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Jan 14, 2013
Perfect rebuilder
Kristenkay26 Cardholder

This card has the high interest rates, the annual fees, and everything listed by the 1 star reviews. However, my credit was completely shot. It cost me I believe 120 bucks total to get the card in July. I have had on time perfect payments. Keep my utilization between 5%-15% at all times, although 9% is where I am mostly. My credit has increased almost 100 points in 10 months of working on my credit. My school loans also factor in. I am looking to buy a house in March; I got approved for a 100,000 FHA loan. This is by far the most expensive way to help rebuild your credit, but for me and many alike this is the only way to do so.

I will not complain as it was the starting point for me and has allowed me to fix my credit (still rebuilding). I recently just got another card with a higher credit line. I will be closing this account after my house goes through. I cannot say enough how happy I am that they gave me a chance, and also never ran a hard inquiry on me. (So my guess is anyone can get it). I would also like to let everyone know to make sure to check your own credit scores. I LOVE CK because it is pretty accurate with updates on my credit; however, it is nowhere near my credit score. My credit score is 640 and CK shows 591. Good Luck and I hope this helped someone. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

May 08, 2013
It should only be used for rebuilding...
boricuarx787 Cardholder

While everyone is up at arms that this card has so many flaws, the fact of the matter is, it is strictly for rebuilding. If you are looking to add another line of credit with a satisfactory mark on your credit reports and an opportunity to minimize your Utilization %, then apply for the card, pay the $75 fee and don't use it. Plain and simple. Use them, don't let them use you. They extended their hand out to you, someone who probably doesn't have great credit, just like myself, so take up on the offer but don't give them the chance to screw you over. Use it once a week for a early morning latte and nothing more. Pay off the card in full thus paying no finance charges, deal with the fact it has an annual fee and enjoy the fact your credit is building faster than if you didn't have the card in your possession. Unfortunately those of us that are sub-prime users have to deal with the dirt and nonsense while we are still in the bottom, but remember cards like this give other companies a chance to prove yourself so take up on the offer, deal with the fees and enjoy better credit in the future.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jul 17, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Annual fees, monthly service fees even if you have a 0 balance, closed my accounts and was told I had a balance. I am disputing the balance since I did not authorize the transactions.

They overcharge, customer service sucks, And they have problems with security, I have had more than one occasion dealing with fraudelant charges.

Please stay away from this company. 

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Jul 12, 2017
kelimariefifer Cardholder

I got this card to work on my credit! After having it just over a month, I paid it off! I went out of town and went to use it and it was denied, so I called the customer service and they told me that they couldn't verify it was me who paid off my card, so they canceled my card, which was secured, until I provided them with bank statements to prove it was me that paid it off!! After jumping through their hoops, and after 2 weeks, it still wasn't on! so I called and terminated my card, and was told I would get my refund within 10 days! Fast forward 17 days, and still no check! Called them today to find out the whereabouts of my check, and they tell me that I never issued a letter stating that I wanted my obey back, spit would take 90 days to return my money!

this company is a hoax/fraud!! Don't do it!

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Jul 12, 2017
To many charges the company gets
Anonymous Cardholder

No points as you spend..service charge each month, high interest. .there much better cards out there

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Jun 19, 2017
Online services are terrible.
Anonymous Cardholder

Online services are really terrible.

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Jun 13, 2017
stay away from this card
gsu2432 Cardholder

i never used the card and they submitted a late payment to all three credit companies that i was late on the 8 dollar  a month credit fee they charge whether you use the card or not.  I had just spent a year repairing my credit and was around 690 and the late payment they reported put me back to 631 and they would not help or resolve the issue.  They are the worst card out there.

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Jun 13, 2017
Ashia242 Cardholder

This is the worst card I have ever had. The fees and annual fees are ridiculous. Customer service is rude and they don't give you no explanation nor answer direct questions. It's more than impossible to pay off the card due to all the hidden fees. They are scam artist. I would not recommend this card to my worst enemie. Please avoid and don't fall for the lies. Run and stay away from this card

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Jun 01, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Its no good they charge a lot interested.horrible:(

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May 30, 2017
Run like hell!
MsLadyKay Cardholder

Avoid this card at all cost! This is by far the worst card ever! Besides the ridiculous fees, their customer service is awful. RUN like hell!

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May 26, 2017
Stay away from this card they're rippin
Anonymous Cardholder

I don't recommend this card to my enemy it's a bad company 

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May 25, 2017
Do not get this card EVER!!!!!
javacruz Cardholder

There are 200 dollars in fees before you can use the card so if this is your only option use that 200 dollars on an OpenSky secured card and at least you will get it back when you close the account. There is no credit check and the interest is only 18.19 percent versus the First Premier interest of 36 percent. This card is set up to take advantage of those desperate for credit. 

Received an offer letter today and tossed  it in the garbage 

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