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Apr 06, 2015

from the time i opened my checking account and debit card / i was also opted to get the credit card too/ called both to confirm when the items were shipped, i will expect a good relationship with bb&t   will keep you updated but the service is above other banks i have had to deal with !!!!!!!!!

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Feb 11, 2014
BB&T Rewards
Anonymous Cardholder

I have been trying to use my points on activities for my vacation in May.  There is a problem displaying this information on the BB&T website.  I have made numerous callsl, have been on the line waiting for answers, called all numbers to no avail.  They did give me a temporary fix that only worked temporarily. I cannot go beyond to the numbers listed to get any additional information. There is no such thing as Technical Support/Customer Service from BB&T. 

 The sad thing about this is that I used this in the past with no problem. 

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Feb 29, 2012
blissball Cardholder

I am a loyal BBT customer, with a 15 year old bank account and and ira at the bank. For the last 9 months they have been sending me pre-approved credit card offers for this card, promising a 0% balance transfer option and a very low interest rate after 12 months of 10.99%.

I finally accepted the offer and was told I was approved and would recieve my card in 7-10 bus. days. Two weeks later-no card. I called, concerned that the card might have been stolen enroute to me-they had no idea what happened-took my information again and promised to call me back in a day. Four days later-still no call. I called them back. They said they would look into it and took all my information again.This process went on for 3 weeks up to this point.

Finally, after calling and calling again-in the 4th work of trying to find out what was going on they discovered that for some reason underwriting and the app. dept. computers weren't synching-but, they worked it out and asked if I wanted the card, promising a credit limit of up to 7500.$  I finally accepted and was told that because of all the trouble, they were going to expedite the process and fed-x the card to me.

The next day they called wanting to verify some information. I called back. We played phone tag all afternoon, but finally spoke at the end of the day and the guy told me I had been denied the card.

I never would have gone through this process if it had not been made clear to me that I was pre-approved and was accepted for the card. I don't need it, but the 0% balance transfer option and lower interest rate was appealing, so I took the offer. 

I believe that this was a scam on BBT's part, because they sent the offer to me, (numerous times) they said I would recieve a card-not once, but twice-then at the last minute they denied me the card.  

This is appaling to me because now a credit report was pulled that I never expected (since they make these offers based on your credit worthiness BEFORE they send the offer). 

I am disgusted with this bank and plan to move my 20k in checking and my ira to another bank because of this.  I know they won't care because I'm not a bajillionaire-but I feel that this was an abuse of my trust and their ineptitude in handling the situation from start to finish made me concerned that perhaps BBT has internal problems with their systems, etc.

Those credit pulls are very bad for your credit score-especially if you never needed it in the first place and they flat out lied to me about getting the card.

This whole process went on for a month and I am livid that I feel like I was manipulated into accepting the card, being told a card was being sent to me and that I was approved-not once, but twice-only to have them pull this stunt. 

Shady. Shady. Shady. 

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Apr 06, 2015

understanding your credit worthiness i would say you put your own problems in your own lap. if you had gone into the bank and talked to a rep there . you could have gotten your answer immediately but, you decided to play phone tag on a credit card, yes you get hard inquiries but, that is how you defeated yourself by asking twice. now who is the fool?? you are . customer service gratefully gave me the information needed and told me when and what i was getting in a credit line. i had taken the c.c. offer when i opened my account with bb&t / good luck with your changing to another bank/ you will not get anywhere by the games you played / to put it simply / you aimed to high on the credit amount!!!!!!!!!!! so go play baseball instead of reaching for the bleachers .

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