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Helpful to 1359 out of 1406 people

It's a great card to recover your credit history, but read the fine print, realize that the APR is very high, and don't expect a real credit limit increase. I decided to get this secured card after I defaulted on my student loans before establishing any real credit history. I was finally able to recover my finances and pay off the loans, but the damage was done and no bank was going to look at my history and extend credit. Since I already had a Cap One banking and savings account, it made sense to stick with them for a secured card, given that they have a pretty solid reputation and my accounts would be streamlined. So, made a $300 deposit, got the card, and started using it responsibly. A year later, they increased my limit by $100. Cool!

So, after another year of careful use, I called them to see about another limit increase. No dice. Asked about having my deposit refunded and moving to a regular Cap One MC. Sure, but I would actually have to close the secured card and open a new unsecured card, but it would report as one card. Wait . . . what!? Is that even possible? Can two accounts be "tied" together to report as one card?

In the end, I pulled my scores, decided they were acceptable (despite my limited history), and found out that my student loan default had been changed to report as paid in good standing (guess someone I spoke to at the collection office had a heart!). Took a total shot in the dark and applied for a low APR rewards card with another bank and not only got an instant approval, but a $5000 credit limit!

So, this will get you out of trouble with careful use, but might become a burden later - now I'm stuck with a low limit, high interest card that has tied up $300 of my money, plus a yearly fee. And I don't dare close the account, because it's my oldest card.

I feel that Cap One's claim of a "refundable" deposit may be a but misleading, since many other secured cards will credit back the deposit once an account has remained in good standing for an amount of time.

Aug 10, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 59 out of 66 people

Unbelievable!! I was told to apply for this card by both Credit Karma and Capital One base on my 643 credit score and I was denied twice!! I'm under CH13, just 1 month before completing my ordeal for 5 years and I was told to apply for a secure card to rebuild my credit. Horrible experience with Capital One!! 

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  Mar 18, 2014

wow1111(2, 63)

Review by wow1111

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Capital One uses an automated system to evalute risk. Defaulted loans is a major red flag. Even if the account was paid in full, you didn't request a Pay-For-Delete contract request to have it removed from your credit reports. That's why you were denied.

Look at it this way, if you once had a ton of credit extended to you and you couldn't handle it, why would they extend more to you?

Shackboy's reply was:    

  Mar 19, 2014

Shackboy(2, 33)

Review by Shackboy

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Satisfied in an understatment Helpful to 676 out of 698 people

I don't usually leave comments, but I hope this helps someone in need. 10 months ago, I had no idea how credit worked and how important it is to establish it. For some reason, I was consistently denied by various credit card companies, including department stores. I had no hope.

Then I came across this secured card, I remember checking my score and it was estimated to be 550 (yeah, that's crap).

Now its been 10 months, $200 limit, no missed payments; my score is 669 with equifax and 680 with transunion. To top it off, I went to my bank (BofA) and was approved for credit card with a $2500 limit.

I have this secured card to thank for getting me started. I see a lot of people complaining about not being able to get the $200 back. I say, forget the $200 bucks, Capital One can keep it. The credit score increase has been invaluable as it literally jump started me to be able to do what I need in the future.

May 05, 2013 Reply
A GREAT CARD TO BOOST YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Helpful to 423 out of 436 people

I noticed a lot of negative reviews about this secured credit card which is a bunch of BS!!! This is one of the best cards for people like myself with bad credit to get a great start on the road of good credit! As soon as I applied for this card, I WAS INSTANTLY APPROVED AND MY CREDIT SCORE WAS IN THE LOWER 500s!! I gave them a deposit of $300 and it took a few weeks until I actually had the card in my hand. A month later when the credit bureaus noticed I opened a credit card account and put a minimal charge on the card (to put gas in my car), my credit score made a great BOOST over 20 points which is another reason why I endorsed Credit Karma because they are one of the few free websites that actually keeps up with your credit score on a day to day basis, even if it's not accurate (Not FICO). This is how I found out plus another resource. People get upset about the card when in fact they don't know how to use the card to beign with so the only person you should get upset with is YOURSELF! You should NEVER CHARGE more then 30% of your actually credit limit. I kept less than 10% but you can charge up to 30% if you choose. Don't pay the balance right away and let it sit in your account "PASS THE STATEMENT DATE" until "a week" before the due date then pay the entire balance in full to be on time and to avoid fees. REPEAT THIS PROCESS EVERY MONTH!! So remember just because the card hasn't been of help to you, it doesn't mean it won't work for somebody else who need help with theior own credit!!! People be careful of reading comments from people who "can't spell"...that is a definite RED FLAG of a fake comment of someone who is just bashing for no reason and doesn't have any common sense at all lol

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  Dec 31, 2012 Reply

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Review by matrry1

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WOW...Great review. I just received my CapOne Secured card. I had to pay a security deposit of $49 for a $200 limit and plan to deposit $50 here and there to raise my limit. I didn't know too much how to charge effectively but you cleared it up for me. Thanks.

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  Mar 20, 2013

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Review by samgelis

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Response to commentors: When you get a statement, the balance is reported to the credit bureau. When you make a payment, the same thing. If I charge $20 gas to my card, pay it off before the next statement date, it's as if I'm not using my credit card. Which it shows you have credit you don't need, as opposed to waiting for the statement, then you look like you are using and being responsible with the credit you have.

Don't wait until the due date to pay it. The longer you wait the more likely you are to get hit with an interest charge for carrying a balance, which I believe there is typically a 25 day grace period to pay before you start racking up interest charges.

coraline1's reply was:    

  Mar 17, 2014

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Review by coraline1

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Matrry1- Can you explain a little more about how waiting to make your payment boosts your credit score? Are you saying once you view your monthly statement and say the payment is due on the 1st of August but the date you view the statement is July 10th,  are you saying do not make a payment until right before its due? I'm confused by this. I'm not  sure I quite understand and I could really use some advice and tips on how to properly utilize credit cards to dramatically improve my credit rating. I always make my payment right before it is due  is there another way to make a payment that better affects your credit score? Do you mean making a payment 2 weeks before its due date can change the effect on your credit score?

And I don't use the card but once a month (after my billing cycle and payment has posted) to fill up my vehicle one time per month. I got this card to use it strictly for once monthly purchases and in turn make the full balance payment, in order to build my credit. 

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  Jul 22, 2013

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Review by Juliadub

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Hello, I just need clarity on how you suggested we use the card...for example, say I purchase some gas, I get the statement and it says $40 due on Jan. 1...don't pay it right away, but wait a few days before Jan. 1 and then pay it, this way it's still on time but not super early??? Is this what you're suggesting???

I just need clarity because I want to use it the right way so I can see all it's benefits, I'm really trying to repair my credit for life!!!

