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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jan 27, 2017
Customer Service Impossible to Reach
Anonymous Cardholder

I'm traveling, but need to speak to Brandsource Customer Service.  I Called the 800 number, have been mis transferred three times, but on hold twice, and I'm in minute 26 still listening to their horrible hold music.   I feel like I'm trapped in customer non- service hell.   Honestly, not worth the hasslez

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Dec 21, 2016
Won't receive bill
Anonymous Cardholder

For months I've been trying to get the actual physical card for my account and/or get an actual bill. The card finally arrives after 3 months of bothering them and explaining to them on a recorded call that if I don't receive a bill and don't receive a card, I can't pay the bill. This was after they "couldn't verify my identity" and wouldn't tell me why or how I could. Just that they can't and won't. Well, my name ends up spelled wrong on the card and I'm unable to register is online (possibly for that reason, possibly for some unknown reason). I end up calling them, paying the balance, and closing the account. I don't need that.

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Sep 06, 2016
Applying was as harder that it should be
Anonymous Cardholder

I was submitting an online application and was given bad instructions on what I needed to do to verify my identity.   The application was for BrandSource Credit Card and they sent me to Home Depot.  Where I was told there was nothing that they could do to help me.   Then when I called back, I was told to go to the nearest affiliated retailer and was there over 30 minutes.  Simply ridiculous!  I have had Citibank cards in the past and this really soured me towards their products as their customer service skills are horrible!

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Jul 06, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

This card was provided to us through an appliance store. We remodeled our kitchen and bought new appliances. I set up automatic payments and paid the card OFF IN FULL in one year with no interest. Months later we received a bill for a late payment. We called the 1-800-number and after arguing they subtracted the amount as they noticed it was their fault  

Fast forward several more months: we are in escrow buying a NEW house. Our credit has a hit from BRANDSOURCE CREDIT.  Do not use this card  

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Jul 05, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Cant make payments. Please dont bother with this card

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May 03, 2016

Currently 19, got this credit card to make purchases for furniture, appliances and etc for a house in a few months, just to find out that NO stores within a 100 miles radius of me accept this credit card anymore, YET on the store locator that shows what stores accept it. NONE of them do but a camera store. Failure to update their stores that do financing through them has caused me much aggravation and wasted time of this card. Half of the bussiness listed on the accepting store locations didnt even exist anymore there when i drove to them or when i called said stores, they said that bussiness ended there years ago.

Completely unprofessional company and worthless card.

Getting rid of it tomorrow. 

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