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May 21 2019
Credit Karma Member

I have never missed a payment in 2 years. Yet when I paid off my account they canceled my line. Why, you ask? Because I had a high balance on another card and not enough credit history?!?! My original limit was $1,000... then $500... now NOTHING! They constantly check your credit and will lower your limit if your score drops, so when I put my tires on a credit line, I lost my DSG card.

Sep 19 2018
Would not recommend!
Credit Karma Member

Have a few credit cards. Was approved for $800. NEVER made a late payment. Each time I make a payment it lowers my credit limit. Paying off the balance and then canceling this month.

Jul 13 2018
Credit Karma Member

Have had this card for quite some time now, had an $800 credit limit. I didn't receive a bill in the mail which let to me being 1 week late with a whopping $120 payment, in return the lowered my limit down to $150!! This account has always been in good standing other than this one time that I literally did not get my bill!!! In return my credit score went down and with a increase on charges to my account because of the limit being so drastically cut it caused my score to drop more!!!! I will never shop at ****s again!!!!

Dec 01 2017
Credit Karma Member

This credit card is VERY BAD. Stay away. I went out with my gf and purchased alot of products for under 2000. We have been doing the year based payments until interest hits. Had our first interest hit this morning. 700!! What a huge waste this company is. Not only that, but I was 2 days late paying and they canceled my account. So I actually cant buy anything anymore. Its been that way since the 3rd month paying in. I absolutely angered at how they can steal this much money from people. At least I know now to NEVER use SynchronyBank EVER again. Also stay away from ****S too.

Sep 27 2017
Worst customer service
Credit Karma Member

i currently own the card unfortunately i called them to because i was having issues making purchases online so when i called they tell me your card is a store credit card and it cannot be upgradet to a mastercard yet they gave me a limmit of 2700 dollars but i wasnt good enough for the master card the customer service didnt even ask me if maybe they could run my credit to get the card change so if i close it it would hurt my credit so what i did was lower my limmit to 100 dollars and cut the card they can cancell it for inactivity joke is on them they lost a good customer.

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Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card

Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card

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