Indraaka's reply was:    

  Dec 23, 2013

Indraaka(1, 10)

Review by Indraaka

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Helpful to 57 out of 99 people

I enjoyed your review until I got towards the end where you made the comment about people who "can't spell" made the following mistakes with misspelled words also. These are your direct quotes:

1.  "People get upset about the card when in fact they don't know how to use the card to beign with so the only person you should get upset with is YOURSELF!"                          should be begin NOT beign

2.  "So remember just because the card hasn't been of help to you, it doesn't mean it won't work for somebody else who need help with theior own credit!!!"                                         should be their NOT theior

                                                       "Be careful about stones & glass houses".

cautionplus's reply was:    

  Aug 05, 2013

cautionplus(1, 57)

Review by cautionplus

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You could use a proofreader yourself... OOPS !   to you..

CaseWorks22's reply was:    

  Apr 24, 2014

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Review by CaseWorks22

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Helpful to 44 out of 90 people

...People be careful of reading comments from people who "can't spell"...that is a definite RED FLAG of a fake comment of someone who is just bashing for no reason and doesn't have any common sense at all lol

What about those with bad grammar and punctuation? Should we be careful of those comments as well?

dumdumz's reply was:    

  Mar 28, 2013

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Review by dumdumz

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Thank you this was a very, very helpful review.

chayy1's reply was:    

  Jul 12, 2013

chayy1(1, 3)

Review by chayy1

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Helpful to 15 out of 40 people

So does that mean we should be careful of your review?  You had several words that were spelled incorrectly, as well as punctuation errors. Sorry, but just saying! Before you point your fingers and judge others, make sure you practice what you preach:)

zoeysmom07's reply was:    

  Aug 03, 2013

zoeysmom07(1, 15)

Review by zoeysmom07

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Helpful to 1588 out of 1677 people

I got the Capital One Secured Mastercard 4 months ago as my first credit card when I couldn't get an unsecured card. I went through Capital One because it was a well-known name and had a lower initial deposit. I ended up paying a $200 deposit through ACH and received the card within 2 weeks. After week 4 I still hadn't gotten the free Credit Inform welcome packet so I called the Capital One number and spoke with a very nice woman who was very helpful. She re-sent my welcome kit and I received it within a week.

So far, I've only had pleasant experiences with the card and customer service. It raised my TransUnion score from 594 to 672 and my Experian from 622 to 695. With the increases I was able to refinance my vehicle and my interest rate went from 14.75% to 7.25%!

SOONERJB's review was:    

  Oct 19, 2010 Reply

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Review by SOONERJB

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Helpful to 157 out of 170 people


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  Dec 29, 2010

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Capital one really does raise your score. Just make sure you charge and then pay half bill or all of it and it will continue to bring it up.

kmac007's reply was:    

  Apr 12, 2011

kmac007(3, 97)

Review by kmac007

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how long did it take for your score to jump that high?

fireman227's reply was:    

  Dec 10, 2013

fireman227(2, 17)

Review by fireman227

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try jewlery stores put some money down on something and get them to give you credit for the rest i couldnt get accepted for anything and just took a shot at getting an engagement ring put half down and the rest on their credit card points have gone up by about 20 in a month along with paying off some student loans but i wish i would known they would have excepted me sooner great way to boost your credit im hopping after i pay the rings off ill be able to get a real credit card also i hear target excepts people with no or poor credit just cant risk another hard hit on my credit

bsoles20's reply was:    

  Dec 29, 2012

bsoles20(6, 74)

Review by bsoles20

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My score was 568 and got approved. The card sounds good only time will tell. I will keep everyone posted.

kmac007's reply was:    

  Nov 19, 2010

kmac007(3, 97)

Review by kmac007

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How long did it take to raise your score with this card? I was just approved and need to reestablish credit to raise score to get a car. Help. thanks

kmac007's reply was:    

  Nov 19, 2010

kmac007(3, 97)

Review by kmac007

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Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

how long did it take your score to raise? i recently became debt free and am wondering how long its going to take to re-establish a good credit score

bghntr's reply was:    

  Mar 07, 2014

bghntr(1, 2)

Review by bghntr

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Helpful to 11 out of 15 people

You got a card with a score of 530?!?! I'm not much higher than that. I'm going for it. Thank you!

adquattebaum's reply was:    

  Oct 03, 2012

adquattebaum(1, 11)

Review by adquattebaum

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Helpful to 6 out of 8 people

Soonerjb, how long did it take for your credit scores to changed?

iandad2010's reply was:    

  Sep 22, 2013

iandad2010(1, 6)

Review by iandad2010

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Question i see you paid the $200 deposit  with doing that how much credit did you received 

Hustleman37's reply was:    

  Sep 25, 2011

Hustleman37(1, 10)

Review by Hustleman37

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Helpful to 7 out of 10 people

How long did it take for you to get that much of an increase in your score and how long had you had your car before you refinanced it?

xxjustin's reply was:    

  Dec 27, 2013

xxjustin(1, 7)

Review by xxjustin

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how many months did it take u to get to that score?

deered27's reply was:    

  Apr 22, 2014

deered27(1, 1)

Review by deered27

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Very helpful !

DemObama's reply was:    

  Jan 25, 2014

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Review by DemObama

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Helpful to 8 out of 12 people

Sooner,how long did it take you to raise your score?

Angelicaglen's reply was:    

  Nov 21, 2012

Angelicaglen(1, 8)

Review by Angelicaglen

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Helpful to 6 out of 9 people

how long did it take for your score to jump that high?

fireman227's reply was:    

  Dec 10, 2013

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Review by fireman227

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  Jul 09, 2012

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How long did it take for your credit scores to increase?

xqsit1's reply was:    

  May 21, 2011

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Helpful to 3 out of 5 people

did u find out your scores for free? i can only see one

Cspencer14's reply was:    

  Jan 13, 2013

Cspencer14(2, 3)

Review by Cspencer14

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How long did it take you?

Ldwhite0930's reply was:    

  Oct 17, 2012

Ldwhite0930(1, 3)

Review by Ldwhite0930

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Helpful to 4 out of 7 people


sidy1600's reply was:    

  Oct 24, 2012

sidy1600(1, 4)

Review by sidy1600

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i have the same card but my score has not done near that.  how long has it taken your score to jump.  i have had my card only 2 or 3 months i think.  please respond thanks....

36tigers's reply was:    

  Jul 10, 2012

36tigers(1, 5)

Review by 36tigers

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How can I get  A  card.

clintsonia's reply was:    

  Nov 03, 2012

clintsonia(1, 4)

Review by clintsonia

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how long did it take yr scores to go up?

