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Mar 09 2019
Painless card
Credit Karma Member

Easy to get, generous credit limit. Nothing about the card i don't like so far. Applied and got instant approval. $2000 limit with 620 score.

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Mar 10 2019
Served its purpose....
Credit Karma Member

Card is okay if you have limited choices due to low credit scores. With responsible use, they will report to all 3 bureaus although there are fees that you may incur at a high rate just to own this card. After a period of time, if your scores are high enough, I would recommend finding a better card with lower interest etc.

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Jul 03 2020
Poor customer service. Bad for travel abroad
Credit Karma Member

Can never get cust serv to get a supervisor. They say they cant transfer. I gave travel notification and a week later got an email there was suspicious activity and they closed it without verifying charges with me while i was in the middle east. Reps have terrible english. Definitely NOT a travel card to depend on. Never even got an email for me to verify charges. They were reissuing a card to send to Seattle while i was in the middle east.

Jun 30 2020
Does little to improve credit score
Credit Karma Member

It takes forever to report correct information to credit Bureau. Continues to lower my score even though I have payed the card off. My current credit report is showing that I am utilizing 80% of my credit when I am currently as 0%. I would only recommend this card if you are just getting started but even still there may be better options out there. Customer service is also poor.

May 24 2020
It's in my drawer
Credit Karma Member

Got it when it came out to help with establishing credit. I've since received better CC. I use it once a month for gas

Apr 22 2020
Not a good company
Credit Karma Member

Petal lowered my credit limit using google inaccurate credit report information I have a 0 balance on this card and have never missed a payment this will affect my credit report!

Mar 30 2020
Credit Karma Member

If you don't use the card or use it in a orderly fashion they send u a email that your card has been deactivated. Wow thanks petal for that. But wait you can reapply for it again and have them do another credit check on you. Stay away from this card.

Mar 24 2020
Credit Karma Member

Mar 18 2020
It’s a credit card if you need one
Credit Karma Member

Their app to manage the card is lacking many features and it’s impossible to find statements. I closed the card because of that in spring 18 and it is still showing on my equifax credit report as an open balance. I would stay away.

Mar 17 2020
Very Hard Approval
Credit Karma Member

This is a total waste of time if you don't have perfect credit with ZERO problems. Each inquiry lowers your credit score 12+ points and damages your prospects for other approvals. Run, don't walk from them

Feb 26 2020
they send you a pre approval and they deny it to y
Credit Karma Member

I got a pre approval. They fill out the form and deny it. My credit record is fine. not recommended

Feb 12 2020
Credit Karma Member

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Petal Visa Credit Card

Petal Visa Credit Card

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