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Aug 06, 2016
Do not waste your time.
Anonymous Cardholder

I just recently received this card when I purchased a ring to pay off in one year.  I typically mail payments out 7 days in advance and well above the minimum.  My first payment was due on July 4th!  So needless to say I have been now with 2 late payments because of how they process the payments.  Sending out 7 days in advance is enough time for a company with integrity.  Not for TD Retail.  I recently mailed 3 items together including the Fred Meyer payment.  Both of the others came in plenty of time.  One went a little farther from MI to AZ compared to MI to FLA for the Meyer card.  Save your money and pay in cash or use a credit card that you have confidence.

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Jul 28, 2016
On hold for 27 minutes now
Anonymous Cardholder

I think this card is a crock of **** and their jewelry is way over priced anyways. My minimum payment was $125 a month and I made a $1000 payment one day late and still got nailed with a late fee. Trying to call them now and have been on hold for 29 minutes now. I'm paying this off and cancelling.

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May 05, 2016
Don't do it
Anonymous Cardholder

Don't get this card and if you do make sure your payment is in 10-13 days before it's actually due I always lay mine 5-7 days before its due and they always hold my payment till the day after its due so that I get charged a late fee. And when you call to talk to customer service they don't give a crap because there getting there money and they get to add another late fee which is more money they are rude and could care less what you have to say. There also very hard to understand

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Mar 17, 2015
Not good!
Anonymous Cardholder

I'm glad I'm not the only person who's had a bad experience with this card! I misread my payment and sent in 12 dollars less then I should have and they froze my account and cancelled all my credit after over a year of on time payments!  I've had several credit cards over the years but this is by far the worst and the customer service is horrible! They don't even try to help you at all and it's very obvious that they don't care! You'd think for a business they'd try to keep their customers happy instead of basically sending them away to spend their money elsewhere! Not even the big name cards who I'm sure do much more business treat people the way they do! 

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Dec 02, 2014
Awful company
Anonymous Cardholder

awful awful AWFUL company. Almost 2 years I am a cardholder I made one late payment(only 2 days lte by the way i just confused the days and it was weekend) they removed all my available credit i tried to talked to supervisor he was so rude i mean lets put it this way when i was talking i realized that no one on the other side or the phone listening me i realized they just mute to phone nope i wasnt yelling or anything i was telling them what happened and asking the man what should i do?anyway after a year not even missing one payment i wanna give it a call and ask my options only thing they can do is run my credit i said fine and answer i got rejected!!! (my credit score is good by the way) never again!!!!

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Feb 11, 2014
No mercy, crooked billing
Anonymous Cardholder

In addition to monthly late fees assessed to me of either $35 or $25 dollars for the past 5 months, whenever I would call to discuss this I'd be told they would reverse one charge for me. But the billing cycle they use and the lateness of how they send their bills didn't give me enough time to have any of these charges actually reverse. They did not accept electronic transfers from my bank and I was told the only way to gaurantee payments show up to them on time was to register through thier website, which I was unwilling to do. I have the feeling they know they can take advantage of these situations as my bank had to actually send them a physical check each month, and the financing company could sit on it as long as they wanted until it was late! I sent payments through my bank between 7 and 20 days in advance and still got dinged for late fees each month!

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Jan 28, 2013
Stick it to you.
Anonymous Cardholder

We recently paid off a Fred Meyer Jewelry credit card and it was one day late. So what do they do? They stick us with a 27.00 late payment fine. We will never do business with them again.

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Nov 02, 2012
Viscious collectors
Anonymous Cardholder

Used the card to pay for a 5k ring.  I paid 90% off and tried to work out a payment plan when my business slowed down for the rest.  They would not take off late fees or work out lowered payments on the remaining balance.  They have tacked on late fees of more than 30% of the oustanding balance.  Constant calls day and night for payment even though I have called and already made arraignments.  At this point I am just paying for late fees and interest and they will probably never get their principal balance due to their ruthless collection department.  Don't ever get retail cards through Citi.  They have recently been sued by their own shareholders, which shows how they operate.

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Fred Meyers Jewelers Credit Card