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Apr 16 2012
Credit Karma Member

Just applied online with a score of 693, my approval odds said they were "fair", so I was nervous but I got approved with 2 credit cards under my belt one with a 400 dollar credit limit from best buy the other from citi with 800 dollar credit limit, ?best buy card is payed off in full and the citi has a current balance of 140, longest line of credit is 1 year 8 months never missed a payment either, hope this helps people.

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Mar 04 2014
Credit Karma Member

I applied on 03/13/14 and was not instantly approved. ?I waited till the next morning and called the reconsideration line at (888) 245-0625, the CS Rep was pleasant on the phone and informed me that in order be get approved on this type of card, you MUST have a credit line close to 5k. ?I'm new to credit with and my income is 35k, current CL is $1500 with CapitalOne, CK score at 695 (FAIR), UTILI at 7%, and no public or collections records whatsoever. ?I only applied for this card because of the rewards, and that Credit Karma gave me the false impression that I'll get approved (based on approval odds -GOOD-) If I had known of the $5,000 CL requirement, I would have not applied for this card because I have a new hard inquiry on my credit report. ?SO BEWARE... before applying for this card or any future credit cards, call and ask for the required CL or do some research prior to avoid getting DENIED. ? Also, if you are trying to build credit fast, DON'T DO IT BY OPENING multiple cards within a year because that will lower your chances of approval with other lenders. ?This is based on experience because I am that guy who wanted a higher limit quick, but don't wanna wait. ?Lesson learned. ?Just sit on your current credit card and keep UTLI below 20%. ?Pay your bills on time and even if you max out your card, pay it down or all by the date and your UTLI will report below 20%. ?I have maxed out my credit cards ($500 CL) each and paid it down. I would leave one at zero and the other with a $20 balance. By doing so, I am increasing my credit score faster and quicker. ?Another thing to get approved is the HISTORY of credit. ?Having a history, paying on time, no derogatory or collections will help you obtain that high credit limit. ? Hopefully this helps.

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Apr 27 2020
AWFUL customer service
Credit Karma Member

I cannot ephasize enough how awful this card's customer service is. People were rude throughout the process. After this experience, I cancelled my other chase cards and started the process to transfer my accoutns to another financial institution. Awful!!!

Jan 06 2020
Bunch of ***Holes
Credit Karma Member

Chase...who are they anyway? bunch of peckerheads who only help the rich, **** on the little guy just trying to build up his credit. they could care less. Keep your CC Don't Need it, Can Make it Without you.

Jun 21 2019
First time using
Credit Karma Member

Tried to make my first purchase and the card was declined... called the number on the back and being transferred 2 times to the department that handled my account gave all my info and they said the card was under for what? They gave me a number for the department that is reviewing it and they close at 7pm est time... called back and ask for a manager and they could not help I thought there was 24/7 support... rethink this card as I have never had a problem with the other 2 cards I have with ellexcent credit!

Jun 18 2018
Shady Approval
Credit Karma Member

I was awarded a $2800 credit limit after I applied. ?The card came in the mail along with a separate letter saying the account had been closed after a manual review. ?The credit went but the hard inquiry stayed on my credit report. I went by Credit Karma?s ?Excellent Approval Odds?.?

Feb 10 2018
Service OK but nightmare if you stop use
Credit Karma Member

Had the chase card for a while and service was ok. And at some point switched it to another card due to some reason. Then their service turned out to be a nightmare.? They would report one accidental missing payment of $15. So your credit score would drop by 100 in 10 days and will Not get back to a good spot for another 2 years.? Be careful!!

Oct 25 2017
Credit Karma Member

Apply to hit the bonus. Hit the spend get the 50k just booked my flight to China roundtrip. Nothing out of pocket. Its a metal card love the reaction people give me and also it has so many benefits when renting cars and protection for things you have bought. Customer serviceline you alwayd get a live rep within minutes of calling?

Apr 15 2017
Credit Karma Member

Rewards aren't bad, but the best part is that Chase actually gives you a chance with marginal credit - when I applied I was in the lower 600's. ?After talking to them and verifying some info I learned that I was approved. ?I expected some crappy CL like $1000 or something, but got $9,000 instead! ?Chase is in a war with AMEX so now is the time to apply!

Dec 02 2016
My Go to Card
Credit Karma Member

This card is my go to card when used in conjuction with my freedom card I accumilate plenty of Points. When i call in i get someone on the phone without going through a menue and they are very helpful!

Nov 18 2016
Worst Experience
Credit Karma Member

I have very good credit score and since I was planning for a vacation, thought of having Chase Sapphire travel credit card (I read through online about how good the card is). I ?applied for the card and reeived a notice to submit DOB/address proof. Twice I submitted my DL from a nearby bank branch and on both occasions on inquring after couple of days received a feedback that they were not able to verify DL. How the hell they cant validate a govt issued identity proof. I kept asking the actual reason and the customer care representative kept reading the message on her screen. I called the reconsideration line and on pressing for the actual reason, I was told the FAXed document is too dark. I checked with the bank which has faxed the documents and they confirmed no issue with their fax. I was told to resubmit the application again which will have another hard inquiry to my credit score.? Save yourself from lot of hassle to visit bank and run through their lies. More over very bad process management. I have a travel credit card from BOA and the application processing was very smooth and fast.?

Jun 05 2016
wouldn't know
Credit Karma Member

Declined. Current FICO 825. Salary over $125,000. Mortgage $0.00 owed. Current credit usage 2% of $120,000.00, and all is either paid by next bill or on a no interest period. Said I had too much credit. Sorry, but that is bull. Will not ever apply to Chase again. ?

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Chase Sapphire® Card

Chase Sapphire® Card

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