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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jul 31, 2018
Approved with $300 limit
Alexiboa1990 Cardholder

I was approved for a $300 credit limit with Credit Scores around 625. Easy to use, I always pay in store after shopping so I don’t owe much. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Oct 18, 2018
Not worth the headache or financial burd
BrandonSA Cardholder

This card has several payment options all of which seem convenient, but end up never working so you'll have to go in store to pay it off. I've tried the different modes of payments (phone, internet, and in person) all are a head ache. The online and phone payments for me never went through causing for late fees to be tact on to my bill. The discount and shipping "perks" are not worth the headache of this card.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jun 12, 2019
Horrible customer service
sandys80923 Cardholder

We have had this card for years. At the beginning of May, they contacted us that what looked like a fraudulent charge came through. This was the only good thing about this experience. I canceled the card and had a new one issued for the account. I asked the customer service rep about some returns that I needed to make on purchases made on the original card. He assured me that it would not be a problem, that they would go back to the account. A month later and no returns had shown up. I spent an hour on the phone with their rep and the rep from the store I made the purchase. The Target card guy seemed to think the store should just credit the card again and the store rep kept telling him that they already had. They finally promised to credit my account. Two weeks later, they finally showed up on my account as CHARGES!  When I called again, the Target card rep asked me if they had little minus signs. I said, no, they are black and have posted as charges. I was told that they would change to credits after my next statement and I should just wait. What!?!? 

Also, if you pay this card off, even though the money has cleared your bank account, this card will wait three weeks to post the payment. I have never seen another credit card do this. 

The benefits of this card are just not worth it. 

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Jun 04, 2019
Constant barriers for daily use
DrDolores Cardholder

They finally set their site so that you could have auto sign in on a trusted device do you didn’t have to awkwardly stand at the counter searching your phone for the right password. No other card does this!! I have reputable cards with great security and high limits on which have also figured out how to be user friendly. If you use an e-gift card, you have to edit the wallet every time to select it. Then you have to exit again to use your red card. So ridiculous. Today was really a last straw. I got a new phone and attempted to use my app to pay as I always do. It required me to sign - that’s reasonable with a new phone, so I think no problem. Nope - needed a pin, and a passcode sent to my e-mail, then wanted me to manually enter everything from my card again even though it was already there. Then says I’m “one step away” from using my card, then asked for a pin again, a new e-mail code, a new password again, and so on.  At first I figured I missed something, but I went through this never ending loop of pins, sent email codes, and new passwords about four times. Then kept trying to lock me out. This all while standing at the counter with my frozen food melting away. Ultimately could not use my target card. Tried again at home - same issues. Insanity. 

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Mar 12, 2019
Terrible customer service!!!!

When I received my credit card in the mail there was a sticker on the actual card that had my name followed by “make a purchase by a certain date and receive a $25 statement credit”. This was back in September 2018. It is now March 2019 & I have yet to receive this statement credit. I have called a couple times about this issue.. the first time I was told they had no idea what I was talking about, maybe I should wait for the statement, it may be on there. The second time the gentlemen said they were a little backed up, give it another month or so & I should see it on my statement. The third time I called, the gentlemen had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I offered to send in proof because I still have the label that was on my card. The guy asked me to hold on while he looked at my account, 5 mins later a woman picks up and says she’s the supervisor. I was confused because I had no idea I was being transferred but I explained my situation AGAIN. She puts me on hold to look into it, then gets back on the phone with me and tells me I didn’t qualify and all of those who got this promotion have already received their credits. So again, I offer to send in proof, she tells me there is no way for that and asks to put me on hold again to get ahold of another department to see what they could do. Comes back on the phone and tells me they’re closed so she will contact them that following Monday and she, herself will handle the situation and will reach out to me when they fix the issue.. here I am almost 2 months later STILL waiting! Once I get this resolved (I’m very persistent & patient) I will be closing this account. Do not offer promotions if you’re not going to follow through with them & maybe update your employees so they know what they’re talking should an issue arise! 

