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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jul 17, 2017
I have used them for 4 years no issues.
Anonymous Cardholder

They offer good service

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May 04, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

I was told I was applying for financing. I specifically asked if it was a credit card, and said I didn't want one. Turns out, they opened a credit card in my name and it only works at Jared! I'm furious!

I tried customer service... here's the conversation:

 10:23:28 AM : System: Breana has joined this session!

 10:23:28 AM : System: Hello, my name is Breana. How may I help you?

 10:23:48 AM : Me: I told someone I specifically did not want a credit card, that I only wanted to see what I could qualify for the 12 month no interest financing...

 10:23:56 AM : Me: And I just got an email stating I am a new credit card holder

 10:23:59 AM : Me: I don't want it

 10:24:02 AM : Me: What do I do?

 10:25:34 AM : Breana: The 12 month interest free financing is only offered on our credit accounts. For purchases that are $1000.00 or more with a 20% down payment. I do apologize for any inconvenience; you can close the account at any time.

 10:25:48 AM : Heather: Yeah and hurt my credit

 10:26:07 AM : Me: This is upsetting! I specifically said I did not want a credit card!

 10:28:11 AM : Breana: We do not have any annual fees or fees if you do not use the account. It can remain at a 0 balance for 2 years and it will go inactive by itself. I do apologize; for any inconvenience. It should have been explained thoroughly. You would have had to sign an application which states it is a credit account. The financing options you wanted to see if you can be approved for are only offered on a credit account which would be financing the merchandise.

 10:29:21 AM : Me: Having an account close, is going to hurt my credit....

 10:29:34 AM : Me: Is this a card that only works at Jared?

 10:30:52 AM : Breana: The card is only for Jared locations. As I informed, if you decide not to close it, it will still go inactive after 2 years of no activity. I am aware that anytime you open or close an account it will effect your credit.

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Apr 08, 2017
It's a trap! Don't do it!
Anonymous Cardholder

After spending thousands of dollars with this company, they took the initiative to close my Jared Credit Card without my permission! This resulted in negative ramifications on my credit report and score! I will never spend another dollar with this company! Pay cash or run from this company!

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Apr 07, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Worst card I've ever had and they claim it's in house finacning :/ not the case my credit didn't just down 2 points but 35points ... so they tell you their is an available balance and they actual balance is smaller so the utilization % is over the limit Which causes a decrease in score. 

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Mar 09, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Do not get this card. The credit department blows. They falsify late claims and hurt your credit, don't accurately report payments, and hound you with calls constantly. Disgusting company.

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Feb 13, 2017
Bad card!!! Constant checking your score
Anonymous Cardholder

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I had it for about a year. Went to use it and guess what ??? The account got closed on the same day!! No notifications or nothing.., how embarrassing! Thanks for nothing!! Jared 👎

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Dec 20, 2016
credit department SUCKS
Anonymous Cardholder

went into Jared with MORE then enough available credit on my Jared account. picked something nice and walked out with a CLOSED account.  Yes, as others have stated on this board, they close your account without any notification at all.  How disappointing.  Been paying on this card for YEARS, on time.  Guess I can go spend my money elsewhere.  Thanks Jared, Signet, Kay, Zales, ALL OF YOU CAN SUCK IT.

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Sep 14, 2016
Don't DO IT
happypumpkins1 Cardholder

Jared has a line in their card holder agreement that states that they can review your credit and reduce or close your account at anytime without notice to you. Let me tell you, they actually do this!

My fiance bought my engagement ring there. We had to have a custom wedding band made, because the ring didn't have a band. Any custom orders require a down payment and they are non-refundable. So, we go to pick my custom ring when it was finally ready (3 days before my wedding). My fiance checked his Jared account before we left the house to double check everything, there was more than enough credit on it. We drive an hour and forty-five minutes to get to Jared - the sales rep was literally in the middle of the transaction when the phone rings and she hangs up and tells us that was the credit department calling to say they reviewed my fiances credit while she was doing the transaction and lowered his credit line by $2,000!!!!!!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRANSACTION AT 7PM!!! Well, as you can imagine, we are getting married, have a baby on the way, and are relocating in 2 weeks for a job out of state. Did we have the money on us to pay it? Yes. Unfortunately we needed that money for everything else. We waited (I'm 6 months pregnant) until 8:45 that night just for them to tell us there was nothing they could do. The lady in the store said this was the 3rd time recently that it's happened to her! I had to walk out of there without my ring. The wedding is now postponed.

I have had various lines of credit my whole life. I've NEVER heard of a place doing this. And, in the middle of a transaction??!!! The worst part is the lady in the store went back and checked my fiance's payment history, everything was great, he hasn't opened any new lines of credit or anything, in fact we are getting things paid off.

It was the worst experience with a retailer that I've ever had!

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Sep 08, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I bought an engagement ring and opened a card since the sales person told me it would be 0 interest for a year. It ended up being 0 interest for 1 month. So they lie to get you to open a card. High interest rate, poor service. Don't do it.

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Aug 28, 2016
I had bad experience.
Anonymous Cardholder

I pay it every month. One sing in your credit score they will close your account without warning. And not body send your a message for you know what happen. 

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