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Jun 21 2017
Can't beat 0% for 21 months
Credit Karma Member

I have used this card to transfer balances, and it has helped me in consolidating and paying off my debt! I've never had any issues with the card, or customer service.

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May 16 2017
Good features, bad user experience
Credit Karma Member

I recently applied for this card to take advantage of the 21 months 0% interest on new purchases and balance transfers. Got the card in the mail, went to activate it online and thought I completed it. Went to verify some details of the terms before using it for the first time today and logged into the website. Website tells me my registration was not complete, so I finish it online by providing my information. Website tells me great, activation complete, you can use your card immediately. Went out shopping for some new shirts for work as I needed a minor wardrobe refresh, and for the first time EVER in my life I'm the awkward guy at the counter whose card is declined. After it was declined I put it on the card I'm going to transfer balances on. After reading some of the reviews about them refusing balance transfers after that's how the card is marketed (CK pushed it as the best card for balance transfers), that thought has me wary. When I called customer service, I got a script reading foreign call center who was very awkward. After providing all of my personal information and saying the verification was complete and the card was ready for use she asked "And you are the person who signed up for this card online?" Who else would I be if I just provided all information for the account? Even if I wasn't, would a legit ID thief be like "Oh, you got me!" TLDR= Activated card on website it said ready to use, used card and it was rejected. Customer service was terrible when calling in about the problem.

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Apr 07 2020
recommended by credit karma
Credit Karma Member

I will never trust credit karma again. why would you suggest and list the card you should apply for to help your credit and then they decline you! Got me once never again

Apr 03 2020
Bad Approval Flow
Credit Karma Member

I had very good odds of approval according to CK. Not sure if this is a CK thing or Citi. But I was rejected. Not happy at all about the hard hit. I WOULD HAVE NEVER applied had my odds not been good as I don't need it, just thought it would be nice to transfer a balance.

Mar 29 2020
Credit Karma Member

Had the card used it a lot. Once paid off and didn't use it as regular as I did, they decided to close the account with NO notification electronically, by phone or by mail. I found out from credit karma when my score deducted because of the closed account. Not how to do business. If you apply use it, if not they will close it. Not a good card if you need one for emergencies only. Keep that in mind before applying.

Mar 26 2020
Give it a chance
Credit Karma Member

My credit score right now is 650. I have 16% utilization and a total of 30k+ in loans between student and auto. I have the Citi double cash card (highly recommended!). I got approved for $2,000 right off the bat. My other limits are as follows: citi double cash $800, capital one secured platinum $500, Amex blue cash everyday $2,000, Kohl's $300. Take the chance and give yourself zero interest for a year, but don't over do it.

Mar 18 2020
Credit Karma Member

I applied in March 9, and still waiting for response. I have already call three times, trying to get a response over the phone but they tell me that I have to wait until further validation of information, like adress information. My credit score is over the 700 and I never had to wait this long for an approvement. I am dissapointed with the long process. Might applied somewhere else.

Mar 15 2020
Credit Karma Member

It's been 10 days already and they are saying that they sent a letter that never came!! My credit score it's over 750 and I get approved in 10 seconds for discovery in the past few days so I really think that they are very bad on what they are doing!!!

Mar 14 2020
Not cool
Credit Karma Member

I had "very good odds" of being approved for this card, and my score WAS 697. Only low because I'm young and don't have a ton of accounts. I was immediately rejected. So, not thrilled about a hard hit on my credit for no reason. This is the first rejection I've ever gotten and have never had an issue before. No idea what CITI has an issue with, I've seen people in reviews approved with lower scores than mine. Won't be applying through CK anymore. I seem to do better on my own. :/ This is going to drop my score.

Mar 07 2020
Was never approved, so Cant rate
Credit Karma Member

Credit Karma says good approval odds, but I was denied. I was interested in the 21month balance transfer to consolidate my other credit cards so I just just pay them. Very disappointed!

Mar 02 2020
This card will hurt your credit
Credit Karma Member

If you make large payments to this car they will lower your limit to keep your score low. The do this to pigeon holing you into their terms. Even with good credit this will lower your credit stay away. Happened to my wife's card and now mine.

Feb 29 2020
Balance transfer no citi cards
Credit Karma Member

I spent 6 years building my credit for a credit company to say I can't utilize my credit to liquidate my debt? It should have a disclosure before applying for it balance transfer not after one has applied what's worse is if it's affiliated with citi you can't transfer either.

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Citi Simplicity® Card

Citi Simplicity® Card

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