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Feb 28, 2019
Good, but payment is a PAIN IN THE @$$
SM314 Cardholder

This card is great to get discounts on every day purchases at Target, and used to have a really great website to make payments online.

Until about 6-9 months ago. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. I try to sign in and make a payment and it either doesn't recognize my password, doesn't recognize that anything is even typed into the fields, or some other ridiculous problem. I'm so sick of this. I've written to them multiple times. How hard is this to fix, really!? I end up having to change my password just to get the payment in on time every single month. Sometimes, I've changed my password and the brand new password doesn't even work. Its exhausing. GET IT TOGETHER, TARGET.

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Feb 25, 2019
Basic retail card
Latinbarbieee Cardholder

No app, but I just have the login page saved as a shortcut to my homescreen. Have never had problems. Cant request credit limit increase online, would be a nice feature.

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Feb 06, 2019
Truthhurts99 Cardholder

They accepted my online application for Target credit card. After waiting nearly 3 weeks to recieve credit card In mail and register card online Suprise!, I can't use card or register it. After calling customer support, they said they needed more verification and I would have to fax them the front and back of my ID and social security card, plus utility or bank statement. After a long hassle they wouldn't accept my bank statement. Customer support is horrible and useless. Stay far away from Target credit card!

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Feb 24, 2019

Sounds like you possible had issues reported to the credit bureaus AFTER you were approved for the card. Not Targets fault, they are simply protecting themselves from fraud.

Jan 11, 2019
Hanhen Cardholder

Placed an order I never received...called to tell them...called me a liar...said I owed them the full amount...finally agreed to refund but still want me to pay interest and late fees on the purchase price!

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Feb 24, 2019

They called you a liar?!! I doubt it, they must've had information that the item was delivered. You did receive the refund, so obviously they believed you. Interest and late fees?!! How long did you wait to let them know you didn't receive your order, it had to have been at least 30 days...YOUR bad!!!

Dec 29, 2018
Out of my 26 retail cards....GARBAGE

Last time I checked we were heading into 2019....We have a space craft in interstellar space, but Target still can't create a useful app. Mind-blowing. Everytime I log in to make a payment, it kicks me out, or makes me update my info. It completely changed my security question on me. What Olympic sport would I participate in? Is that some sick, insulting joke? Unless wine chugging is an Olympic sport (Which I did type and try) then I don't have an answer to login.

ADDITIONALLY, What the heck is up with the lack of increase?? Good God! I've had this card for three years at a $200 limit. Since then, I've had another kid, increased my income by $50k, moved states and bought a 5 bedroom house. WHY CAN'T I INCREASE MY CREDIT LIMIT??? This is a card for toddlers. I'm over it. DONT APPLY unless you're one of those sicko's who loves rubic cubes and unsolvable challenges.

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Feb 24, 2019

Yes I must agree, a dedicated phone app would be helpful. I too have recently experienced having to update my security info. However, I believe that someone or a bot is attempting to access my account because I have received notifications to allow unknown users to access my computer. As for the security question, it IS exactly that! Only YOU would know the answer to such a bizarre question.

Dec 13, 2018
Vaha1234 Cardholder

Did you know with this card you can have an authorized user on the account without their consent and crash their credit score and when you call customer service as always in my cause atleast an Africian of decent female well tell you that you can't obtain information on the account and that its not of their responsibility to have consent of the authorized user to be on the card. This company is also profiting from corporate harassment.

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Dec 13, 2018

You may need to learn more about credit. This isn't the only credit card where an authorized user doesn't have to give consent.

Nov 18, 2018
icegoku Cardholder

No credit increase only if they want to give you one in a year can’t request one

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Feb 24, 2019

Need more info here, your simple statement is NOT enough. If you're carrying a high balance relative to your credit line and NOT making substantial payments then yes, you will NOT receive a credit line increase. Show some responsibility in managing your account and TARGET will reward you with a credit line increase. I went from an $800 SL in Oct 2017 to $11K TARGET MASTERCARD in 16 months. I paid off my purchases each and every month, and only bought what I could afford. Sometimes my total monthly purchases were as little as $35, the highest month maybe $375, but on average less than $125.

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