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RadioShack's® The Shack Credit Card

3.35 4 Reviews

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Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

I applied for this card in January 2010.  I was issued a starting credit limit of $800.  The issuer of this card is CitiBank.  I have yet to see a credit limit increase. ( Maybe it's done on a yearly basis? ) I have taken advantage of No interest for 6 months financing on larger purchases. It carries an interest rate of 24.99% with no Annual Fee.  It does have a cash advance option of only a maximum of $25. ( Why Bother offering it ? ) My Credit score at the time of approval was 680.

psychicmike's review was:    

  Dec 01, 2010 Reply

psychicmike(27, 248)

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Review by psychicmike

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 I applied on line for ths card with an average of 730 fico score. (not a fako score you get here at creditkarma) and a debt to credit limit of 28%. recived a starting credit limit of $2,000. only negative so far is that the Intrest rate is way to high 26.99% to 28.99% When my Navy Federal c.c. is 7.99% with a 25k credit limit.

absfrank's review was:    

  May 07, 2012 Reply

absfrank(3, 7)

Review by absfrank

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I have this card a few years ago. And I have used it well. I have $800 cl and usually use it for purchases every 2 or 3 months. That's the key. Be smart and not use it too much, just the enough to keep the account open. Has helped me rebuilding my credit since it report monthly to the credit bureau. I do not regret it is a good choice. 5 star.

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  Oct 31, 2011 Reply

Wichie682(73, 100)

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Review by Wichie682

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That's not right when you close out your radio shack credit card account you can't reopen it you have to  reopen a new account. 

rayccphst94's review was:    

  Jul 01, 2011 Reply

rayccphst94(1, 0)

Review by rayccphst94

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Company Overview

The Shack Credit Card, from Radio Shack®, is issued by Citibank South Dakota, N.A., for RadioShack® customers. Cardholder benefits may include online account management, promotional offers, and convenient online and in-store payments.

With roots dating back to 1919, RadioShack® started out as a leather shoe store in Fort Worth, Texas under the name Hinckley-Tandy Leather Company. In 1921, the founders opened the first RadioShack® as a retail and mail-order operation store in Boston, Massachusetts selling radio equipment. Today, RadioShack® offers a large selection of tech products such as mobile devices, computer accessories, services, and more.

RadioShack's® The Shack Credit Card

3.35 4 Reviews
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