JacquelynRuiz91's reply was:    

  Oct 04, 2012

JacquelynRuiz91(1, 4)

Review by JacquelynRuiz91

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Helpful to 5 out of 12 people

How long did it take you to raise your credit score? Also with this card from what i'm understanding you apply, deposit $200.00, charge on the card and as long as you pay what ever of the $200.00 you spent in full by the due date theres no interest charges?

jojomoney24's reply was:    

  Jun 19, 2013

jojomoney24(1, 5)

Review by jojomoney24

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Helpful to 7 out of 17 people

how did your score improve in just 4 months? it takes 6 months to update with the credit bureaus

TammyDevine's reply was:    

  Apr 19, 2013

TammyDevine(1, 7)

Review by TammyDevine

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how long the that process take roughly ?

remsis's reply was:    

  Oct 15, 2012

remsis(1, 3)

Review by remsis

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Helpful to 3 out of 10 people

how long did it take you to raise your score with this card?

msalinas2886's reply was:    

  Apr 22, 2012

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Review by msalinas2886

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What I've learned Helpful to 128 out of 130 people

I haven't seen much (or any) recent timelines on the time it takes from applying to actually getting the card so I wanted to leave my own experience. Here are the dates and times with any notes that I think have relevance:

11 Oct 2013 (Late on a Friday night) - Applied for a secured card via the Capital One website. (579 score, had to put $200 down minimum - Paid $400)

15 Oct 2013 - Deposit withdrawn from my bank (This was a Tuesday, but the day before was a holiday - Columbus Day)

21 Oct 2013 - Email received stating my card was sent to me, stating; "Your new credit card was mailed yesterday" (that would have put it as a Sunday so imagine it meant Sat?)

24 Oct 2013 - Card received

24 Oct 2013 - Maxed new Card (ok, this line is just a joke, haha)

9 total business days not counting when I applied since that was very late on a Friday night (sat morning).

One thing I was very surprised with, was the fact that after my application process there was absolutely no email. To me this was very odd and I assumed something went wrong since who doesn't send email confirmation these days? Especially something such as this should confirm ones email address, I think. So don't expect any emails from Capital One until your card has shipped. I only cut one star for that, but being such a huge thing in not getting receipt via email with confirmation numbers should something go wrong, I think it is deserving. Be sure to do either a print screen or write down conformation number(s) once you're approved. You'll need this if making payment on the phone. They will mail (regular mail) you confirmation that you were approved but that will take 2 or 3 days to receive.

I've researched building credit for a few months now. I wanted to leave this info since it was one of the things I really wanted to know myself. There are things often posted on these forums and often incorrect that I wanted to comment on. Things I learned are:


Any credit card, regardless of secured or not will put a hard inquiry on your report. I spoke with a Capital one rep first via chat to ask about what one person posted on a forum like this (glad I did). The person had posted that you can apply for a non-secured card and that if you failed to qualify they would automatically counter offer you with the chance to apply for a Secured card. Well, although this may have some merit, it may also be misleading. The facts are that if you apply for a non-secured card and get rejected, then decide to go for a Secured card, they "WILL" do a second hard inquiry. There's no way around that. For those not fully understanding about these hard and soft inquiries here are some more facts. Inquiries on your credit can effect a maximum of 10% of your credit score. Hard inquiries take 2 years to drop off of your credit report. 2 inquiries or less is fine. After that, it can tell lenders that you're a risk. I chose to only apply for the secured card since my chance of a non-secured card with a 579 score average (amongst the 3 bureaus) was highly unlikely. Personally I would not recommend or would have tried my own luck for a non-secured card with a score below 650.

Credit utilization ratio:

This subject by far was one that confused me the most, and one that I researched the most to fully understand how this worked. First of all, if you are getting a card to help you either establish credit or rebuild credit this is very important to understand and there are many myths or inaccuracies out there. Credit utilization is how you use your card. Some people believe just having a card is all that matters. This is false. Some believe that as long as they make their payments on time, that is all they need to do, also false (although yes, you should do that as a minimum). Some people (me included in the beginning), thought that if you pay your balance in full every month that the credit card company won't make any money from you and thus not look good for you. This is also false. The banks (credit card companies) make money every time you use your card from the merchants you buy from. So regardless, they've made their money from you. Credit utilization ratio is best described as the percent of your available credit reported by the credit card company each month. Your due date is NOT the reporting date. Many people even state what credit card companies reporting date is. Never settle for these answers because your date can differ. Call (do not chat with a rep they won't know) and find out when they will report your credit info (balance etc) to the credit bureaus. So what percent is the best to use your card? Use of your card vs reported balance is where the misconception is. If you can, then yes, pay your balance in full every month. However, you should be equally as fine with up to 30% still on your card. For my $400 card, 30% means a max balance of $120 on my card come the reporting date (meaning I have $120 unpaid on my card). So I should strive to keep it less than that. In example, my card upon issue had been charged the $29 annual fee. My first use of the card was for $319, totaling $348. If this remains my balance by the time they report this information then it will look to venders that I'm already using close to the max amount of my "available credit". Therefore a high level risk in how I'm using my available credit. To avoid this, I'll be sure to pay at least $228 before the "reporting date", not the due date. That way I am at least only showing 30% use of my available credit and thus a lower risk. This again is aimed for the "Best" way and not the minimum way. Again, people have misconceptions and many have posted why they pay off their balance every month but their credit report show minimal benefit. So feel free to max out your card without fear this is a bad thing, but know to pay this down before the reporting date and not the due date. Going above the average stated "30%" will not be a factor as long as this is paid prior to the reporting date. If you can avoid going over that, then that's great too. I just want to help people understand since staying below 30% on a $200 card isn't easy to do, and not needed to worry about if you follow this advice.

Plan ahead:

Without a plan or in place constaints you put on your spending, the better chance once again your credit can be in jeopardy. Other than my initial purchase, my plan is to only make my cell phone payment with this card (since cell phone companies will not report your good standing, this way I can at least benefit from it). This way I use it every month and build a payment history. It also insures that I stay below that 30% and can then simply make my payments on or before the due date without need of getting it paid before the reporting date. Planning ahead also means how much of a credit limit you may want or need. Most people on these forums seem more than content with the $200 credit limit. That's fine, just know that with a $200 max, your max balance should not be in excess of $60 (30%) by the time this is reported. A higher credit limit on your card is nice, but mainly because it allows you to stay below 30% while having more spending at your disposal.

Don't kill your credit:

Don't cancel cards that have a good payment history just to get your deposit back. Lenders don't care if they see a secured card on a persons credit report. They care about time of the account and your good standing with this creditor (and uilization as mentioned above). It's tempting to cancel your secured card come the day you get approved for a non-secured card, but weigh the balance of the outcome before you make a decision that will lower your score. In example, if I have this card for 1 year and then get approved for a non-secured card, this new non-secured card has zero credit reporting "history". Why would I want to kill one year of good reporting history just to get my deposit back? Well, this is one of those things that is of course up to each of us. Sadly I live paycheck to paycheck so my $400 deposit might as well be thousands, but I need to do my best to forget it exists. If you only have the one card with history then just know that it is carrying your higher score. Should you close that account you will indeed see a drop in score. I'll make this decision come the time I have the credit to get a non-secured card with better rates, but I hope I stay in this frame of mind come that time. If you only have $49 - $200 as a deposit I personally think you should just tune out the fact you have this money as much as possible. Some people seem to be counting the days of getting their deposit back. Again, it's an individual question but the answer is what's more important to you.

