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Oct 12, 2016
Easy Approval.
81Jas Cardholder

I was applying for this card to help me build up my credit score.  Approved right the way with a 620 score for $500 CL.  Got an increase to $750 3 months later.  

I only bought a couple of air freshner when I first got the card for $10.  

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Aug 18, 2016
Online payment fees. Beware !
Anonymous Cardholder

In this day and age, a company that charges 25 USD for online/phone payment is a bad place to get credit cards from. They charge the 25 USD after your due date has passed and tag along a late fee for that 25 USD. This quickly turns into a hamster wheel of payments even if you dont use the card. Get out asap if you already have this card.

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