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Bealls Florida Credit Card

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Jun 07, 2014
Can't use card right away
Anonymous Cardholder

You can't use the card until it comes in the mail, there is now way to get your account number online. 

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Dec 11, 2012
A serious pain in the beginning!
Anonymous Cardholder

I received my Bealls card approval, and it mentioned I could use this instantly. Thinking it would be great for Christmas gifts, I went online, and noticed in my emails there was no account number. (I have another card from Comenity bank, and I easily obtained my card number from them)

I called, and was told they cannot give me my card number over the phone, but I could call Bealls and place an order, and they would call the Customer Service line for the card and verify the credit card number. Seems like a LOT of a hassle, but whatever. I did, and the lady at Bealls customer service said she couldn't do anything without the card number, and the number I ORIGINALLY called should have called them to give them the number, and THEN I could place the order.

I called the original number back, and finally got someone who got it, and put me on hold to call Bealls to give them the card number. I hung up after 22 minutes on hold -- absolutely ridiculous. I will wait for the card to come --- terribly disappointed to start off this way with Bealls. As noted, I have one other card with Comenity, and it was a dream process, and I couldn't have had an easier time with it --- clearly, this is a Bealls issue. I'm not impressed.

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Dec 08, 2012
Anonymous Cardholder

I have a Bealls card and use it a few times a year and I buy a lot. I love Bealls, however, I absolutely despise World Financial Bank which did not send me a notice on email or a paper bill. I too checked my emails with voluminous ads.  Rather, I got a call from them, telling me that my payment was overdue. I was livid that they had the audacity to charge me a late  charge and interest. I immediately paid the Bealls amount over the phone and then told them I would not use it again. They refused to refund the late charge. I tried to order again in July- somehow the order was cancelled. I went elsewhere to purchase my summer gifts. I received a new Bells STAR Status card. Subsequently, I placed an order for numerous Christmas gifts on Nov. 26 and website wouldn't take it. So I called customer service-my order was too large and had to be placed by phone. This happened last 2 years.Our family adopted a family for Christmas with 7 kids. THe man I placed order with gave me the confirmation number and I told him that summer order never arrived. He said this one was confirmed and sent email with list and conf. #.  I was waiting for the packages, and nothing came. I went on Order Status last night-13 days later- and the order WAS CANCELLED. No notice whatsoever. We get numerous telemarketer calls, and our voicemail gets overloaded-but nothing from Bealls. So I just found out today that my credit limit was lowered to $100 and the order got cancelled. I NEEDED these Christmas gifts by next Friday and have to have them wrapped. It took me hours to shop for this family and our friends. Ruth Ann from Bealls Store customer service (no connection with the Credit Card) has to enter each item (over 60) and I just gave her my Amex. Found out the nativity scene is no longer available. I am beyond LIVID. As much as I love BEALLS-can't depend on them for mail order merchandise. NEVER NEVER use the BEALLS card. World Financial Bank is unreliable and they are audacious weasels. It looks like there will be a really disappointed family if these things don't come for their Christmas.

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Sep 27, 2012

I have several problems with Bealls Credit card.  When they announced they were going to charge $1 for paper statements, I provided my email address for billing purposes.  Now they send an email telling you that you can view your account on line. This is mixed in with the daily Bealls  emails for advertising, coupons, etc. of which I receive doubles (approximately 90 per month). It's easy to miss the bill.  Why they don't send ebills like everyone else, I don't know.  Today I received a call from World Financial telling me I had an overdue balance of 24.00.  I checked back thru all my deleted Bealls emails(approximately 225) and could not find the notice of  payment due.  I called Customer Service to complain and found out that I have been getting charged a finance charge for the last several months.  I can't understand this since I pay the bill in full every month.  I've asked them to remove all finance charges for the past four months. I cannot understand why there is a finance charge if I pay the balance in full each month.  Apparently, if you make a purchase right before your billing date, it doesn't show up when they send you the email bill. ?????? but somehow it's considered overdue and subject to a finance charge.  Believe me, I don't understand it either.  I have requested paper bills from now on.  The agent told me they don't charge a $1 for them either. I guess that program didn't go over too well. I also requested that they stop sending duplicate emails and the agent couldn't help me.  She says I have to tell them at the store.  Can you imagine?  

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Jun 21, 2012
bernhardtra Cardholder

They send too many advertising emails.  I think they have a new sale every two days.

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Company Overview

Serviced by World Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB), the Bealls Florida Credit Card is issued for Bealls customers. Cardholder benefits may include special sale notices, discount offers, membership in the Bealls Florida Rewards Program and online account management.

Bealls is a privately held apparel retailer headquartered in Bradenton, Florida. Established in 1915, Bealls was founded by Robert Beall under the name Dollar Limit, in Bradenton, Florida. Today, Bealls provides lifestyle fashion apparel and home merchandise. Fashion apparel is available for the whole family including men, women, and children. Products are available in stores and online nationwide.

Bealls Florida Credit Card