Beware and remember:

Now that you're rebuilding or building your credit, don't be duped by spam mail. Yes, we all have got that letter saying you're approved for a new credit card but most of us saw that was not the case once we applied and took that hit of a hard inquiry from a lie. Use your credit score to know if you qualify and not your compulsion. Call banks ahead of time and ask what the minimum score is for the card you intend to apply for. Most agents may not give you that information, as if they're not allowed, so do I like I did and get friendly with them and simply ask them for their opinion. "... if I may ask, would you apply for this card if you only had a scrore of 650?". It takes them off the hook it seems and each time I've asked that I've gotten advice they hadn't mentioned before.

Lastly, it's not 100% unlikely that the bank that gave you your secured card may propose to issue you a non-secure card down the road without you even submitting an application. Answers you need to know is yes, this will still result in a new hard inquiry because even if you don't technically fill out a new application, one will be submitted on your behalf and that is needed for your file for them. If you decide to get this new card it will be seen as a second card. So again, don't just cancel your secured card.

Talk to your issuing bank, always. Advice on the internet is a great thing, and it's great to help each other learn what took us weeks or months to learn ourselves. However things change and it's you that you need to worry about. Free advice is great, but always confirm.

Best of luck all !!!

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  Oct 24, 2013 Reply

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Hi Cosmo1217,

You're very welcome, glad I could help!

As for collection accounts, they stay on your credit report for 7 years. The time on them starts on the first delinquency date so in many cases there might be less time remaining on them than people think since a lot of folks thinks it starts when the account is moved to collections. To learn that 1st delinquency date though, can be a pain. I had 4 and not one of them showed the "1st delinquency date" on my reports from any of the 3 Credit Reporting Agencies. I used that in my favor though as a reason to contact each collection agency (more on that in a sec). Even the CRA's wouldn't tell me this when I first asked, except Experian (funny too, since this is the one most of us hate). Months later I had to call Transunion and that rep told me, so it may be who you talk to. If you've read my posts then you most likely now know how to dispute effectively, but I'll write it out again in case others find this info.

First and foremost, abosolutely YES, Dispute anything and everything. Nothing bad can come of disputing and the effort one needs to put forth is rediculously easy. People just need to sift through the insane amount of false information on the web. Even this post will quite possibly become out of date, but this is 100% factual. One thing people do (me included), is to Google things without being mindful of the date. There are tools to narrow a search to 1 year or less, but I tend to use 1 year at the most. Some blogs, articles, posts, books, (even apps) etc, our very outdated and information in them that predates the FCA (Fair Credit Act). Much has change and here's how to dispute, the best approach and more facts to kill lingering myths.

Disputing does NOT reset the clock on an account's 7 years (this changed a lot in the fair credit act). However, when contacting collection agencies you need to be mindful of some things. I say contact them because by law, you must even though sometimes it "supposedly" can be avoided. Don't avoid it, because if you just dispute, then the collection agency fights back, you will lose most of the time. If you contact them as I did though, you put work in front of them that 3 out of 4 in my case saw as too much work and never replied to me, thus I easily won my disputes. There are things you need to avoid when preparing for a dispute.

Don't call them, period. You have nothing to show the CRA's that you'll be disputing the account from in a phone call.

Never take ownership of the account before disputing.

Write a letter to each collection agency (letter folks, not email, haha). Send it to them certified mail and get email confirmation of signature who signed for it. Monitor this and once it is signed for you'll be able to get a pdf document showing the signature. Save this and start the clock. The only hard part is this part,,, wait 30 days. If they do not reply to you, you are very likely to win your dispute. If they do reply, that's still not a bad thing. Before I go in yet another direction with my over tired brain, here's what I wrote as my letters:


"Hi there,

I recently pulled my credit report for the first time in years. My past certainly had some financial issues, but the account I'm writing to you about doesn't appear to be mine, or it lacks any useful information I can use to check the account's validity. If this account turns out to be mine, then I'll be hoping to clear the matter up as soon as possible.

There are some things I need before I can proceed:

1- Original account name.

2- Original account number.

3- First delinquency date.

4- Original amount.

5- Last but not least, if this account does turn out to be my own, I'd like to clear them up best I can. I have many creditors and limited funds so all I am asking you and my other creditors, is if they are willing to remove the debt from my credit report if this debt is paid in full. Please keep in mind I still need validation. If this can be accomplished with your agency, then please reply to me in writing. Sorry for the legal'ness of this, but I'm just trying to do the best I can with what I have available.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

~ Dan


3 of the 4 never replied and another agreed to remove it (in writing) if I paid the balance off. There was another bad account that wasn't in collections that I contacted also. They agreed to at least mark it as paid in full, showing a $0 balance. This isn't a bad booby prize since manual credit checks (most are automated) the person has a chance to at least see you did indeed pay it, and that does hold wait to individual's opinions.

Well, hope that helps. Sorry if there are typos. I had to rush this second writing because credit karma timed me out and I lost everything I wrote, haha. Wish they would fix that. On that note, if you have other questions (or anyone else). You can contact me. I can't put my email here because of spam bots, but just look at my user name here. Drop the 777 and replace that with 342. I'm at the yellow smily face :) That should be easy enough.

Time to run out and have a drink and yell yippee, it's a new year! Let's all hope this one's better than the last! Something tells me it will be ;)

PS. I don't work for anyone, I don't sell anything, I don't take money nor want it. My intentions to help are genuine since that's a rarity these days. I can care less to have peoples email addresses and don't spam, I fight spam actually. So if you email me and it's spam, you will be blocked. Just tossing that out there, thanks!

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  Dec 31, 2013

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25 Dec 2013 Update *** Credit increases (non-paid).

This is a mini update since I just did my monthly update and won't have much more info until mid January to add any inforamtion. I chatted with a rep earlier and learned something that I wasn't happy about. Don't take it out on me, but I don't think you'll like it very much either. I asked about credit increases. The person then spammed me a quick paragraph on how I could get a paid increase (meaning you deposit more). I said that wasn't the one I was asking about and they finally told me:

"I do apologize, but we are not currently increasing credit lines for the Secured MasterCard without an additional security deposit being made".

There was a lot more said from both of us, but that's the only relevant sentence. They said they are constantly changing their polocies but the decision was made to no longer offer increases to secured cards without additional deposit. I plan on calling them to ask about this before my next update, since I tend to get much better support on the phone during business hours than online chat.

A couple quick things. I haven't been posting long on Credit Karma but now see how cluttered my responses to myself look with these updates. Seems that when people vote them up or down, that dictates the order that they're listed. In order to keep things less confusing, I'll be making all future updates with the date in upper left corner as see in this post. Sadly, we can't update our existing posts, but moving forward this should help I think.

Another small note is this site is behind the times with getting  updates. It's meant for reviews and not meant as a public forum I guess, so there is no option for me to reply to you. All I can do is reply to myself. That now being known, I would say if you ask me a question, to just check back after a day or two and I'll do my best to stay on top of this. I'm on often, so will have to manually check since the option to recieve email alerts seems to be for any new posts to entire thread and not post related.

