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Most Helpful Positive Review

Apr 25, 2013
Denied Online, Approved with Recon
Stralem Cardholder

Denied online, but a call to the back door number a few hours later got me in touch with a helpful agent who approved me for $1500 for a new Macbook Pro. It sucks I had to do a recon, but at least that part was fast and painless.

At the time, I had a TU score of 644 and CK score of 643. 2 years of history and 0 late payments. 6 inquiries (all but two older than 7 months). About $16K/yr income (student worker... don't judge me).

But guys, please PLEASE remember this: any non-qualifying purchase you make with this card (basically anything non-Apple) *WILL* be hit with interest. And as I hope you all know, any payments you make will be applied to the non-qualifying items and the interest they generate FIRST; whatever's left is then applied to the 0% APR purchase. In short, don't use this card until you've paid off your Apple purchase or you may not be able to pay it off before the 0% APR period ends. And if THAT happens, you're not going to like what your next statement will look like...

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 20, 2016
High Interest rates for non-Apple
Anonymous Cardholder

Got this card two years ago when paying full price for an iphone, originally had a 2k credit line. Put other expenses on it and realized the APR for non-Apple items was over 27%APR!!!!! Been working on paying this card off ASAP, and they keep raising my credit limit. Now my credit limit is nearly 7k without any requests. Would use card a lot more if the APR was reasonable. I have a 670 credit score currently.

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Jun 24, 2017
Average Beginner Card
Anonymous Cardholder

This is an average, beginner credit card. I have redeemed $50 in Apple Store gift cards at this time, which they email to you. The website has many more options than the app.

As other users mentioned: Use this primarily for Apple purchases. You can call right before you buy a new Apple product to get interest-free financing over and over again with whatever new product you want.

Customer Service was United States based - they lowered my interest rate to 16% (lowest is 13.99) after 8 months. I barely paid interest but still called to get them to lower it, took about 5 minutes.

Keep it around for your yearly Apple stuff and that's about it.

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Jun 11, 2017
Playing games with your credit
Anonymous Cardholder

Got this card to finance a new MacBook. I have been making on time payments larger than minimums, never used the card again and finally brought the utilization down below 40% The card company suddenly decided to lower my credit limit to $100 above the current balance which inflated my utilization and caused my credit score to drop by 20 points. Avoid this card.

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Mar 26, 2017
Your $/credit is not safe with them!
Anonymous Cardholder

I have a credit card account with BarclayCard. They cashed a fraudulent balance transfer check and charged it to my account. I reported this as fraudulent almost 3 weeks ago. I received a letter stating that they could do nothing for me. I have called them repeatedly asking them to explain why they can't do anything for me and asked them where the $300.00 went that I supposedly transferred to one of my accounts, because there is no record of $300.00 being transferred to any of my accounts. Each time that I had called I was told that they would look into the matter and contact me personally with updates. They were also NOT able to tell me where the money went when I asked them where the money had been transferred to every time that I had called! They didn't even contact me once except for the letter telling me that they can't do anything for me. Do NOT bank with Barclaycard!!! The customer service is horrible! They have actually robbed me, or at least they are trying to since they actually accepted a fraudulent check and charged it to my account! They appear to be doing nothing in the form of actual investigation into this matter!

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Mar 18, 2017
You have to wait forever to redeem point
jarinkh Cardholder

If you are getting this card coz of rewards then think twice because i have been trying to redeem my 2500 points but they keep on saying its gonna automatic create the Gift card and i have never got it.

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Mar 06, 2017
Great for Apple purchases!
Fern1983 Cardholder

I was originally denied through the online application. I called the recon line (1-866-408-4064) and explained to them my credit situation and they approved me with a $1000 CL. I can now buy an iPad Pro with the interest free financing for 6 months. 

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Apr 09, 2017

I was denied they told me it was because I don't currently have a credit card. I was like huh?? Wouldn't that be a good thing?? Anyway was that your issue?

Jan 24, 2017
Approval odd HUH???
titliest72 Cardholder

I was denied when my score was 720+ but approved when my score was 608 at the time. That still baffels me. Anyhow, this is a great card for those Apple purchases with great 0% interest financing. Same as any other card though, be sure you pay off full before finance period ends. You can use the card anywhere, but I only use it for Apple account and Apple gifts. Good card to have. Cannot complain. Have yet to use the apple reward points yet so I cannot comment on it.

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Jan 25, 2017

Also forgot to add that you are asked your initial purchase amount. Never input the real amount, always input a lot more than you intend on spending to keep your debt to income down. Ex. If you want a iPod and spend 500, then input 2,500 so your around 20% use of credit. This may screw you if you want a 5K decked out PC because you would have to input over 20K which you are sure to be denied. So always take into consideration the debt to income ratio and your initial purchase amount.

Jan 03, 2017
Surprising approval
cwinters90 Cardholder

I was on Apple's website drooling over an iPad a few weeks ago, and saw that they offered up to 18 months interest free financing; I initally decided against it, but checked CK and had a 643 & 644, FICO 626, so decided to throw caution to the wind and apply. Boy, was I surprised! Instant approval for $2,000 (my household income is relatively high - I think that's the only reason I got that much to start); this is extra sweet because I was just denied by Chase for the Best Buy store card. A friend (and apple fanatic) opened this card several years ago and said it began at around $500 and is currently at $6,000; he also called within a year and lowered the interest, which I am hoping to do because right now they offer as low as 13.99% but mine is 23.72%, which is fine because I plan on ONLY using it to buy things interest-free at Apple. I love that I get triple points on iTunes, App Store, and Apple's stores and website, and double points for dining out. Even had to speak with customer service the other day, and it was just so smooth! Overall very happy! 

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Dec 17, 2016
its only good to buy apple devices
Anonymous Cardholder

if you must buy an iphone or tablet or laptop from apple,  barclays has delayed interest for 12 to 18 mos and allows you to buy electronics with no interest,  but once it hits if you miss it,  its brutal.   

you must be careful that you dont go beyond the limit and spread your payments to finish on time.   my interest was so high 27% that I had to close within one month from my 18mos.  cant afford that card.  

I dont recommend it as a card to do business with.   they need to do a better job of reminding the card holder of schedule and terms.  

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Dec 08, 2016
kiefer1973 Cardholder

I have had the card for exactly one year this month. NEVER late, NEVER missed a payment. Paid balance in full on two occasions. Made payments for more than the minimum. Today, they closed my account because my credit score dropped because I financed a second vehicle. The drop in score is temporary. What a HORRIFIC company. I made a promise that I would spend every day of my life warning people about them and I intend to keep my promise. They are not helping your credit, they are destroying it. You have been warned....good luck if you go through with it.

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Oct 09, 2016
30 days to set up automatic payments
Anonymous Cardholder

I thought I had automatic payments set up, but they said they needed 30 days to "process" automatic payments. This meant that I missed a payment, incurred a late fee, and hit my credit score. Customer service was not 24 hour, and the person I talked to spoke broken English and did nothing to help. Definitely do not recommend.

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