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Oct 02, 2013
Anonymous Cardholder

Have had same problkem as ronnie4946. Mailed payment on 9th of month as payment was due on the 14th. Sunoco not only said my payment was not posted until the 16th, but charged me a late fee plus interest. Card has been cut up and I will never buy sunoco gas again.

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May 28, 2013
Payment nightmare
rimutakaman Cardholder

I canceled this card before it damaged my credit rating. WhenI filled out the online application and check the box that says I wished for online payment/billing, apparently I was just telling them my wishes, and I wasn't enrolled. After having the card for 45 days and not seeing any bill online or in the mail, I called them. I was told that I had to ENROLL in online billing, which was never communicated to me on Sunoco's part. So I paid my bill over the phone with a debit card, enrolled in online billing, and waited for my second month's bill. It arrived online and I paid it. After noticing a few days later the payment was not taken from my bank account, I went to Sunoco's bill pay website and found the payment was "returned." I called my bank, but there was more than enough money in my bank account and my bank said that debit charge never hit my bank account. I then called Sunoco. They could not offer me any explanation as to why my payment was marked returned by their system. I paid my bill in full over the phone at that moment and cancelled my account. Not worth the hassle or possible damage to my credit.

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Aug 12, 2012
Anonymous Cardholder

 I had a Sunoco credit card for many years.  When Sunoco went out on my side of town I didn't use the card for a couple of years. When they came back and I attempted to use the card it had been cancelled because lack of use.  Sunoco never notified me or anything.

To get another card I would have to reapply after having their card since 1971.  I said screw them!!!

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Jul 25, 2011
Anonymous Cardholder

I tried to pay the balance, $82 on a Sunday, the due date,  they didn't credit my account until Monday, so I was "late". Cost me an additional 14.83 for the gas that was overpriced to begin with. Last time that I'll use Sunoco. Been a member since 1978. Customer rep said that there was nothing she could do, I should have read the small print in the agreement!  

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Mar 29, 2016

Here is a suggestion, don't wait until the last day before you pay. NO company posts on a weekend

Jul 01, 2016

Although some cards will post on a weekend, most cards do not. Those days are not business days. You tried to pay the balance on the due date, and most payments are never processed or credited in the same day anyway.

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