Next (more informative) update should be around mid January.

Take care.

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  Dec 25, 2013

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My score actually went up twice now in the last few weeks. Unfortunately I don't think it was this card since I've been attacking lots of other things on my credit report. I thought the card would have been reported by now, but I talked to a Capital one rep and they said not until the end of my first billing cycle, which will be 12 Nov (card received 24 Oct). I went from 579, to 603, and just last week 627. This is all just my Equifax score. My Experian went down 50 points somehow but hope that was a major glitch somewhere and they hadn't updated what I had removed.

What I did was this:

  • Sent 4 Creditors certified mail saying I needed validation. I also told them I had limited funds and if the information proved to be correct (and mine), that I would be paying off the first to reply to me and 1st priority to those that in writing told me they would then remove themselves from my credit report once paid in full.
  • I waited 30 days, then disputed one of them with Equifax (Only). A week later I got an email stating it was removed from my report. Wow, I really didn't expect that at all.
  • The 2nd bad mark on my credit report was removed by the creditor for paying it in full upon validation, and they did agree to that in writing like I asked.
  • I paid a very small one in full and the creditor at least updated the status to show Paid in full. That was the 3rd and highly doubt that would or even could be calculated in my score (looked upon more positively, yes, but not calculated).
  • The 4th will stay on my credit report for 2 more years, since I refuse to pay it. Was a car loan and the got the car back after 4 years of payments and I only owed $1,200.00. They have $2,100 on my report and I was bent over backwards with them, so no deal, ever.

Some important notes:

  1. If you can't seem to apply for a dispute. It's most likely because you don't have a credit report pulled from that credit burea in the last 30 days. Even the $1 online "free" ones from various sites will allow you then dispute with that particular burea.
  2. The above is why I only did the dispute with Equifax. I have read many many times that you need to dispute with each of the 3 bureas (Equifax, Experian & Trans Union). However (and that's a big however), the dispute that I won was removed from all three. How I know this is simple. 2 1/2 Months ago I paid for all three reports. I had the one that was removed on each of the 3. After I saw that Equifax removed it, I paid for another experian report to dispute the same one with them, but it also was removed without me doing anything at all. Also to note, it wasn't scheduled to come off my report for a few years. I re-read some of the articles that I thought said "You Must" report with each, and it actually says that you should, since it's just not guarunteed it will be removed from teh others. This really surprised me and I consider myself lucky. I never had to pull a new credit report with Trans Union for the dispute, but got a letter back saying that they do not have the account I was disputing on my report. Another bonus since it was on there just a couple months before.
  3. I hate to sound like a cheat here, but dispute everything! Seriously, what do you have to lose? Nothing. I planned on paying 3 of them and the sole purpose of my letter was to find out who would remove it, vs who would at least put paid in full (or show a 0 balance). The dispute was only for the one that never replied to me in 30 days (which I read somewhere I had to do). It was without a doubt mine, but it lacked original creditor\lender, and it lacked my first delinquency date (they all did), so I disputed. Never thought it would get removed but it did. I paid one and it was updated, so won't bother now to dispute it since it shows the balance change. The other I got removed for paying off the debt and them agreeing to do so. 1 out of the 4 agreed to do that but it's worth asking.

So what I have planned now is to wait until mid December and pull all three reports again. Reason being for me, is that first of all, it gives the new card a chance to report to them that I have the card (and balance) which will be Nov 13th, and then Dec 13th will technically be the 1st reporting since a billing cycle was billed and paid. I should also note that I certainly wouldn't be pulling 3 reports for just a 2 month old card. It's mainly so I can see it updated with the other accounts I mentioned and also to see if my address change happens (that will once capital one reports to them). I'll update then and hopefully be able to give some more good news and answers. I have a few questions going on, but won't see them answered until I do that next credit pull.

Good luck folks. Hope that reads well, very tired and eyes won't even allow for a proof read ;)

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  Nov 06, 2013

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Update I mentioned for mid Dec.- "When does Capital one do their initial report of my new card?".

Hi folks. I mentioned I would update around now, and here I am with some more info I know a lot of you are dieing to know. It won't make some people happy, but at least it's accurate.

Originally I was told it was the day after my first billing cycle. This is not true. Later I talked with a rep on the phone during business hours. Chatting is a waste of time and very annoying because they're horrible. The rep broke it down for me and told me that the normal monthly reporting is in fact the day after ones billing cycle (which is why to pay it off by the end of your billing cycle and not the due date). However, the initial report when Capital one reports your new account for the 1st time, is the day after the second billing cycle. The reason is this. Capital One and I imagine all banks, won't have any information to pass along to agencies until you have passed an actual "Due date". Your billing cycle most likely closes very close to your due date. In actual time this takes about 2 months. Here's my timeline:

11 Oct 2013 - Account opened.

12 Nov 2013 - First billing cycle closed (This is when your first statement and balance due will be prepared).

9 Dec 2013 - First Due date.

12 Dec 2013 - Billing cycle closed.

13 Dec 2013 - Capital One reports to credit bureaus for the first time.

17 Dec 2013 - myFico reported I had an added account on my report. Finallly (seems to take forever when you are looking forward to it).

There is one thing to keep in mind here. Don't pull your credit report that day or the day after and expect to see your card reported. Don't expect myFico to report a change right away if you have the monthly credit score watch, and please don't think credit karma will tell you this any time soon. The xfactor that you need to add to the timeline is waiting for the agency to do something with the new data Capital One gives them. They are expected to get it on your report as soon as possible, but that certainly doesn't mean they absolutely must get it on there immediately. In my case, it took 4 days.

I decided to pull only the credit report that I had myFico monitoring for now. Also since I have an unexpected travel coming this weekend and can't afford all three reports tonight. I pulled the one Equifax report. My score had improved from 627 - 643. My report now finally has an open account, haha, and a positive one for that matter. It changed my payment history as seen by myFico from bad to Good, since prior to that card I only had one other account that had been charged off and negative years ago. I won't go into detail of the myFico report since much of it only effects what I see and not a calculated score.

So what's next for me is some salad. Credit salad. I read a lot. Hundreds of pages if not thousands in the last few months. Variety of accounts is said to be a small factor, but in my case it's not doing it so much for that, but mainly because I need it. It's going to be a car loan for a cheap used car of under $3,000. My monthly payments will be $69 so worst case scenario I'll be able to pay that minimum. I intend to pay much more a month on the princaple however. I need more credit, but minly, I need a vehicle since my boss is changing policy on taking home the work vans. My credit is tainted with the collection account still so credit card apps will only get denied. Car loans are at a high and normally are much easier to get than a credit card. So I doubt I would ever take out a car loan for just credit, but I need it at the same time. Personal loans is also a no way in my case due to my credit, but again, a car loan? No problem. My interest rate will be high at about 10% to 12%, but for a $2,900.00 car I don't care. In my eyes it's just an account to have, pay off and have it reflect a good positive account for the next several years on my credit.

