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Nov 17, 2011
RizzoRat Cardholder

 True, but it's good to have in a pinch. They give you a small credit line ($300) so you can't get yourself in too deep. You can only use it to buy gas, so you don't run up a bill buying stupid stuff like soda or snacks.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 20, 2011
AppleRules Cardholder

This card has a 23% APR. Pretty much terrible versus any other credit card. Considering the small rebate per gallon you are much better off using a cash back card. 

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Sep 05, 2016
credit builder
Tubbyauto Cardholder

Intrest rate is not as good as some but better than some as well ... But if your paying your balance every month your rebuilding your credit.. They also give you cash prices even when using their card.. Over all i consider this card a valuable asset to keep in my wallet for just in case...

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Apr 02, 2015
they give second chances
ohnoitsjeff Cardholder

I had this card for about a year in 2011. I moved and missed a payment because i never went online to do payments. I went 30 days late and paid it off in full after they closed the account on me. I called this January because i continue to get mail and offers from them even though they never had my new address haha. They reopened my account, I am not sure if this gives me the benefit of an account over 4 years old but that would be a nice trick in my favor, as my average account age is 3.5 years. To the members who argue regular cards give more cash back, well they do, but if your credit card gets skimmed in the bad part or (good part) of town id rather have someone eat up a 300 dollar limit on a gas card vs fraud freezes on your only other credit card that can be used anywhere. I consider gas cards as credit builders for history value not big utilization numbers. 

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Oct 31, 2014
GeorgeLopez2014 Cardholder

Funny, I applied for a Hess that is the corner of my Unit and I got rejected. A week later I received this Valero credit card without applying. I have a Valero station two blocks away and I am using it since then. Pay the balance full every month so I haven't paid any interest at all. Plus it has help my credit score. Yes, is 3c more expensive that the Hess, but Hess rejected me anyway. So Valero it is.

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Oct 22, 2014
Approved for Valero card after recon

I was denied when I applied online. Found a few errors and negative items on my CR (they pulled Experian) and called the recon # a month later and got approved today. Very nice lady at their office in Amarillo, Texas who I spoke with.

MyFico Experian score is 668, MyFico TU score is 658 & CK is 633. 2 baddies which are both 5+ years old and very low credit utilization %.

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Jun 18, 2014
Awesome Card
Anonymous Cardholder

Awesome Card if you own a Smart Car.  bad if you trade it for a truck.   but they gave me a 2nd chance.  I missed 3 payments and by their rules, they will never get you approved for a card with them, but they offered me a second chance and i have been a client of them since 2005 ( at age 18 missed 3 payments) at 19 they gave me a second chance. have never missed a payment since.  and our terms are that they will upgrade my CL until i turn 30.

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Jun 30, 2013
Anonymous Cardholder

i have had a velero card for years and really like it, you just have to be credit card smart and do not abuse your cards.

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Jan 29, 2013
Approved $300 limit

Was approved for this card post bk. $300.00 limit. Waiting on the card to arrive in the mail. I'm satisfied as it will help me rebuild my credit. 

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Oct 30, 2012
Great card
Anonymous Cardholder

This card came to me with a $550 limit, and very reasonable payments.  You can buy anything in the store with it.  I am happy to have it when times get bad. 

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May 20, 2012
Anonymous Cardholder

Do not waste your time or energy on this card. Most station in the north east are owned and operated by non english speaking people. The stations ae not company owned and therefore do not have to abide by company rules and reguloations. The card is awfull pumps will stop before your done filling constant denial at a percentage of stations because they will lose money on the transaction. The card is a farse leave it alone. 

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