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Aug 16 2016
Very Good Card
Credit Karma Member

I have the HD Signature card with a 20k limit..I use this card for everything in place of my debit card,,since my bank acct is tied in to my HD card as a form of payment, I just make purchases (to accumulate the points), then make a payment the same day or a little bit later down the line and that counts as my monthly payment. I've read the reviews here and I'm going to assume that carholders of the unsecured card get crappy customer service. Fortunately, I haven't had that experience-just the opposite,,they're so helpful and accommadating. I love my card and hopefully others will have the same experience that I have,

Aug 09 2013
Chrome Cash points add up quick
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card since October 2009. CL of $4k and carry no monthly balance. I like the convenience checks you can order to access your credit line if you don't mind paying the $30 transaction fee per check (if you use them) and comes in handy for emergencies or for balance transfers. I get offers a few times a month for balance transfers and I've taken advantage of it a couple of times. US Bank does a fairly good job with their website to access your account information and pay your bill. The Chrome Cash you earn in $25 dollar increments can only be used at authorized Harley Davidson dealers and they expire 180 days after they're issued. For example, if you have two $25 dollar Chrome Cash certificates for a total of $50 and the item you purchase is $75 dollars, you have to pay the difference ($25 plus tax) with your Harley Davidson Visa (they won't take cash or a different credit card). I have no complaints with their customer service and would recommend the card to anyone who rides a Harley and wants to take advantage of the Chrome Cash rewards points for everything including parts, clothing and service.

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Harley-Davidson® Visa® Credit Card

Harley-Davidson® Visa® Credit Card

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