Hope that helps. I have a lot more to say about credit scores, but having had written lots of reviews lately, I need to read what I already said before repeating myself since you've most likely read all the above. The main thing is to not believe any score you get. The most accurate I've read is your myFico score, but then again I've said that many times and we've all paid for fako scores. My next update I hope to included some great data. During a time like this of getting a car loan, I can compare what the lender's report said vs what all these sites tell me. I intend to compare that with my scores bought from each of the 3 credit bureaus directly, myFico scores, and what credit karma reports (for me CK is always a very inflated score). The next update will be between 2 or 3 weeks would imagine.

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and Happy new year!

A new year, new credit, a new and better life perhaps.

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  Dec 17, 2013

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Hi Cosmo1217 - part 2.

Sorry but realized I left off a tad short and didn't say what to do next after writing the letters and waiting the 30 days (long day and "had" plans to go out so was rushed).

After waiting the 30 days you then file a dispute.

Problem with filing a dispute is you must have a recent credit report pulled. This doesn't matter where, in fact if you pull your Experian report from Experian themselves, your online log in for them will redirect you to freecreditreport. This is possibly only a must for Experian because in order to talk to them you have to have a 10 digit number that's on the report you bought. You will not see this on any online bought report so for Experian you'll need to file either on the phone to have it mailed, mail them direct, or buy through freecreditreport then call them and they'll transfer you to Experian.

Transunion and Equifax I know do not require a number, but can't say they don't need to see some form of having a recent report pulled since I pulled all 3 just prior to disputing.

They all offer online disputes. The links I saw changed several times so won't bother posting them. You're always better off just googling "Transunion dispute" or whichever you wish. If possible I'd say to call them. Even on the phone though, Experian will ask for a 10 digit report number unless being handed off to them from someone else.

If you did as I did, you then just tell them what you want to dispute and why. If the collection agency didn't respond to you after 30 days, then you simply tell them that you wrote to "said collector" asking for account validation because the account may not be yours, and that they haven't replied in 30+ days. Add to this that you sent the mail certified and have the pdf files of the person who signed (of course do list that persons name that signed for it if you can actually read it).

That's it. Write letters, send certified mail, get persons name via certified mail, wait 30 days, file dispute.

*If they do reply to you, then you can either try to work with them in either a payment deal or one lump sum. They may actually be willing to drop the price by a huge amount. I've read that many will and saw this myself over the years from the mail they sent me. They buy your debt for pennies on the dollar so there's normally room to play. Weigh what you think you should do. If you only have a couple years to wait and don't plan on really needing that boost in your credit report, then just wait it out. If you make a deal, get it in writing and avoid phone calls and never give them your bank information such as checking account number. Avoid new contracts since that is "New" and is the only thing that could fall into the categorey of restarting the clock (even though it's totally different).

Last thing I want to mention is that once the statute of limitations runs up (the 7 years), that only means the account is off your credit report and that the collection agencies can't sue youf or it. It doesn't mean that they cannot keep hounding you for payment. I try to settle what I can for only who will remove it from my report. They all have that power but some will say they don't. They themselve may not, but that is a false truth since their manager or boss most certainly can. It's my debt and I need to pay my bills. I'm sure none of us want otherwise and most of us had hardships that lead us off course or were blindsided in being young and unexpecting by just how fast interest rates can increase our little purchases. You do the right thing by writing the letter and technically that is the legal way to dispute anyway. Then dispute, and dispute, and dispute. Being denied only hurts the ego. It doesn't reset the 7 years and doesn't hurt you in the least.

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  Dec 31, 2013

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Hi Foxxavierhh,

 Hope you find this reply. I think CK seriously needs to add a reply to link for people that reply. My only option is to reply to myself, and checking the box is only when new reviews are added. It's very simple to add one for just an alert for something more specific. Ok, rant over, haha.

Hard to answer your question since everything I wrote came from various sources. I went nearly 2 decades without checking my score, or credit reports. At one point I had great credit, but mainly because of the military and taking several loans out from the on base credit unions at the time. About a year ago I started to look into starting my own small business. I was doing a job at a customers house (not my own business yet) and we were just talking while I worked. He was giving me advice on LLC vs Corp,etc.He was an accountant and a credit specialist of some sort. He almost died when I told him I had been paying cash for most things the last 15 or so years. I never knew good credit fell off your report like bad did until he mentioned it. Again, I never really gave it much thought. Him and I became friends and he gave me lots of good info. My ex girlfriend also was\is a good source. She works at a Bank of America and even though she is not a loan specialist, she is going to school for a better position and will tell me straight out if she's not 100% on anything. Finally, proper Google searches, and lots of them. People (me included sometimes) tend to just read without paying attention to the dates. When reading blogs or articles about credit, it's extremely important to change Google's search preferences to the maximum of one year. Things change very often and the top choices that search engines give are often the ones clicked the most. So a page or two of 5 year old articles may be in front of one written yesterday if you do a normal search. Typically, I search for "Within the last month", and if the results are slim, or after I read what's there, I'll then up that to a longer time frame. Some blogs\articles out there have information from before the fair credit act was passed, and that's just amazing. Talk about bad information and very out of date.

Last but not least, always be wary of who you trust. An article written by someone on a site that sells something, has an agenda. I'd say the majority of people are easily swayed (or manipulated) when they really want something like repairing credit. They then take advantage of their vulnerability. Even credit karma does this by telling them they have a good chance for a card when they don't. Why? Because it's a business and they make money for every person they bring to any one bank. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy credit karma, but their scores are at times over 100 pts higher than my actual score. It's still a good service and it's free, so could they do better and still make money? Absolutely. They should have a better web designer (I'm available CK if you're reading this!). It's not that hard to check someones report and see if they have an account in collections for instance. If they did that, they could be honest with people and say "Do not apply for any non-secured cards until the collections account is removed". Instead though, they tell people they have a shot, based on their own inflated score model and the person gets a hard inquiry for nothing. They could easily improve many things and get more business and money in their pockets while building better credit for themselves with the community, but there I go ranting again, haha.

Hope that answers your question, but if you have a more specific question on exactly what was said, I might be able to find the exact source for you. Best of luck to you and happy holidays!


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  Dec 12, 2013

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**** Update **** 7 Feb 14

One main thing to update this time, and that many people have asked throughout this card's many reviews is about when Capital One will grant a credit line increase. Currently Capital One does NOT give credit line increases on this card. I asked via chat a month ago and I just called them to verify this was still true just minutes ago. They say: "We are currently not granting credit line increases on our secured cards, and the only way to increase your credit limit is by making an additional deposit on your card". This answer may change over time, but as of this date, 7 Feb 2014, it's 100% accurate so do not expect an increase anytime soon unfortunately. When and if you ever do decide to check, I strongly suggest calling rather than chatting since many times I've had horrible experiences with their chat assistance. Even if you create your own post elsewhere, it would be much appreciated to many if you could reply to this series of updates.

