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Dec 17, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I just had the worst experience ever with this card.  I have been with Citi for 20 years and was recommended by a friend to try this card.  I signed up and was very excited about the 100k point offer, the rental car coverage and the access to certain airline lounges at international airports.  Since I was traveling overseas with my family, I asked the Chase rep about the Air France lounge at JFK.  She said that the card worked with that lounge and I could bring my family in with me assuming there was room.  I was excited to get the card just before the trip.  I arrived at the Air France lounge in Terminal 1 at JFK and spoek with the receptionist.  She said they don't work with any credit card companies but I was free to purchase 6 day passes for my family at $50 each.  I told her she must be wrong sicne the Chase person had told me I could get in.  The receptionist said that Chase was wrong.

I then called the Chase Sapphire Reserve phone number and the rep explained to me that I need to receive a separate card to get into the lounges (news to me) and that if I wanted to get into the Air France lounge, I could pay the day fee (which totalled $300) and they would reimburse for $100 of it.  There must be an agency you can call for false advertising.  I can't believe that they get away with this stuff.  I couldn't blame the rep since they have no power to fix these things but I immediately called the cancellation line and told them I can't believe that this is the way they treat customers.  Stay away from this card.  It is a total scam. 

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Feb 16, 2017

It's known that you're to register for your Priority Pass card online thru the Chase website. Don't blame Chase on your incompetence. They send you the information in the packet that you receive when you get the card.

Dec 02, 2016
My Go to Card
Thedjwaver Cardholder

This card is my go to card when used in conjuction with my freedom card I accumilate plenty of Points. When i call in i get someone on the phone without going through a menue and they are very helpful!

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Aug 01, 2016
Okay for rewards. Horrible for APR rates
Anonymous Cardholder

Long time Chase account holder for savings checking and credit. Liked that linking accounts gave additional rewards points and pleny of reward options. Just closed my account because For some reason they decided to raise my APR from 19 to over 25%! Never late on one payment. Credit score 793.  Always paid balances off within a couple months. Makes no sense. Departement stores have better APR. 

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Apr 07, 2016
Reward point expired without notice
Anonymous Cardholder

They refused to reinstate 80,000 Reward points I earned which is equivalent to $800. Card is always paid in full and I was never late. I spend an average of 3k a month on the card too.  Referred to so many of my friends. That is ridiculous to loose a customer over that.

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