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Jul 19, 2018
Im so DONE with Mastercard- beware
Gabbybh Cardholder

Mastercard will NOT (At least this card) protect the customer.  I have spent HOURS and HOURS and months on disputing a charge.  I had all the proof I needed and then some and Kroger mastercard still sided with the merchant and now I have to convince them to refund me with a letter I received from the CC company..  The merchant  needs to have a 3 way call because of the dispute but Mastercard- Kroger told me "they do NOT do 3 way calls and they will not contact the merchant and good luck!"  Once this is settled I will NO LONGER EVER!! EVER!!! get another mastercard...

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Apr 29, 2018
Poor benefits from store and US BANK
BrianTN Cardholder

This card was a waste of time and they did a hard credit check bringing my score down.  The rewards points are NOT fuel rewards.  US Bank ( terrible) they give you a $5 bonus check once you have 1000 points.  These are separate from your fuel points. I did not know this until after signing up for the card.  Also was supposed to get .25 off per gallon of fuel.  That never worked and Kroger said it was US BANK  and they told me it was Kroger's fault.  I highly advise anyone to research if this is really a beneficial card to get.  For me it was a waste of time and I closed the account 2 months after opening it.

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May 15, 2018

You need to link your 123 card with your regular Kroger plus card to get the extra fuel savings.

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