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People are right, Conns is a great store if you want to find good items.  However; there financing is not great.  The offers are great but when they get you in they mess things up for you  through out the promotion term.  I purchased a washer and dryer set for a total of $1,300.  The promotion was NO INTEREST IF PAID IN 1 YEAR.  They said my payment was $70 a month, that $840 a month.  Which means that I would have not finished paying it off in that year and would now have to pay all the interest .  Ok, so I figured I'd pay double that.  I was paying on time.  My 6 month had come up and I noticed that my balance was not going down at all.  It should have been $460 but it was at around $900.  Now my new balance was $3,000.  Even if that was the case I should have been at $2,200.  I called customer service and they said there was noting they could do about it.  I would never go through with them or any company that uses GE Money.  I don't know who is at fault but I know them two messed my experience up.   

Sep 05, 2012 Reply
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I work for R.A.C. Acceptance inside of a Conn's location. We do rent to own for people with bad credit. I recently started to work on my credit this year and took it from a 400 to my highest score being 765 so far. I got approved for Conn's and got a pc. Seems decent on paper but we shall see. They did do a hard inq, but I didn't run the GE card one due to my other 2 scores being low, and figuring I'd have to appeal to get anything anyways. Needless to say I got approved for $3,000 no money down, 12 months no intrest on a $1,200 hp w/core i7. Got monthly payments for only $64 a month, not bad. It has not even been a month yet but I plan on putting 700 cash down already just to lower balance, then paying on it a while to boost my credit before I pay it off. It is a lot better system to pay off then the accounts we offer at my job, but at least we report to credit as well with R.A.C. 12 months no intrest is the best part, but fair warning do not go past the 12 months or it hits you all at once, for me its 470 extra on top of the 1200 if I were to go that far.

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  Aug 10, 2012 Reply

logancolerose(1, 1)

Review by logancolerose

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Conn's is a great place to build credit. I applied the first time and got approved for $1000. I used about $300 and paid that off in about 3 months, half the time the contract was written for.  The next time I went back I was approved for $6500.00. I will say that my parents love the new fridge and range I got them! With Conn's if your credit score is below 500, they will see if they can get u financed with RAC. Its a start! If u pay on time and pay extra you will build your credit up quick!

Sep 01, 2012 Reply

If you go through their store credit they are not bad.  Just don't get caught up in paying for all the extra's as they will tack them on.  Also pay more than the minimum payment and you will be fine.

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  Aug 27, 2012 Reply

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Review by jimmyrenteriajr

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I paid my Conns bill in full 2 weeks ago and they say I still owe them $435.00 , and my pay off was only $237.00

Conns also never tells you that they are going to add $300.00 in pay off insurance to the total cost you are financing. They will hurt you bottom line & credit score.

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  Aug 26, 2012 Reply

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Review by ggreenwood4

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 conns was a good place start credit but they ran hard credit inquirey when i was just going for in house ,they lied TWICE and run through ge credit when i already knew i couldnt qualify for that yet ,credit was not good enough for that yet ,shame on them for that ,but i have made 3 diff accnts there  ! all up to date ,on time an  so on to bigger n better things .i thank them for that but i have 2 hard checks that SHOULD NOT be there tho  ,so just hold there hand when you let them run credit app so that doesnt happen to yall ......PEACE OUT.

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  Feb 19, 2012 Reply

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Review by waltervaughn

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  Feb 05, 2012 Reply

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Conn’s Credit Card is provided by GE Money Bank (GEMB) to customers of Conn’s stores. Customers can apply for a Conn’s Credit Card online through Conn’s customer login. Currently, Conn’s offers credit accounts for customers in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Conn’s was founded in 1890 as Eastham Plumbing and Heating Company in Beaumont, Texas. The name “Conn’s” came into play in 1933 when Carol Washington Conn, Sr. took over the company and changed the name. Conn’s is an electronics and appliance store chain with stores in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.