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Mar 28, 2017
High interest / 12 month no intrest
Anonymous Cardholder

Applied with 685 score and was offered a $2000 far so good 

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Oct 29, 2016
High interest but offers 12 months grace
FltMedic Cardholder

I appled for this with a 685 score. Was approved for $3000 at 29.99% APR wich is really hight. The only reason I agreed is they are offering 0 interest for 12 months on purschases over $899 (which any real laptop is going to cost). 

The application and process are pretty strait forward and approval took about 2 minutes. 

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Aug 13, 2016
Mixed review
ladybug2535 Cardholder

I applied for a Dell credit account back in the early 2000's.  I don't remember what my credit score was,  but it was likely pretty poor as I'd been the victim of identity theft and wound up declaring bankruptcy jsome years before that, ust to get out of the endless cycle of proving the accounts were fraud.  The collection agencies were illegally selling them to other collection agencies after adding thier own fees on top of the actual fraudulent balances after I proved they weren't my accounts. What a headache!  The Feds hadn't caught up yet, so there was no centralized response at that point like there is now.  Even the cops didn't care when I called about a fraudulent cell phone account in another city.  The theif's address was right there on my credit bureau's reports!  As far as I know, they didn't do anything about it.

At any rate, I applied to Dell and was approved for an account with a fairly low APR.  HOWEVER, when I recieved my first bill the APR was not only the highest allowed (completely different from that quoted to me on the application) but the monthly payment as was also twice as much--probably due to the increased APR, also unlike I'd been quoted.  Needless to say I was not happy.  Turns out there was nothing I could do legally other than cancel the account, but that would have meant returning the laptop I needed for University.  Rather than do that I bit the bullet and paid the higher interest.  I really felt like they had pulled the old "bait and switch", hence the 3 stars.  I didn't have any further problems with them, but I made my payments on time, above the minimum payment, so there was no reason for any hassle. 

As far as old credit issues cropping up, from what I understand, while they can't bill you for an old debt, they also don't have to forget about it.  It is perfectly within their rights--if frustrating for you, to deny you credit for an unpaid balance, even if that can't make you pay it, no matter how old that debt is.  Credit is a service, not a right.  There's not much you can do about it either, because if you do pay it after even say, 20 0r 30 years it can show up on your credit report again as a paid BAD DEBT, or PAID COLLECTION.  The only suggestion I would have in that case if you want to pay it or have no other credit options, is to write to them, and make sure you put it in an old fashioned written letter not an email, and offer some kind of payment arrangment so that they will once again be willing to extend you credit. WITH the stipulation that if they report it, it is as a new paid account--or a paid account dating back to the original date (so it looks good on paper) but  nothing about collections or long-standing unpaid, or anything like that.  Make them put  the agreement in WRITING, and again, in an old-fashioned letter, not an email.  A fax would be legal too. They might do it.    Frankly, it would likely be easier and cheaper to simply use a Visa or Mastercard once you get one if you think an old outstanding debt is the reason you were denied at Dell. You could be right.

As far as the company's products, I've always been a fan of their electronics.  And their technical service is wonderful .  If you have any problems during the warranty period (and you can buy an extended warranty as well) they are fantastic.  They will send you a prepaid box (they require that you use their packaging for the warranty to apply, which makes sense) and repair or replace the product.  Besides laptops, I've also purchased a Dell Venue 8 tablet which unfortunately has had a variety of issues.  Luckily it's a peripheral part of my household computer system, so sending it back repeatedly hasn't caused any problems at home, and they've always been great about honoring their warranty (I won't shop Gateway because I've had repeated issues with THAT company not only not honoring warranties but you have to pay for shipping and handling for repairs) and are very fast and professional about them as well.  In fact (don't tell anyone) as a gesture/bonus for my problems with that tablet, they actually sent me a 32g SD adpater/miniSD card.  I've never had a problem with their technical support.  Now, it is true that if you try to deal with them on the phone, at least in the evenings, there can be a language problem, the think Indian accents of some can make it really hard for them to understand you as well as understanding them.  IF that happens, ask them to give the phone to someone else, like a supervisor.  You can insist on it if they are reluctant (one pretended not to understand me!,Probably afraid he'd get in trouble).  Usually there is SOMEONE there that you can understand just fine.  Better than struggling for an hour trying to communicate.  I will add that this has only been a major issue a couple of times in all the years I've dealt with Dell. 

Hope this helps.

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