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Furniture Row® Credit Card

2.35 4 Reviews

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Bait and Switch Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

They advertise 60 month financing but when you finish all the paperwork and the account is open they tell you your credit won't get you 60 month but only 36 month. Very deceptive and misleading advertising.  The blame it on the financing company.  I blame it on the Furniture Row for not disclosing information they clearly had on hand.  A case of bait and switch

rejtul's review was:    

  Jun 30, 2013 Reply

rejtul(1, 1)

Review by rejtul

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

The customer service sucks and they are very strict, they charge $25 for over-the-phone payments, and make everything seemingly as difficult as possible.

erpcayne7's review was:    

  Aug 17, 2011 Reply

erpcayne7(2, 2)

Review by erpcayne7

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Completely satisfied

I have just recently finished paying off my first set of contracted furniture without a glitch.  I recently went back and financed more furniture on my card without any problems!  I love my furniture row card.

Jun 29, 2013 Reply

Very dissatisfied with Furniture Row's credit card.  I made a payment online and didn't take into consideration that the credit card processing center was in a different time zone.  I have never paid a bill late.  Due to the time zone difference, I was charged a late fee of $25 and interest on the late fee.  I called and they did remove the late fee and the interest.  Not wanting to ever be considered late again, I immediately made a payment, 18 days before the due date.  To my surprise, I received yet another $25 late fee and interest.  I spoke with two different people about the late fee and was told they had indeed removed the first late fee, but it isn't subtracted off my statement, it is taken off of the BALANCE of my account.  Since I didn't make the payment AND pay the additional $25 and interest (even tho it was suppose to be removed) - they again charged me a late fee.  This is their way of potentially adding a late fee every month and charging interest on a no interest credit account.  Very, very dissatisfied with their service and their very rude staff members.

Jul 27, 2011 Reply
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Company Overview

Furniture Row® Express Money® card, serviced by HSBC, is a credit card provided for Furniture Row® customers. Cardholder benefits may include special financing offers, instant approval, and online application access.

Furniture Row® Companies, among America’s fastest-growing furniture retailers, is a group of companies that specializes in home furnishings, mattress, linens stores, and carries a variety of brand names. Four specialized home furnishing and bedding retailers, Sofa Mart, Oak Express, Bedroom Expressions, and Denver Mattress, primarily make up Furniture Row®. Established in 1974, today Furniture Row® operates over 330 stores in thirty-one states.

Furniture Row® Credit Card

2.35 4 Reviews