'm military. They are the most difficult people to work with. Go with American Express!!!

Mar 02 2020
Credit Karma Member

This is a good starter travel credit card or a card for someone who wants to put in very little effort into a travel card. It's a flat 2% on everything and very easy to redeem with the purchase eraser. I outgrew this card when I wanted to really maximize my rewards.

Feb 29 2020
Good "catchall" card, excels at nothing
Credit Karma Member

I use this card when none of my targetted credit cards provide better rewards. The points are pretty competitive for regular purchases but targetted credit cards are always better in their respective categories. In spite of it being marketed as a travel card it really doesn't offer all that much when compared to other travel cards. Still, I rebuilt my credit with CapitalOne cards and they've always been good to me and this card has its place in my wallet. They're good on raising your limit if you use your credit responsibly and can show income and, aside from slow reporting to the credit reporting agencies, I have no gripes about how they do business. I will say it gets hacked more than my other cards even with me taking care where I use it. They don't hold me accountable for any of the charges but it is kind of a pain because new cards take a week or two to arrive once it gets locked after a hack. I'm not sure the thought process behind taking a long time to get a replacement card out to the cardholder so they can start spending money...

Feb 22 2020
Pays for most of our trips
Credit Karma Member

I use this card like a debit card and pay it off every month. It's amazing how fast the miles add up when you use it this way. Booking trips is super easy and I love that you can use them for rental cars and hotels! The intro 50,000 paid for our flights to Disneyland and our rental car. Love this card!

Feb 22 2020
Have a 667 EXP but 656 TU.... CK says...
Credit Karma Member

I should apply but I don't know. I just paid down a ton of debt to get my utilization down to about 20 percent. Also, I have too many inquiries plus a new Discover card. Chap. 7 BK falling off next year. should I wait?

Feb 06 2020
I love Capital One!
Credit Karma Member

I actually have 3 capital one cards, I love them so much! They have been my key to rebuilding my credit after my divorce. It's hard for me to believe some of these reviews as I have always had such wonderful experiences with capital one and customer service. It seems to me they have not experienced any other credit card companies. The App is by far the best credit card app I have used- super user friendly!

Feb 03 2020
This is not worth $95 annual fee
Credit Karma Member

NOT worth a $95 fee, nor would it even be a good card for racking up travel miles without the high fee which gets you no other special services. CaitalOne does nothing to justfy it. The amount of spe nd necessary to actually earn a trip are badly scewed agaainst you. Don't even think about about ever getting a credit line increase from these lying clowns. They will will give you one reason the first time - like average payment too small. So you pay them 100% in full for months then ask again, denied, reason, you don't use the card enough. Hugh? I used 70% of my limit. Then next time it's a new reason, you can't win. They use scammy double monthly average interest, so if you don'y pay in full at the end of one month you will continually get nailed with massive intesest charges until you pay 2 months in full.

Jan 15 2020
Tempted to get one
Credit Karma Member

I have secured Discover and secured Cap1, along QS1. Discover havent upgraded my secured in about 18 months(limit started at $200 and now at $1500). So discover didn't do anything about my secured card yet but approved me for it cash back at $6000. Perfect timing to do balamce transfer and get my other cards back on full. So I am tempted to get Venture but the question is why would I ? I don't need it now as I won't be able to fully use their perks as I am gonna be using It cash back for a while. So maybe by next year do Venture ? But will need a balance transfer too. So how to go about it. Go for both next year ? I did not apply for Venture, i was just pre qualified with high odds ? Could they give me $10k ? Cuz then i can start my business strong.

Jan 14 2020
Credit Karma Member

Great card. Never have any problems

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Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

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