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Feb 27 2018
Amazing Credit Limit Increases
Credit Karma Member

I got this card in January 2017. Started with $1000 limit. I now have a $8000 limit 12 month later! I pretty much have gotten an automatic credit limit increase every 4-6 months. Each time they double the limit (1k went to 2K, 2K went to 4K, and I just got another increase this month February 2018 from 4K to 8K). I'm guessing in another 4-6 months I'll be up to 16K!! Which helps my utilation like crazy. I never miss a payment and usually pay the balance in full as to avoid interest. I did put a pretty big luxury purchase on it recently but I plan to pay it off in 2-3 months. SInce my balance has been bigger I have been paying slightly over the minimum and still have gotten credit limit increases. If you're disciplined and always pay on time and more than the minimum this card does wonders for your credit history and score! Plus I love luxury goods and have gotten so many great sales and gift cards from shopping at NM. Think $1500 givenchy bag for $600! obviously there are other better cc and i have them (amex, chase etc.) but the NM credit card has the highest an easiets credit limits.

Nov 25 2017
basically useless
Credit Karma Member

This is a 2% return....not even on cashback but store credit when you shop in NM so basically it's a less than 2% cashback on NM and a less than 1% on anything else it's way better off to use Discover card who regularly offers 5% if you need to do a lot of shopping in NM.

Mar 07 2017
Great, but use wisely!
Credit Karma Member

NM is almost NPSL, as they tend to work with you to ensure a happy customer, but the APR is scary (20%+), so I am mindful about my purchases. Still, as a lover of fashion, I do appreciate the card. They have special beauty days, and sneak peeks, which is awesome! Exemplary customer service (in store and via phone). No issues with card or payments (can pay in store, too). And Last Call is definitely not to be missed, and they have great gift card deals (i.e. spend 500, get 100). Still, charge with caution; again, the interest is crazy...

Jan 24 2017
Normal store card
Credit Karma Member

You can use at any neiman marcus owned business (bergdorfs, horchow). Normal high store interest card. Generous with credit increases though if you request. Good store card to have to get those impulse buys lol.

Aug 30 2016
Credit Limits Seem To Be A Secret
Credit Karma Member

CK scores of 713 Equifax and 695 Trans Union; Vantage score of 709. Have a Ch 13 BK in 2011 that is 6 months away from being paid off. Have a $1K secured USAA AMEX, a $400 Ulta and a $500 Beall's. Was denied a Barclay MC. Applied for a Capital One Quicksilver and the online site just stopped at processing screen, so still not sure of status. Applied online for NM and received instant approval. Created an online account and nowhere was my CL listed. Called customer service and was advised that CL is $2K.

Mar 07 2015
Ok Card..
Credit Karma Member

so i applied online and didnt receive and instant approval.. told me to call immediately.. called but the credit department was closed... i called back the following monday, and was told i would receive a letter in the mail... yes i did receive a letter in the mail with my new shiney card but there was no info on the credit limit or anything... so i called customer service and they told me my limit was a lousy $700... this is the lowest card in my wallet... but hey i hope it will grow... thnx capital one/neiman marcus

Jan 22 2012
Credit Karma Member

Although Neiman Marcus is a very pricey store, their products are extremely high quality. Opened this card with a $750 limit @ 23.99%. I know the limit will increase over time! HSBC is very stingy with CLI as they typically only issue them once a year in $200-$300 increments. Credit score was around 670 when this account was opened

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Neiman Marcus Credit Card

Neiman Marcus Credit Card

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