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Mar 09, 2017
Haven't seen a CLI after 2 years
myopioncounts Cardholder

On a good note, I got this card 2 years ago so that I could rebuild my credit. They have always reported my 100% payment history to the credit bureaus which helped raised my score (I have other credit cards as well) from 487 to 611. But they still haven't offered and have denied me a credit line increase. They originally said that I would be able to get one after 7 months (It's been 2 years now). I have 100% payment history. I have always carried a balance but have recently paid the card off in full about a month ago. I have never gone over the limit either. I plan on closing this account very soon after my husband and I buy a home. 

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Aug 22, 2016
Good for reestablishing credit
juniebrunner Cardholder

After my BR13 was discharged I waited a few months before establishing a secured card to get me back on my way.  I did a bit of research and this one seemed like my best bet. 

I will say that true to most of the other reviews, its been 7 months since I made my deposit and received my card and I too got an increase.  I use it once or twice a month and pay it off with the next billing date.  I just logged in to check my credit on CK which I do once a week and when I saw my score went up, I clicked to see why.  Sure enough FNBO had increased my credit limit.  Not by much but its SOMETHING. 

My credit score has gone up a few points here and there over the 7 months and I have also received a couple of other lines of credit via other cards (non-secured I might add!) so reestablishing credit in the right way WILL work.

Now I am curious to see if my initial deposit is going to be returned to me as others have stated.  If I get that refunded AND my limit was increased then this has been a GREAT experience with FNBO!!!

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Jul 20, 2016
snips21 Cardholder

 I have had this card for over a year now and when it was time for graduating from the kickstart program, they started making excuses by saying that was not an option anymore. My credit score is 656 with a very low debt to income ratio and never been late on any payment ever on my credit report. If you get this card with the hope of converting it into an unsecured credit card, please reconsider because you never will. I normally dont ever leave any negative reviews, but what they did to me is not very good business practice. I just went ahead and paid off the account and closed it. Now I will be waiting for 6 weeks to get my deposit Oh well, I have a Barclaycard, Bank of America, Discover, and Cap one unsecured cards. 

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Aug 18, 2016

Update! I closed my account and it has been 6 weeks and I have not seen my deposit back. I called them last week and they said they sent it to the wrong address even though the address on file was correct. I called them again and they said that replacement check was never sent out and I have to wait another 10 days. This bank is a freaking joke.

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