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Feb 20 2016
Credit Karma Member

Ok, so here is a little history of me. I am now 30 and I have ignored my credit since I was 18, after I successfully destroyed it. Well at least up until about 2 years ago. Over the past 2 years, I have done what I could to get out of debt. I paid my dues, and got my debt to less than $300 for everything. Feeling accomplished, I quickly became pretty upset seeing my Fico still at a very low 500... Of course, over that time, falling in love and planning for a future such as being a homeowner, I knew I had to do something to correct my childish mistakes and lavish shopping sprees with "invisible" money that was never mine. I've struggled getting my score up, but it was hard. No one would loan me a dime, even though I am way more financially stable than a freshman I was attending FSU... And finically successful, paycheck wise. You see, I'm an office manager at a successful local company in my area. I manage everything in the office, including the owner and his personal finances. I get to see first hand what excellent credit can get ya. He has hundreds of thousands of dollars in high end credit cards. 3 houses completely paid off, 2 vehicles and more money I could ever dream of invested. I call him Mr. MoneyBags. One day, after seeing his 848 Fico on the top of one of his card statements, I decided to go talk to that man. Besides having money, just how did he do it. He wasn't born into money, or married into it. He built a successful company, however he used to pump gas at a gas stations about 25 years ago. And his wife was a successful broker. So what did he do? I waked into his office, grabbed a seat and asked him. I explained my future goals, that I want to marry the man I love, buy a home, have a child. You know, I am 30! Most of my friends have children and been married of not divorced already. Time is ticking and I am tossing and turning over my credit. So we sat down and discussed my options. We browsed online and he suggested this card because of the low deposit, no annual fee and upon researching more, we found it reports as "unsecured" on my credit report. So I applied and was approved! First step down. But I haven't had it long enough to say if it's helping or not, but we will see. I guess the main thing is, no one else would give me a chance. These people did and I am grateful for that! Also, if you're reading this, yay you made it this far! So I want to share some tips that was passed down to me with a man that has a near perfect credit score. 1. This card will give you a $200 limit. Rather your deposit is $50, $100 or $200. You may put more down, to increase your limit, however, you won't need it. 2. Use this card for one thing only. Something small, and something you need to get every month. A $200 limit will leave you with about $60 to spend without going over 30%. He recommended a full tank of gas each month. 3. About the 30%, some say it's 10% but he swears by 30%. Of course the lesser amount is ideal, but it's anything above 30% that creditors frown upon. 4. Always pay it off in full before the due date. Set up automatic payments if you tend to be forgetful. 5. Remember, it's really not your money (sure this is a secured card, and in a way it could be depending on the amount you deposit) but to achieve better cards with higher amounts, get that part out of your head. It's NOT your money! So never spend more than you have in a checking account or cash in hand. 6. Be consistent and stick with it. As for this secured card. It's not going to be glorified and full of perks. Not at all. This card is like "you're on probation so behave" type of card. Remember, this card is just the first step so you can get those amazing credit cards with high limits and amazing rewards. So stick with it! Make your payments each month, and use your card to keep it active. 7. Be patient. It will take some time before your credit worthiness is enough to start applying for the better cards with higher limits and rewards. So even after a year, don't get mad if they don't increase your limit. Just keep going and always keep an eye on your score.

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Nov 09 2015
Great for building credit
Credit Karma Member

This card was extremely helpful in helping me to restore my good credit. You all know all the basic stuff to do to get your scores higher and keep them there. So I won't get into any of that. Whatever you do, though, don't feel that you need to put a huge deposit into this card to have a huge available credit, for a better score. That won't matter very much. I wouldn't do more than a couple of hundred bucks and that's it. That way the whole account is easier to keep up with, and it won't let you do crazy stuff to get yourself into a credit problem. Just remember this: Capital One WILL NOT ever, never, ever return your security deposit until you close your account, which is the only way to get the deposit back. They will give you small increases to your credit limit, but nothing that will make you smile. Now, having said that the only way to recover your deposit (if it's a small one, just let it sit there until the Rapture...and beyond) is to close your account, just keep this card for only one year, then if your credit score has climbed up to Fair or better, apply for an unsecured card and close this one, assuming you get the new card. Then go on from there, primarily keeping utilization at or below 20%. Do not secure this card with more than a couple hundred bucks because you're never getting it back! At least for as long as you have this account open.

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Jul 17 2020
Excellent customer service
Credit Karma Member

CapitalOne worked hard to help me stay on track. They were not pushy or rude, their communications were always informative and encouraging. Even though I fell behind and ultimately they had to close the card, it wasn't their fault. And they contacted me later to offer a resolution - pay off the debt for a lesser amount. That's not the best option for one's credit score, but it's sure better than having a long-standing, overdue debt.

Jun 07 2020
Don’t miss the payment date.
Credit Karma Member

Due to finance situations I missed the payment date one time and have never missed again in seven months and now I do not qualify for a credit increase for a mistake I made five months ago.

Apr 30 2020
Okay for building credit nothing else
Credit Karma Member

Okay card for building credit, but when trying to get your security deposit (refund check by mail) back it takes 2-3 months after the balance is paid off and account closed. I wouldn’t recommend this card.

Apr 29 2020
Good " starter" card
Credit Karma Member

My credit was bad from a divorce 10 years ago. I had nothing negative left but nothing to help build my credit either. I bit the bullet and put the$200 deposit down. I've now had this card 10 months. They report on time every month to the credit bureaus. They raised my limit just as promised, immediately after making my 5th payment . Now again after the 10th month. My score has gone up over 100pts since getting this card. I've had zero issues. I think this is a great card to get when you are trying to build credit.

Apr 21 2020
Credit Karma Member

Apr 13 2020
Good to build credit, nothing else
Credit Karma Member

One star to let people know. Good to build your credit, but ditch this card after you get your second card. I have had this card for about 10 years and my limit is usually low and I have been denied credit limit twice even though I have credit limits of 12,000$ to unlimited on my other cards. This card represents less than 3% of my total available credit and is now more of a detriment to me than a benefit and I can not get rid of it at the moment because it's one of my longer accounts. GREAT TO BUILD CREDIT FROM NOTHING. Get rid of it as soon as possible once you can get real credit cards.

Jun 18 2017
Credit Karma Member

Apply No Worries Yall

Jun 17 2017
Help me out
Credit Karma Member

I applied for 99 to get 200 but I additional 400 on my deposit so I have a 600 dollars limit 1 month later I apply for Walmart mastercard got credit limit of 1400

Jun 17 2017
Great card
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for about 8 months and it is great. They upped my allowance and service is awesome. I highly recommend this card!

Jun 16 2017
Credit Karma Member

I've had my card now for six (6) months now and I must say that if you treat the card right, it will treat you even better in return. In December (when I recieved the card) my credit score was in the high 400's and Capital One gave me a chance. I deposited $200 and after 5 on time payments, my new C.L. is $500.

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