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Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card

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CK score 665 denied 70k no late payments in 3 years no bankruptcy. 3 other credit cards capitialone 1k and first premire 200 & 300. Two car loans 46k and 15k. No collections or judgments. Called to find out WTF, offered no explanation and informed me I would receive a letter in 7-14 days to which I responded, the 1 that's says you've been denied because of information in your credit report, for more information call? Well I'm calling!!! No help what so ever. I wanted to buy pitching machine and batting cage for the kiddos instead of cash, guess ill put it on capitialone instead. At a deferent store other then ****'s.

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  Apr 20, 2013 Reply

cbeschler(1, 0)

Review by cbeschler

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Did you try to sign up for the credit card with a cashier?  If you used someone else's Scorecard when you were seeing if you'd qualify, that can mess you up since the information won't match with the info (your SID specifically) you punched into the pinpad.

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  Jul 15, 2013

sleblanc1988(1, 0)

Review by sleblanc1988

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Company Overview

The Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card is serviced by GE Money Bank (GEMB) for Dicks Sporting Goods customers. Credit cards can be used at any Dicks Sporting Goods location, and account management is available online.

Dicks Sporting Goods was established in 1958 by Dick Staff. With the mission “to be the # 1 sports and fitness specialty retailer” Dicks offers fine quality products at competitive prices, such as items for team sports, exercise, footwear, apparel, golf, outdoors, and fan gear. Currently customers can purchase items online, in stores, and in catalogs. There are 300 store locations in most states nationwide.

Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card

1.05 1 Review
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