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Jul 09, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

commenity is probably one of the worst companies when it came to handling my mandees card, they are rude half of the time when i had questions.. and charged me outrageous fees when my statement was not even late. Disputing any issue with your card with them is like pulling teeth out slowly. not to mention the insane rates. Do yourself a favor and use your day to day credit card, youd probably be better off. i will most certainly be closing it after my last payment

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Oct 23, 2014
MarinaS19 Cardholder

I did not realize it was a credit card when I signed up because of the way the girl explainned it. By the time I did (when she asked for my ssn) we were almost done with the application so I went ahead with it because it would increase my limit and my credit score since Im still young. I got approved for $750 and only used it once or twice since I do not shop there often. Its a pointless card I thought it would be better since its offered by comenity bank (same system as Victoria's Secret's card and I love the card). However, they never send rewards in and the customer service reps never know what they are talking about. Its just siting there and I will be closing it very soon. 

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Dec 02, 2010

Really high rate 16.99% plus prime. No thanks. I'm not sure why anyone would get this. 

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Mandee Credit Card