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May 16, 2017
Yearly companion fares enticed me!
Jdougs Cardholder

I applied with a 704 score on credit karma and was accepted for the signature card so I get all the advertised perks and a $5000 limit. However the letter I received from the card company stated my Experience score was only 660. Anyway I was approved and hoping to take advantage of the reward miles.

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Jul 22, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

The annual fee is well worth the annual companion pass. Just make sure to use it for an expensive trip, I do Hawaii. 

As for some some of the conplaints lol, Alaska airlines is the one who manages the rewards maybe that's why you had such a hard time getting it resolved. 

chatges you to death? Lol what a clown, "even to use their own arms" stop getting cash advances broke *** 

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Jun 24, 2016
Alaska Airl *****, Bank of America ZERO!
Anonymous Cardholder

What's not to love about the features if you fly with Alaska Airlines a lot, even if the card is a little pricey?! BUT, Bank of America (the issuer) is absolutely the WORST bank I ever had to deal with! - A year ago I received a 25,000 Alaska Airlines bonus miles offer from BofA, if I opened a Checking Account and fullfilled a number of conditions. Well, I did, but Bank of America NEVER awarded me the miles. My experience with this bank should really rate ZERO! Only after numerous calls to them and well over 12 hrs spend on misdirected and dead end calls, did I finally find somebody willing to help me further. BUT, the issue - after countless further calls - was still not resolved and I dreaded every time I had to call BofA!!!! I 'accelerated' my inquiry four times, but nothing changed! Their associates were generally extremely unhelpful and the appropriate department forever beyond reach, as "there is only an internal number for the Marketing Department"! BofA's associates had no interest reading the notes in my account, nor in solving my problem. Even the supervisors were not interested or didn't take the time it takes to fully understand the issues, nor did they do what they promised ("I've made a note to myself and will definitely call you back")! I finally gave up and never heard from them! - This bank has serious problems and I would have long canceled my Alaska Credit card with BofA as well, if I had an alternative.

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