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Jul 20 2019
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Sep 28 2019
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I applied for this card 2 months ago. Was approved and was told my card would be at my house in 7-10 business days. I called and the very rude customer service people told me that I "should just wait to see if it comes." I called and cancelled that card and was told another would be on the way in 7-10 days. That was 2 and a half weeks ago. I've gotten a statement and owe a bill for a card I've yet to receive. I was also told if I cancel it will take 7 weeks to get my initial deposit back. This is an awful company with horrible customer service from each and every employee. I urge anyone that wants to get a credit card, go to someone else this is the absolute worst company to deal with.

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May 12 2020
Credit Karma Member

Green Dot = Wal-Mart. Largest retailer is a upstart in credit business. Dont do it. Let them stick to what they're good at.

May 05 2020
Credit Karma Member

This card was reporting to the credit companies before I even got the card in the mail amazing.

May 05 2020
No problems and helped my score
Credit Karma Member

My FICO score was in the 500s, I had no open credit cards and needed a fresh start. I just put $200 on the card. It arrived promptly in the mail. I always paid in full each month and paid via a debit card online, and way ahead of time. I never got close to charging up to the limit. (Tried to keep the charges below $30-50 each month.) When it came time to cancel the card, there was some trouble finding a real person on the phone. I think I had to eventually choose the option to report the card stolen or something. It was very confusing! But, when I finally did talk to a customer service person, they were very quick to cancel the account and even credited a charge (the annual charge). I got a check for the $200 about a month and a half later. (This was in late 2019.) I realize I probably lucked out with them, but I cannot lie--there were NO problems at all, except for figuring out who to call to cancel the card.

Apr 25 2020
No complaints
Credit Karma Member

Yes, you have to send them a picture of a voided check which they tell you when you go to make the payment. It's right there yet people are complaining because they failed to read. Even the Citi secured card has you verify your bank account. This is a secured card people. No one said rebuilding your credit would be easy. Jump through the hoops and DON'T make the same mistakes that put you in the situation that you have to use a secured credit card.

Apr 24 2020
Credit Karma Member

The only reason I applied for this card is that I have no checking account for my taxes to get directly deposited into

Apr 22 2020
Credit Karma Member

Mar 24 2020
This card has been amazing!
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for a little over a year now. Its simple, make your payments on time snd your credit score will improve, if you fail to make payments on time your score will drop Majorly. Its as simple or complicated as any other CC. no complaints!

Mar 21 2020
Credit Karma Member

The worst company every. Why should some send a void check email. It's to many scams going on, I request to cancel this card it took four months to receive my deposit back. Beware don't apply.

Mar 13 2020
Terrible service don???t bother
Credit Karma Member

Stay away

Mar 09 2020
Worst company I've ever had to deal with
Credit Karma Member

BEWARE! Customer service is horrible and they will take months to give you back your deposit! Not worth the headache!

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Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card

Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card

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