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Jul 18, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Very shady and deceitful business (both Furniture Row and Capital One) I have credit cards credit/ debt ratio <20%. My limit was pitifulooking. My score is 795. Just a bunch of excuses
Never use it again.</p>

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Oct 11, 2015
Horrible card
bsulaiman Cardholder

I saw that they promoted their card with a 72-month no interest so I went ahead and applied to see what happens next. Despite having an above average credit score (700s), I was accepted with an $802 credit limit and 26.9% APR. 26.9% APR??!?!?! I got a 6-month no interest plan (contrary to their 72-month) with a ridiculous APR. All my other cards have no more than a 19% APR and even that is a very high APR for someone with a credit score in their 700s. I plan on paying off whatever is left ($277) on the credit card and never using it again. Thank God it has a $0 annual fee so that way I can help the average age of my credit cards later down the road when I apply for more credit cards.

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Sep 06, 2015

I have other credit cards.  I use them. I pay them. Many of them that have balances are at 0%.  I have over six figures of credit card availability and have recently been grants more from mutilple cards. Reducing my ratio.  I had a feeling when applying for this card it was going to be a problem. Bait and switch with the interest rate or whatnot. I will call capital one have s thorough explanation and tell them to stop sending ore approvals ( in which I get 2 a week). Stay away from this card.  It's s joke. 

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Mar 21, 2015
Ridiculous promo approval criteria

The card is now issued by Capital One Bank. I have a credit score in my 720's, have had two past Capital One car loans which I paid off and have two Capital One Credit cards with over $10K limits (one of which I've had for 11 years). I have never been late on a payment on them or any other card. Furniture row had a "72 months no interest" promotion this weekend so I decided to buy some furniture by applying for their credit card and taking advantage of this. Despite all my lengthy experience with Capital One, decent credit and no late payments/chargeoffs, they turned me down. I called their 800 # to find out why. The first person couldn't tell me anything and transferred me to someone else. That person told me that I had other credit card balances so they could not approve me. These two people were very nice. I told the second person, yes, I have other credit card balances, but I also have a close to 6 figure income, never paid late, been a Capital One customer for 11 years, etc. She then advise she would have me talk to a supervisor (her idea, I didn't ask for one) and connected me. The supervisor had a "why are you talking to me, I have better things to do" attitude. She repeated the "you have other credit card balances you need to pay down" line. My debt to income ration is <30 so OK (you can even get a mortgage with up to a 43 debt to income ratio). I asked if I could close down one of my two Capital One Cards and have them issue the store card, she could not do that. I asked if she could issue me the card at a lower limit than I had originally requested and she could not do that either. So needless to say, Capital One is losing a long-term, on-time paying customer. I'll probably keep one of the credit cards since they have a good cashback program, but will pay off and cancel the other and never get a car loan or anything through them again.

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Jun 25, 2014
Will be shopping elsewhere.

I was turned down due to lack of mortgage information.  Our home was paid for in cash at closing.  So since I don't have a mortgage payment that's being held against me?!  I just bought new furniture 2 months ago and wasn't happy with it.  I guess I will shop elsewhere. 

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Jun 30, 2013
Bait and Switch
rejtul Cardholder

They advertise 60 month financing but when you finish all the paperwork and the account is open they tell you your credit won't get you 60 month but only 36 month. Very deceptive and misleading advertising.  The blame it on the financing company.  I blame it on the Furniture Row for not disclosing information they clearly had on hand.  A case of bait and switch

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Jun 29, 2013
Completely satisfied
Anonymous Cardholder

I have just recently finished paying off my first set of contracted furniture without a glitch.  I recently went back and financed more furniture on my card without any problems!  I love my furniture row card.

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Aug 17, 2011
erpcayne7 Cardholder

The customer service sucks and they are very strict, they charge $25 for over-the-phone payments, and make everything seemingly as difficult as possible.

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Jul 27, 2011
Anonymous Cardholder

Very dissatisfied with Furniture Row's credit card.  I made a payment online and didn't take into consideration that the credit card processing center was in a different time zone.  I have never paid a bill late.  Due to the time zone difference, I was charged a late fee of $25 and interest on the late fee.  I called and they did remove the late fee and the interest.  Not wanting to ever be considered late again, I immediately made a payment, 18 days before the due date.  To my surprise, I received yet another $25 late fee and interest.  I spoke with two different people about the late fee and was told they had indeed removed the first late fee, but it isn't subtracted off my statement, it is taken off of the BALANCE of my account.  Since I didn't make the payment AND pay the additional $25 and interest (even tho it was suppose to be removed) - they again charged me a late fee.  This is their way of potentially adding a late fee every month and charging interest on a no interest credit account.  Very, very dissatisfied with their service and their very rude staff members.

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