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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jun 27, 2017
High limit, deferred interest
yoman1289 Cardholder

Constantly getting sh*t on by credit card companies, this one gave me my highest limit ever and after spending half the balance they sent me a letter saying my interest would be deferred for 12 months. Recommend

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May 18, 2017
Sh*t Storm Clusterf*ck
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied for 12 month financing no interest through Car Toys. Was approved for a 6,000$ limit. Used 2,359$ of it. The purchase was made mid-december of 2016. I've made several on-time payments of 82.00$+ each month since then. Only to check my BS account recently to see that each month an estimated 60.00$ of interest was being charged to my account each month. Meaning that only an estimated 20$ each month was going towards my purchase total. This interest rate is unheard of. The account and payment plan they have me on spans out over 36 Months not 12, with a whopping 2,160$ worth of interest by the time the card is completely paid off and I'm sitting at a 700+ Credit Score, If I had garbage credit and sh*t for payment history rep this might be understandable. In other words my interest rate for this BS (Brandsource, more like Bullsh*t) is an estimated %80+ I've been ripped off. DO NOT TRUST CARTOYS or Brandsource for any of your Credit needs. Just start a credit union account if you're trying to build credit. Thankfully my Credit currently remains unharmed by this endevor. But I highly suggest anyone considering this as an option to look elsewhere.

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Apr 27, 2017
Worst Credit Card
Anonymous Cardholder

I was approved for this card at a furniture store. I provided all my personal and income information was approved. I have been paying on time with no issues. Then Citibank sends me a letter advising that they are freezing my account and they are requesting my tax return information from the IRS. Since my identity was compromised recently, I advised them that I would not be sending this information and to close my account. Their customer service reps suck! The reps I spoke to over the phone had an attitude and could not care less. Needless to say, I was not initially approved for a high credit limit so I did not understand why they were requesting my income tax return. The furniture store lost my business and I will not be doing any further business with Citibank. 

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Mar 31, 2017
Literally your worst nightmare
Anonymous Cardholder

KEEP COPIES OF EVERYTHING!! I have been a customer for two years and after having my first sucessful CS interaction I call to follow up today and it apparently never happened. Logic is a lost concept and common sense is as rare as a rainbow unicorn. Keep records, yes, even if it means recoding a manager saying what hes promised... I was promised a best buy match and find out it was not honored and between the store and the credit department it cant be rectofied so im spending time and money in the end. avoid this card, avoid the store and avoid their products!! I purchased appliances and the dishwasher flooded my kitchen on three separate occasions that took 6 months to finally repair because I had to fight everyone on everything and its sad. I will be contacting district management, going to social media, contacting BBB and visiting the physical store of purchase today. if you looks into its ownership you can see the entire umbrella corp is garbage.

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Mar 03, 2017
Avoid it.
Anonymous Cardholder

I had this card through Orville's appliences. The date payments are received can be variable after they are electronically taken from an account. I had late fees for a payment paid on time electronically (verified by my bank) but counted as one day late by Brandsource. Not impressive, potentially a means that they make their money. 

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Feb 26, 2017
Great starter card
ZaneP Cardholder

Just another credit card for people with poor credit.

Applied for the card and they gave me a ridiculously high credit limit. I used a portion of it for the 12 month no interest financing in store.

I've been able to contact customer service with no issues.
I've had no issues paying my bill. I always pay by phone, for reference. Payments always post immediately.
No issues verifying my identity, even without the account number.
No surprise charges.
The bill arrives in my mailbox every month on time.
No (unexpected) "hits" to my credit. Though the in store associate (not affiliated with BrandSource) lied about the application and said it wasn't a hard inquiry, which it most certainly is.

Only problem I had was registering the card for online account management. It had to be done on PC, the site didn't work on mobile.

Overall, it's a good stepping stone from a secured card. The necessary credit score to qualify is very low and the available credit line they give you is really pretty ridiculous (I got $5,500 with a reported income of $20k) so that can big a big boost for your credit score if used responsibly.

But no rewards system and high balance requirements for "no interest financing" in many stores makes this card more of a coaster than anything else.

I only got it to build credit history and dilute credit utilization, and for that specific purpose, I give this card 5 stars.

Like I said, it's a credit card typically issued to people who can't manage credit. Take these negative reviews with that in mind.

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Jan 27, 2017
Customer Service Impossible to Reach
Anonymous Cardholder

I'm traveling, but need to speak to Brandsource Customer Service.  I Called the 800 number, have been mis transferred three times, but on hold twice, and I'm in minute 26 still listening to their horrible hold music.   I feel like I'm trapped in customer non- service hell.   Honestly, not worth the hasslez

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Dec 21, 2016
Won't receive bill
Anonymous Cardholder

For months I've been trying to get the actual physical card for my account and/or get an actual bill. The card finally arrives after 3 months of bothering them and explaining to them on a recorded call that if I don't receive a bill and don't receive a card, I can't pay the bill. This was after they "couldn't verify my identity" and wouldn't tell me why or how I could. Just that they can't and won't. Well, my name ends up spelled wrong on the card and I'm unable to register is online (possibly for that reason, possibly for some unknown reason). I end up calling them, paying the balance, and closing the account. I don't need that.

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