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TD Easy RewardsSM Visa® Credit Card

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jul 06, 2016
Ancient way of doing things
jijotomy Cardholder

Well, they have a normal Visa card so what could be so bad? 

I have TD checking account but the credit card and checking account aren't fully integrated. To check transactions or make a quick payment, I need to sign into the card services website.

There is no way to make automated payments online. You need to download a form and fill it out and send to them. What age are we talking about?

They don't verify a payment bank account when you set up a payment. Instead, it allows you to enter an account number with a typo and later you end up with the missed payment and those fee that goes with it.

Every other card issuer out there forgives at least one late payment in a year if you call them but not TD. 

Overall, I dislike TD credit card. Going to close my accounts and move to better providers out there! Late banking hours is no more a requirement for me. 

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Jul 04, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Despite a fair amount of negitive reveiws, i found this card very good for a first credit card. I had little credit, opened up a secured credit card with 2000$. This set my limit to 2000$ after a year it transfered to the normal version of the credit card (still the same rates, just got my 2000$ back) the td rewards are decent. Over a year i just cashed in 44 dollars for cash back which isnt bad. Just wish they had a mobile app to make tracking and bill pay a bit easier

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Jun 27, 2016
Just bad
Anonymous Cardholder

I filed a claim with the company over a purchase i made. They initially said they would place the funds back into my account, but never did. They also requested additional information, which i gave them. I received a denial letter a few weeks later and they wouldnt say why. The merchant i had ordered items from we for mothers day, in which i paid an additional $40 for expedited shipping. But the items didnt arrive until a month late. I had no use for them any longer and merchant wouldnt accept a return. TD obviously didnt have my back and declined to help. This would never happen with my AMEX or Chase Visa. I'm cancelling this card immediately.

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Jun 13, 2016
JonathanDuartr Cardholder

Horrible card. Points are useless. If you check the point value with the actual cash store value of an item you will see that the points are a scam. I've had this card for almost two years always paying in full with credit score of 750 average fico 8, and when I asked for an increase all they could do was increase my limit by $250. That's pathetic.

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May 26, 2016
Balance Tranfer Scam
Anonymous Cardholder

Do not apply for their credit card and ask for the 0% balance tfer.  For a $13,000 card with 0%, your monthly bill is $657!!!

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Apr 02, 2016
Thought i was denied

I applied and didn't get the instant approval. Then to my suprise, I logged into my TD checking account and saw a new credit card!

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Sep 20, 2016

Ohh cool , cause the same thing just happen to me , so maybe I will get it after all ...... I applied and didn't get the instant approval either .

Dec 04, 2015
Anonymous Cardholder

They are not bad. But could offer better rewards like actual cash.

The 3% up front fee is hard and yes they tell you this before you commit to it. As opposed to a previous comment.

They gave me way too much for a credit line. I would of rather had less.

Try to keep your cards under 30% utilization. Make extra payments and use monthly each card you have. My score went from 623 to 737 in 4 months by doing this.

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