Not much more to update on this card that I haven't already mentioned here, or elsewhere in this particular thread. When I first started here on credit karma, I wasn't aware how the postings worked so do have other posts on this card and things about credit in general on other pages. Rather than post the same information, please check those posts. Both are lengthy reads and one is mostly about how certain things about credit actually work. Many people are incorrect about many things and it's amazing that this card could not have 5 stars. From what many people state, it seems more like they're building credit for the first time and are just ignorant to how certain things work (ignorant meant by it's actual definition in simply, not knowing). Their intentions are honorable, but there are a lot more inaccurate posts for this card (or credit in general) than there are, accurate.

These other posts are titled:

1.) "Dates, ImageCard, Paid limit Increases" - Page 5 currently.

2.) "Myths and misunderstandings" - Page 6 currently.

 * This is if you left the current default "Results per page" to 10. This too may change in time.

This update will be my last for this card until I have something worth updating it for. I'm pretty sure after this update there won't be anything more to say. I do actively monitor though, so all questions will be answered (but keep in mind your replies do not have "Reply" buttons, which means I will need to reply to you by replying to my first post above).

Final thoughts; This card is the best option for people with no credit or bad credit in my opinion because of several factors. Easier to qualify for, it's from a prime company with no way to see if it's a secure or not, fair APR rate since after all, it's helping you. If you have bad credit or no credit, don't waste too much time adding pointless inquiries on your credit report. Get this, let it help you. Try to refrain from being too over anxious for your credit to repair. It takes time. Be responsible and always pay by your billing cycle close date (not due date).

Best of luck folks!

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  Feb 07, 2014

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I've been reading and enjoying your have a lot of good information..thank you! i was wondering how long a collection can stay on your report? Also, should I dispute these collection accounts? Your insight would be most helpful!

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  Dec 30, 2013

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18 April 2014 Update *** Credit increases (non-paid).

Very happy to be updating this today that I just received a credit line increase from $500 to $800.

I had posted back in December that I inquired about credit line increases and was in fact told that they were not doing credit line increases for secured accounts at that time. Upon seeing the increase, I called and spoke to someone about it. She said that the information I originally got was accurate information for that time, but as of today, they are and did in fact give me (as she said: my well deserved increase).

Couple things to note here. I had paid into my secured card in the past to raise my limit on my own. I started at $300 and paid an additional $200, thus the reason I had $500. So this increase was a $300 increase.

My credit karma score has been up one week then down the next for a while now. This is my first time logging in the week and it went down from 635 to 622. Remember that your score will reflect "The latest reported" credit utilization. My current utilization is above 50% but of course will be paid off soon enough (as always).

Last to mention is that I have not been as dilegent on this account as I was initially. Mainly since I have my Credit One non secured card I use much more often to gain increases. My account balance for the last two months with Capital One has not been paid in full, in fact this past month I had a high remaining balance of $367 (out of $500) when I got this increase.

Hope to see more increases in the future and hope you all see them soon as well.

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  Apr 18, 2014

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Danbo--Thanks a lot for the info.  Do you mind if I ask where you got all this knowledge and information?  I am in the process of increasing my score as well.  Thanks!

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  Dec 11, 2013

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Second Chance, Kid. Helpful to 150 out of 155 people

If you have the cash to throw down towards a secured card, go with Capital One. 

While on the rebound from a terrible credit past as a young adult, I researched enough to know I would not be approved for an unsecured card with my score. Low and behold the company who gave me my first chance at credit (only to have me muck it up at 20 years old) gave me a second chance. I was approved with a 553 CK score & 4 collections accounts.

Like all cards with an annual fee, they ding you with it immediately. The interest rate also makes you cringe, but if you pay off your balance every month it's not something you need to worry about. I use this as my fuel card and nothing more. These are not the kind of credit cards you live off of. Secured cards are built to enourage you to get your stuff together so you can one day have that card with the insanely low APR.

This card doesn't penalize you for paying more than once in one billing cycle, and the payments post within the next 2 days for the most part (depending on holidays & weekends, of course). For someone who is paid bi-weekly, this is a great advantage for me. My score has jumped to 603 on CK (and 624 on CS) since opening this card three months ago.

The key to rebuilding your credit is educating yourself. Know your limits and research as much as possible before you make a move financially.

First rule of holes: When you're in one, stop digging.

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  Jul 06, 2013 Reply

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This card is a life saver. I'm a 32 year old guy who has messed up in the past by using credit cards like crazy. I applied for the card made a 200 dollar deposit.  The card came real quick in the mail. I started with a score of about 570 in May and now my score is 635 wow is not the word.I want to be in the 700's by September. Capital One Secured gave me a second chance

Jun 21, 2012 Reply
Rebuilding Credit Helpful to 74 out of 78 people

I just received my 6th month bill.  I was initially approved for $99 deposit with $200 credit limit.  I immediately added enough money to increase my limit to $1000.  I think it takes them a little too long to give you access to any added deposit.  They take it out of your account within a day or two but it takes a couple of weeks for it to be available to you.  Something stinks about that.

I paid off my first bill in full.  Then I found a need to charge a bunch.  The next three months I paid $100/mth and continued to charge.  The fifth month I made 2 payments of over $250.  I was still carrying a balance of about $800.  Then the day after receiving my 6th month bill I received an email from Capital One notifying me that they had increased my credit limit by $300!!!  No additional deposit required!!  I've read a lot of reviews and I know this is somewhat unusual.   

My original intent was to pay off my balance each month to try to raise my credit score.  My score took quite a hit when my balance increased from about $200 to $700.  I have no idea what it is now.  Haven't checked it for a few months.  Credit Karma is completely out of date and shows me using 90% of my credit limit and has shown that for a few months.  Ugh.

From the reviews I've read it seems like there are two ways to rebuild your credit with a secured card.  Use it a lot and pay it on time with amounts well over the minimum, and get larger credit increases but your credit score won't improve as quickly.  OR use it minimally and pay it off each month and either get zero credit limit increase or a small increase after at least a year and your credit score increases more quickly.  I'm good with with getting credit line increases for right now.  I'm a happy customer.  I might consider applying for an unsecured card at about the one year mark.  We'll see!

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Regarding us being out of date, we only report what the bank reports to Transunion. We retrieve the data in real time.

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In responce to "CK Moderator" "Regarding us being out of date, we only report what the bank reports to Transunion. We retrieve the data in real time."

Sorry to perhaps seem as this is an attack. It certainly is not. I respect moderator and moderate and administer 7 forums of my own currently (hobby related folks).

Credit Karma is incredibly out of date as you can see with my tickets I've submitted.

CreditKarma states that if the data is inacurrate to file a dispute. This is horrible since people will be filing for things that may not exist. Since most moderators only know as much as most of those who visit these sites, but pay more attention to what the guidlines are, let me explain exactly how credit karma works. This is documented fact as this users experience and again, I have this "Documented" and all available for you or anyone to see.

