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Jan 11, 2013
Benefits without all the travel

1) You get membership to the United Club lounges at airports that have them as well as access to Star Alliance lounges when travelling international

2) You will be boarding in Group 4

3) You get two free check bags on each flight

4) You're automatically enrolled in Avis' Presidents Club and Hyatt Gold Pass at Platinum

5) Although it is of the NPSL category as a Visa Signature card, Chase reports the credit limit associated with the card, so your FICO will not get dinged and you'll get the benefit of having it help your credit utilization FICO scoring component

6) No foreign transaction fee which is good for when I travel overseas.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 16, 2015
NHSC Cardholder

Benefits only apply to the primary member so the non primary married person in the couple cannot use the benefits of the club if traveling without the primary member.  The annual fee is way too high for the non primary member not to have access to the club if not traveling with the primary member.

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May 17, 2016

I applied with a credit score of 634 and got approved for 15k. Yearly income of 50k, hope this helps! Can't wait to use this card! I asked capital one for a higher limit on my quicksilver 2k credit limit card and got denied. Applied for this one and got way more than expected, thanks chase! Credit karma approval odds "poor"

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May 11, 2016
highest limit

After reading these reviews and saw that some people were getting approved with lower credit limit that me, I went ahead and applied. I didn't get instantly approved so I called the recon line. They verified my identity and then approved me for 15K CL. My CS on CK is 686

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Mar 15, 2016
jporter662 Cardholder

I haven't actually received the card yet, and didn't actually apply because of the benefits. I applied simply because I was in the business of building my credit. Not certain of my credit score as they're always changing but according to CK TU is 591 and Experian is 597. I was instantly approved for $15K. At first I thought I was having a nightmare until I checked my email and saw the confirmation. I'm definitely looking forward to using this card so I can see if I get an increase for being a good customer... Will definitely keep you all posted. :) 

*Note: My income is >$60K and my company flies us around often using United - not sure if that had anything to do with the approval or not. 

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Dec 16, 2015
NHSC Cardholder

Benefits only apply to the primary member so the non primary married person in the couple cannot use the benefits of the club if traveling without the primary member.  The annual fee is way too high for the non primary member not to have access to the club if not traveling with the primary member.

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Oct 05, 2015
Hertz Status Match Doesn't Work
Anonymous Cardholder

I've been trying to get United to honor the promised Hertz status match (you should get Gold Club President's Circle with the card).  But when I go to sign up on the website it says I'm inelligible.  I have read all the fine print and it says I am elligible.  So far United told me to call Chase.  Chase told me to call Hertz and Hertz told me to call United.  After 5 hours on the phone no one has been willing to help me.   Worst customer service ever.

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Jul 25, 2015
False advertising! Luggage is not free
Anonymous Cardholder

Beaware that you must purchase your ticket via otherwise the benefits are not there.

If you have too much money to spend on nothing it is good to purhase it from otherwise for the rest of the people that use travel agencies (such as expedia) you are SOL and United will charge you full price for the luggage despite your card.  And you also don't get Priority Access either.

This is a scam that everyone knows on the airports so they will feed you a lot of BS and make you feel dumb.

I have trusted Chase so far but this is really bad, reconsidering if I should use them as a bank all together after the call to CS (the rep explained to me how I'm stupid for not reading all of the fineprint).

Way to go

If you know an attorney that specializes in class action, I'm interested to join

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Apr 07, 2015
CWRJ Cardholder

I recently moved to Houston, Texas and have found myself flying United as a result of the very large United hub out of Bush International Airport.  I thought I would apply to take advantage of the benefits available throught the card while I qualify for higher frequent flyer status.  Of late I typically don't have difficulty getting credit cards of any type (CK FICO EF 692 TU 689; 34% utilization across all revolving credit), but I have never been approved for a new card at > $10k.  I was instantly approved at $12k @ 15.99% (typical rate for this type of FF card).  All my frequent United purchases will run through this card and the benefits should easily pay for the annual fee as I rack up FF miles.  Pleased so far!  Hopefully the benefits will track as promised.  Good luck!

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Oct 02, 2014
Applied today and shocked!!!!

I decided to apply for this card just because. I already had in mind I would not be approved since my credit scores are 620, 635, 648.  So, I decided to give it a shot online and when I clicked on that SUBMIT button...not even 3 seconds the next screen appeared with this message: Conratulations on your new card. You have been approved for the United MileagePlus Club Card with a credit limit of $15,000.00.  WHAT??? Are you serious???.  When I have applied for other regular credit cards and always been denied.  I have 5 credit cards and the highest limit is $1,500.00. The others are between 500 and 1000 dollars.   I waited a few hours and called customer service to verify the status of my application and yes they confirmed I was approved with a credit limit of $15,000.00 and that the card will be sent out in 7 to 10 business days.

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Aug 03, 2014
780 FICO, $30K CL
Anonymous Cardholder

Have had some baddies in the past (score was <600 18 months ago). Cleaned up history, was pleasantly suprised w/ 30K CL (avg CL on other cards is ~2K)

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Sep 26, 2014

What was you highest card limit before apping?

Apr 13, 2014
We got approved!!

My wife applied for this card April 7,2014. Her credit score are 660,620,589. She was instantly approved for crdit limit $5,000. $100k a year income.. We used a credit repair company her scores oct,2014 was 557,589,595

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