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Jun 18 2012
Credit Karma Member

Applied with a CK 687, Experian 730, Equifax FICO 724. Perfect record, 8 months of credit history. I was denied due to insufficient credit history. I called the reconsideration number to speak with a personal credit analyst (888-245-0625). I was surprised when the analyst said I still could not be approved. Chase will pretty much always approve an applicant who calls that number asking for a reconsideration. I called again and was told that I could not be approved because Chase will not approve an application for someone with less than 2 years of credit history, even with a prefect record. (Kudos to Chase for lending responsibly.) I then wrote a letter to the executive office making a case for my short but flawless credit history. Today I received an e-mail congradulating me on approval and informing me that my card is in the mail. Great card, but if you have less than two years credit history, expect a long uphill fight to get this card, even with good credit. I was told "no" three times before I got the application approved.

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Oct 28 2011
Credit Karma Member

I had two Chase credit cards ($5000 for one and $8500 for the other), with guaranteed 6.9% interest rates "for the life of the balance transfers". Credit limits were slowly raised as I used and paid the cards. I was never late, never overlimit. Paid on time *every* month, slightly more than the minimums. Then, I came into an unexpected windfall and paid off ~$5000 of the $8500 card. The next month I logged in and discovered that the credit limits for *both* cards had been lowered to the existing balances (give or take $50-$100). They'd also raised my interest rates to 29.99% for both cards. i'd had the cards for several years at that point, perfect payment histories and carried a balance. I called customer service, and they couldn't've been more terrible and rude. They said it was my debt-to-income ratio and utilization. I replied that they'd made my utilization much worse by lowering my credit lines. I also asked why they were taking punitive action when I'd *not* been late or over-limit; they replied that the small print said they could do whatever they wanted based on "perception of risk". I'd never been late or overlimit on ANY of my accounts with ANY lender, in over 12 years. I asked why my "perceived risk" was worse, when I'd never had *any* issues with *anyone*, and my income had actually steadily *increased* over the years. They replied debt-to-income ratio and utilization were outside the national averages, so I was perceived to be at great risk of defaulting/declaring bankruptcy. After more than 12 years of perfect history! I asked them to reconsider, as the increased interest rate was against their promises, and that I had been a good customer for several years. The CSR basically said I wasn't worth anything to them (despite paying interest faithfully all that time, albeit NO late or overlimit fees). They weren't earning enough on my cards, so they were taking punitive action in hopes I'd pay off or transfer out my balances, and stop being their customer so someone else would carry my "perceived risk". I asked whether they wouldn't rather have my regular interest and faithful payments instead of someone who would be late or default. The CSR said it was inevitable that *I* would default, and they wanted shut of me. I asked several times to speak to a supervisor (something that *no* other call center has ever denied me when needed - I'm someone who will actually ask for one to *praise* a good CSR, as I work in tech-support myself), and the CSR indicated that there were none. I repeated and he said it wasn't worth their time to talk to me, I wasn't worth it, and that the CSR was the only one I was ever going to be able to speak to. They succeeded. I transferred all my balances out to a Capital One card, which I then slowly but steadily paid off, and am now using regularly (charge, carry a bit to improve credit score, pay off - repeat). *Capital One* has been nothing but wonderful to me. I would *never* recommend Chase. I recommend Capital One very highly. 9.9% instead of 6.9%, but it's across the board instead of just balance transfers. Chase only wants either very rich clients or very poor ones that will generate fees. They don't want the little (or middle) guy. And their Customer "Service" was the *worst* I've ever encountered, bar NONE.

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May 10 2019
Credit Karma Member

First time applying and got approved for a $3600 credit limit great customer service at chase bank

May 09 2019
Chase is trash
Credit Karma Member

Terrible customer service. Balance transfer "promotions" are a scam. If you use a balance transfer offer, and then use your card to make ordinary purchases like you do every month, when you go to pay those purchases off, your payment is applied to the balance transfer promotion that has a 0% interest rate, instead of your new purchase that has a 20% interest rate. So even though you are attempting to pay off new purhcases in full, you are getting slammed with interest until you pay off the promotional 0% APR balance transfer. Such a joke.

May 08 2019
Love this card!
Credit Karma Member

I read the other reviews and I don't believe I have had any of the problems cited, or any others, for that matter. Perhaps one of the reasons I've never had an unresolved problems with Chase is that I take any problems I may have had with any of my Chase accounts to my local Chase branch (with whom II have done business successfully for many years) and they take care of me beautifully!

May 07 2019
Credit Karma Member

i applied and was approved for 2200..... been with them 3 yrs 100 pct payments on time never carried a balance over in 3 yrs not one credit line increase i dont care about the apr cus i pay in full every month not worth it i have an american express blue cash with a 10000 credit line citi financial 5000 american express and citi all have upped my credit lines without a phone call to customer service shame on you chase

May 03 2019
I got both
Credit Karma Member

I post a few days ago I just got for the freedom unlimited today 2800:and a few days ago for this card 2000; with a 650 credit score across the board and 694 ficso score bless

May 03 2019
Works for me
Credit Karma Member

I max out the 5 percent cash back on gas. Be nice if it was year round but no complaints coming from me. good card.

May 01 2019
Credit Karma Member

It is very hard to pay off your card with such high interest rates. I think I'm going to get a transfer card.

Apr 30 2019
Just got approve
Credit Karma Member

I just got approve for 2000 with 650 credit score across the board and fisco score 694 I'm in the door see how far we go

Apr 23 2019
What you think
Credit Karma Member

I have a 650 credit score across the board and have a Chase checking account it says I'm pre approve on there website

Apr 23 2019
Credit Karma and "approval odds"
Credit Karma Member

This is why I do not know why I use credit karma; as my score is finally going up = and i have "good odds" and I read all these positive reviews; with CS like mine and denied and now I will have another negative impact on my credit reports UGH

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