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Montgomery Ward® Credit

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When I first applied for this card a year ago, I ASSUMED they would report to the credit agencies. I was sadly disappointed when I later learned they do not. I still use the account to make occassional purchases, and their pretty good about raising your credit limit once they see you make timely payments. I gave this card a 3 star rating because it has pro's & con's such as high prices, low monthly payments, credit easily obtained and product quality is okay for the most part. But the biggest con to say the least is the fact that they don't report to the credit agencies. Maybe it's because of the number of affiliates they have. This list was taken from there web site:

Who are your affiliates?

Ashro, Inc.

Ashro Music & Media, LLC

Ashro Publishing, LLC

Betaro Publishing, LLC

CB1, Inc

Colony Brands, Inc.

DM Services, Inc.

Ginny's, Inc.

Green County Foods, Inc.

Integrated Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Midnight Velvet, Inc.

Midwest Catalog Brands, LLC

Monroe & Main, Inc.

Montgomery Ward, Inc.

SC Aviation, Inc.

SC Data Center, Inc.

SC Global Sourcing, Inc.

SC Global Sourcing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

SC Partners Investments, LLC

Seventh Avenue, Inc.

Swiss Colony Retail Brands, LLC

The Swiss Colony, LLC

The Tender Filet, Inc.

Through the Country Door, Inc.

(As of March 1, 2011)

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never had problem

i pay my bill through the bank each month by auto debit. or direct deposit. ive had some things stolen here and was able to get some one on the phone right away.

the one or two things i have sent back i wrote on the packing slip why and what i wanted and soon i eather got credit or if i wanted a new one

Dec 27, 2013 Reply
Horrible horrible horrible!!!

You cannot get anyone on the phone to help you EVER!! The phone rings and a recording says " I am sorry, we are experiencing a high volume of calls. Please try again later" Then you get disconnected. When you want to pay your bill online or check your account, your account number never goes through. I am about ready to write this company a nasty nasty letter and report them to the better business bureau. I cannot believe how bad this company is. My advice is STAY AWAY!!!

Dec 07, 2013 Reply
Avoid this firm at all costs Helpful to 0 out of 1 people

I have had nothing but misery from this firm.  If you are a minute late with a payment, you will have a "customer service" rep calling at the crack of dawn to ask if you want to make a payment.  Nasty, nasty people.  Don't get involved with this firm.  Get a regular credit card and build up your credit rep that way.  

Oct 02, 2013 Reply
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Company Overview

The Montgomery Ward® Credit card, operated by GE Money Bank, is provided for Montgomery Ward® customers. Cardholder benefits may include online account management and low monthly payments. Applications are available online.

With the motto “Improving American Homes Since 1872”, Montgomery Ward® is a well-known catalog retailer for the home, with accessories for bed and bath, kitchen and dining, furniture, home décor, tools, electronics, jewelry, clothing, and more. The founder, Aaron Montgomery Ward, established the first mail-order business in 1872 with an innovative single-sheet catalog featuring 163 items. By 1904, Montgomery Ward® was mailing catalogs to 3 million people. Today, Montgomery Ward® also features online shopping at

Montgomery Ward® Credit

2.55 4 Reviews
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