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May 27 2019
So far, so good!
Credit Karma Member

My parents always had a Firestone card when I was a kid, and now that my credit's in a decent place, I decided to get one for myself. Firestone is my go-to place for little stuff like replacing headlight bulbs, getting a new battery, replacing wiper blades, etc. -- basically all the things that don't require a big-time mechanic but still require more time, tools, and know-how than I've got. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I'd received my new Firestone card that I saw all the negative reviews, at which point, I wondered if I should just lock the card away and never even use it. I pored over all those reviews to see where things went wrong for other cardholders, and by the time I used my card eight months later, I had a pretty good plan in place to avoid those problems. I charged the work I had done, logged in a week later to pay it online, triple-checked the account info I entered on CFNA's website, and then made sure that the payment posted at CFNA and cleared my bank -- and checked again before the due date to make sure it still showed correctly. If that had failed, my backup plan was to go into Firestone at least 2 weeks before the due date to submit payment in person. Here's my advice if you want to avoid the issues a lot of people have had: 1. Don't wait till the last minute or even the week that payment is due to actually make a payment. It can take a few days for the payment to post, as well as a few days for the money to leave your bank account. And then if there is an issue, it can be a few more days before you realize it -- assuming you're watching both accounts. So if you wait to make a payment shortly before it's actually due, and something with your payment does go wrong, you're pretty much guaranteed to get stuck with a late fee. 2. Watch your CFNA account online and your bank account, just to make sure everything goes through correctly. It took CFNA two days to post my payment, and it took my bank 4 days to deduct the money from my checking account. And even though I saw all this happen correctly, I still logged in a week later to make sure everything still looked good. Since I actually made my payment before the statement was even generated, I just watched to make sure my new statement showed a $0 balance again. If I'd paid after the statement was sent, I still would have checked on the account maybe a week before it was due, just so I'd have enough time to address it if the payment was suddenly reversed or something. 3. Know that you have the option of making your payment in-store, but it's not an instant thing. From what I can gather, it takes about 5-7 days for a payment made at the counter in a Firestone store to show up in CFNA's records. Throw in a weekend or holiday, and it takes even longer. So if you pay in-store the day it's due, you're pretty much guaranteed to get stuck with a late payment. I'm sure the reason it takes so long is because CFNA and Firestone are two completely different companies. CFNA is just the bank who managed to get the contract to issue credit cards with the Firestone logo; it's not like that gave them instant access to Firestone's company records. Of course, given their credit agreement, it would be awesome if they made things speedier for customers, but for whatever reason, that's not happening. 4. Pay off your balance well before the interest-free period is finished. Interest on this card is just shy of 30%, though they offer a 6-month no-interest plan for charges of $149 or more. If you take advantage of that, don't rely on autopayments to pay it off by the end date. If anything goes wrong, you're going to be slammed with interest charges. If, for example, your last payment is due in October to avoid interest fees, double your payment in September to be done with it altogether. Yeah, it's early, but that's the point. If the payment doesn't go through, you have plenty of time to fix it.

Mar 02 2019
No integrity
Credit Karma Member

Very disappointed with this company. Made a payment and it was returned for some odd reason. I was hit with a $29 fee. I called and they said that when it was processed there was a number missing. They said they remove the return fee since it wasn't my fault. I thought I was done with the card but then a few months later I got hit with a negative mark on my credit report. My score is always 730 or higher. It dropped 30 points for a measely 29 dollars that was supposed to be removed off account. Never again will I use this card or be a customer for this company. I will continue to reach out to them until it is removed off my account and off my credit report.

Feb 08 2019
No problems
Credit Karma Member

Ive had this card for years, the only issue I ever had was they are unforgiving of being late, I made a payment late in the day, the due date, forgot to pay them erlier. eventhough I paid on the due date it was after business hours, I got a late fee and they would not give it back.

Dec 26 2018
Credit Karma Member

If you get in a bind, DO NOT place this card on a debt management plan. I will be the first to acknowledge that my partner and I were not managing money well for some time. But, with effort, we've managed to pay off debt and stay in the "good" credit score zone for 2018. But, my celebration was brought up short when CFNB wrote off a debt as collection THREE YEARS after the balance was paid in full. So, this popped up on my credit report and lowered my score 34 points. We fulfilled our obligation, but they will zing you if you end up in collections. Which, car troubles tend to be the harbringer of debt issues. AVOID THIS CARD.

Oct 29 2018
Impossible to pay the bill online
Credit Karma Member

Their customer service (IF they answer the call) is useless. I have paid them twice through my online bill pay and twice they returned the payment to my bank. They keep adding fees to the payments. I finally told them to close the account and I went over to Tires Plus and paid them directly in cash. If I get another bill from them I will re[port them to the Credit bureau. If you are thinking about getting this card, good luck with it. I would think twice before doing so as they are not at all helpful.

May 05 2018
Credit Karma Member

First off, if you are considering getting this card, you should know that they only let you pay it off through putting in you're routing number and account number to you're bank. You may not use a credit or debit card to pay it off. This made it difficult to me because the money towards the tires I bought (worth about $600) was going to be broken up by a few people. They also tell you that you that there is 0% interest for you're first 6 months... this is not true. I kept seeing my balance go up and was NOT late on any of my payments. Then, I get hit with a late fee for paying after 5pm (3 days earlier than the due date) - Maybe because of the weekend? I don't know but this card is a NIGHTMARE! This card has held so much stress over my shoulders for the past 5 months. You are smart if you are reading these reviews/ratings before considering a firestone credit card, I didn't.

Apr 15 2018
Credit First Firestone Credit Card
Credit Karma Member

I really like my Firestone Credit Card. They offer promotions like no interest financing which is really nice. The customer service representatives are professional and have always been helpful anytime I have contacted them. This is a great card to have for emergency repairs as well as vehicle maintenance.

Mar 21 2018
The terms and conditions, don't exist.
Credit Karma Member

They do not give you the "terms and conditions", when you sign up. Then out of no where you check your credit and see they close your card for "inactivity", when they failed to send a new card upon the old one expiring. Also any disputes or correspondance with their customer service, turns into a 2 year argument and they never actually find a resolution for their errors. For instance I over paid $40 and they claimed they mailed me check, which never happened. Then they said they sent it to my current address, yet they cannot mail me a new card because they don't know my address. All and all do not do business with this company they lie and steal!

Oct 31 2017
Good For Emergencies
Credit Karma Member

Approved for $1200 CL, with very low credit score. I've only used it for oil changes, and regular maintenance. Firestone gives certain specials at times when using your firestone card, (ex: free tire rotation with oil change) Make sure you pay your bill before the due date and before 5pm or else you'll get slapped with a late fee.

Apr 04 2017
Customer Service Hassel
Credit Karma Member

The card itself served its purpose: Allowing me to purchase a set of tires at a slightly discounted price and recieving 6 month financing with no interest from Firestone. However, the card was lost, but was called in and reused on another set of tires at Gateway sometime later. It had been a while since I logging into my account which I got myself locked out of. Calling into Credit First, I was told that I would have to go into a physcial location to get my account information. The closest Gateway is an hour away. With proper identifiying information, I should be able to request my account info over the phone.

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