Creditkarma gets it's data from Transunion when you sign up for Credit Karma. After that, or since I've signed up back in October 2013 my data credit kama reports for the most part has in fact stayed the same. They do report new things, such as new credit cards, new inquiries, new, new, new, but old stays there.

To better explain to you since I'm sure you actually read, unlike credit karma's support. Here's my ticket(s) beef.

I noticed that after I disputed several items and had them removed that they still showed in what credit karma calls my report. I read all the FAQ's, I read everything credit karma ever posted actually since I believe in being thorough in order to be analitical. I read credit karma state over and over again how if it's in the report on this site, then that IS in the report from Transunion since this is supposedly live data. Believing this, I called Transunion since I just recently pulled my report with them and had one active (less than 30 days). They assured me over and over again that the said accounts were removed from my report. Being a web designer in an advanced hobbyist way, and knowing how streaming works (data), I figured that credit karma most likely only gets new updates and old won't fall off because there's no arguement to compare it to (data wise, not people complaining). This so far is the only thing that holds water, not what credit karma states. I believe that they are simply ignorant to how things actually work and just don't know that there are many flaws. I also figured that there must be some trigger to get my creditkarma data totally refreshed, perhaps something they're selling somewhere. Again I looked all over, googled, etc. Nothing. The only thing I found several of was the Transunion links here and there are the site. I was hopeful that if I followed one of their links, that Transunion would also update them with all the data in that report and get rid of the old BS that this site can't let go of. Sadly that only cost me more money for a report I already had and one that the Transunion rep also mailed to me when I called yet again. The rep had no idea who credit karma was and that means nothing since he's only a rep, but facts are still facts just because credit karma chooses to ignore them. I then gave it another month. I pulled all three reports and again all my disputes for the accounts in collections were gone. Another month passed, a new ticket to credit karma. Yet again they don't read and just say "If there's a problem with the data on our site, then it's on your report and you'll need to dispute it!".

No more patience with credit karma or any support that can't seem to get a brain cell to properly fire. I've tried patiently to spell it out for them too many times.

So sorry, but you too are ignorant to the flaws in this sites way of gathering data. Ignorant by the definition, meaning you do not understand, nothing wrong with not knowing something. Now you know.

I suggest since support here is unable to read, that you have someone contact me. I do https and have 13 certifications. One of my forums has tighter security than the NSA, in short, I know what I'm talking about. The issues with the collecting of data on creditkarma are flawed in a way that few people would see them and higher would just ignore them since they weren't reported mainstream. I on the other hand have your source code right in front of me. I can't say exactly what the problem is that way but am quite confident that I could get to the bottom of it with your webmaster in a matter of minutes.


The site's issue is a script in "Linking your Transunion Report to credit karma".

The site's ability to see new data works without issue (definitely far from live, at best 5 days after from all my experiences).

The site's ability to update old data doesn't work when presented with a nul. In other words, if my banks name changed to a new name? Then there's something to "COMPARE" it to, so in those cases, it will work. If it is nul, meaning there is just the absence of that data, it doesn't not work since my belief is your programer, developer, or webmaster's script doesn't see nul as an object, or populated field. So not there = old stays on because it is content.

*Pleas don't think a "credit score" is data, it is far from it. it's a calculation via model and not the kind of data I'm talking about..

Sorry for the rant and thanks for doing what you do. You're not the bad guy\girl here and I hope that didn't come across in my frustration. Moderators in my eyes are the unspoken heros that keep public forums healthy and proper. My (a lot of our) beefs are with not being listened to. If credit karma can't fix it, it's because they're to arrogant to look into it, period. In that case all they need to do is create a new annual refresh when someone buys a report from this site. That's insanely simple and sure even someone not willing to read what I suspect is the issue will at least raise an eyebrow at the chance for profit.

Happy New Year!!!

~ Dan

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  Dec 31, 2013

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Ive only had one card in the past but it seems to me they rase the limmit a lot faster with most companies if it seems you are able to make payments on time but have a larger % of your max limmit on the card. ie if your limmit was 1k then if you keep your card at 800 or so in my exp they would raise your limmit faster then if you keep it at 300 or so balance and never got close your limmit.  i went from 200 dollars limmit on a card to 2k in just 2 years to bad i didnt know how much that would hurt me later on but still it seemed the months i was closest to my limmits were the months they gave me increses the most.  (note that that was a clout visa card not this card)

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  Dec 02, 2012

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I first applied for an unsecured credit card but was denied due to having no credit score or history. So after much researching I applied for the secured capital one card and was approved for a $200 credit, I paid my $49 and even designed my card :). Anyways I received the card at the beginning of Aug 2011 and  today 12 Oct 2011 I checked my credit score and must say that i was super happy when I saw 680. I have been using $190 of it every month and paying it off (THE FULL AMOUNT) each month. I really recommend this card, it has helped me get a credit score within a short amount of time.

Oct 12, 2011 Reply
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Awesome...congrats!  One piece of advice from a veteran to a newbie - try not to use so much of your available credit.  Your score will go up a lot more.  Use a MAX of 30% if you MUST.  But try and keep it 10% or under.  Also continue to pay the entire balance every month so you never pay no time, AMEX will be kissing your feet!

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  Oct 13, 2011

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thanks a lot to all the above comments, makes me feel at ease...i too have never been approved for anything and all of a sudden, but i had to put a 100 deposit down for 200 credit and they say my card should be on the way!!

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  Nov 14, 2011

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Good comment. I like this one and you're right. Thanks for you contribution.

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  Nov 06, 2011

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I was one of those here that had credit that I wanted to repair (as opposed to no credit which is altogether different). After getting myself into a solid personal financial situation and knowing I could support a credit card without the same disasterous effects as before (though I was young and stupid at the time, age does help a lot, not just better finances). In hindsight I probably had more options than just this card (my credit wasn't great, but not terrible either). But I wanted to make sure more than anything that I would get a card without wasting inquiries.

I applied and was approved for $2000 with a $75 deposit. It did take close to a month to actually get the card from the start of the process, which was a bit frustrating. The customer service was friendly enough when I had to call them. Like others have said this card will never become unsecured, and credit limit increases are at best small, if they ever happen. And once your deposit is with them it is not going anywhere until you close out the account.

The card is doing exactly what I need it to. It is helping increase my credit score and putting me on track to be able to apply for cards with better rates, points plans, and no annual fee (or a fee that makes sense for the rewards received). In the end it is unlikely I will keep the card that long. At most I will keep it two years, primarily because of the annual fee. I may consider the fee a small price to help rebuild my credit, but I may also get rid of it sooner rather than later and deal with the short term hit it causes now rather then when its a 2 year old card. Really that is a trivial decision in the grand scheme of things.

My overall recommendation is that you get this card if options are limited as it as least better than no card. But it's value in long run as your credit improves is pretty limited so even as your applying for it begin thinking about the longest amount of time you will actually need it for and plan for it to be gone one day.

Jul 21, 2013 Reply
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