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Jan 03, 2019
Wells Fargo has changed for the better!
Jgriffith11 Cardholder

Applied for this card, After already getting a personal loan from Wells Fargo a Month ago. This bank used to be very strict only relationship based now they are more lienent. My CK score was 640, and My Experian was 680 that's what they pulled. $3000 CC Approved 0% Balance Transfers. Wells Fargo is amazing coming from a year ago with all of the scandals, They have changed and are working to assist customers and have changed their products for the better. Wells Fargo is Amazing! I have a checking, savings and loans with them now and the customer service has been very helpful, and they are able to assist in all your needs. I recommend this card to anyone wanting a balance transfer. Once in the door with Wells Fargo they are kind to you. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 27, 2018
MissT2u Cardholder

Really high interest and really high minimum payments.  My credit score is 805 and I pay 18%.  Just paid off card and closing account 

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May 29, 2019
Works great to build Credit
robhav1 Cardholder

This is my 1st credit card. I was having issues with my Credit, and this card helped. My score jumped from 525 to 740 in just a few years. I started with $300 on it. I am now at 5500. I keep my balance below $800 and make my monthly payments. Good card to start with to help build credit. just dont go nuts because you have a credit card. 

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May 19, 2019
No technology-stuck in the 80s
Nikandjules Cardholder

If you ever did business with them prior to being married, good luck getting them to let you access any new account online. They associate your maiden name with your SSN, which is fine, but they will not allow you to change your name without going into a branch. Even though your maiden name is listen on your credit report! The nearest  Wells Fargo to me is approx 4 hours, and they refused to send me the paperwork to change my name. I was bounced around from rep  to rep and the problem is still unsolved. Step in to at least the 90s Wells Fargo!

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May 05, 2019
Wells Fargo are crooks
MikeyJames1990 Cardholder

I got their secured card put $10,000 and have it for 6 years still NOT graduated.  This is bull**** bank and bunch of crooks like they were caught opening illegal accounts on people.  When I called to ask why my card hasn’t graduated they give bull**** excuses.  They are scammers.  My credit scores are 760, 721 and 730.  Be careful with them 

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May 10, 2019

Why would u get a secured card for $10k something about this doesn’t seem right. I had horrible credit and got a $500 secured card with them and was offered a regular card after less than a year. I’m assuming spending habits likely play a part.

May 14, 2019

I call this review a bunch of BS.... who in their right mind would hand over $10k for a secured cc? If your scores were 721, 730, and 760 you should have qualified for a regular card not a secured card. This post is a bunch of lies

May 03, 2019
Tricky. Offer bonus for $$ spent 90 days
nysq1 Cardholder

Then approved the account with such a low credit line, so it's impossible to spend enough to get the bonus.
Top card to pay off first and close account.

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Apr 26, 2019
Horrible card and company
GregDuck Cardholder

Horrible customer service. Get bounced around being transferred from one person to another, not expecting that from a "Platinum card". Their scandals are far from over.

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May 03, 2019

Agreed 100%

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