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Aug 20, 2016
Underlying bank is bottom of the barrel
emadow Cardholder

I REALLY wish I could have held onto this card.

Like what other reviewers said, they CONSTANTLY put a hold on the card for anti-fraud protections -- rules that could not be eased. I'd have to call in a dozen times to validate recent purchase(s) in order to reactivate the card. The last time it happened, they completely closed my account until I sent in a trove of paperwork (passport/id/social security card/current bank statement) to prove my identity. All of this despite never having a single fraudulent purchase on the card. At that point I decided it wasn't worth it to move forward.

Comenity would also FREQUENTLY reissue cards with new account numbers without notice because of various data breaches they've had. Astonishingly, it would sometimes take 3+ weeks to get new cards.

Virgin really should have gone with a different bank. Comenity is completely disorganized. I cannot discourage them more.

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May 23, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I have had this card for maybe 2.5 – 3 years, and have to replace it close to 7-8 times because of fraudulent activity. I have other cards that I use frequently, but do not nearly have the problems I've had with this card. It seems like just about every 3-4 months I need to replace it. My assumption because customer service only tells me that this is the climate of credit card usage is that your card will get hacked no matter what is that the security and protection on this card is very low in comparison to other cards. Like I said I have other cards that I use frequently and I haven't had to replace them, let alone 7-8 times. 

The benefits and the miles are great, but it's super inconvenient to have to constantly look through my charges, identify what isn't mine and wait a week to get a new card every couple months. 

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May 17, 2016
Easy to Use. Love the Rewards.
HariKariGirl Cardholder

Approval for Virgin America was fast and simple.  Card arrived in under on business week after approval.  Has been great to me with constant CLI's.  Waited 5 months for the first and then hit the credit increase button every 3 months after.  They have yet to stop giving me higher limits.  While I've read around the web that some have had troubles with Fraud alerts or with dealing with Comenity over the phone, I've yet to experience either.  Use this card constantly for accruing miles and whether it's a $5 charge or in the thousands, I have never once had the charge not go through instantaneously.  If you fly VA then the points really start to add up fast.  All around this is my favourite card in my wallet.  Have yet to ever need to call in to speak with a CSR which is why I'm giving it 4 stars as I'm not sure if I'd encounter any of the annoyances that others have with calling in to get assistance.  Great card though for the perks and awesome card for getting your CL way up.  

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Aug 25, 2015
Customer service is non existent as sign
bobj201 Cardholder

I would suggest avoiding this institution at all cost.  I have a TREK crdit card through them.  Card was promised in 7 to 10 days, it took over a month and over 15 phone calls and at least a dozen emails.  Customer service is non existenet.  They take your call, listen sympathetically and direct you to another number or adddress where you can repeat your story and then be given another number or address.  No resolution.  At one point an operator even asked me why I was calling them.

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Aug 19, 2015
Good rewards. TERRIBLE service.
XanderNYCity Cardholder

While it's nice to see my VIrgin America points rack up and to have free checked bags, and while I love the Virgin America brand, Comenity Bank is THE WORST.  First of all, there was a suspicious charge on my card on July 4th weekend and my card was locked without warning but I had an impossible time of getting in contact to find this out because their offices were CLOSED that weekend.  However, purchases that I make all the time, including a mere $2 vending machine charge at my work prompt security locks that I have to call to clear.

Every time I make a payment, it clears right away on my balance, then mysteriously one or two days after, the available balance goes way down for that day as if I didn't make a payment.  I've had to call about this EVERY time I've made a payment over the last several months.

What finally broke me was that I made a large payment to clear my balance.  Immediately afterward, when I went to the balance page, despite the fact that I had no pending transactions and had just made a large payment, my available balance showed me in the NEGATIVE!  When I tried to explain to customer service that this math made absolutely no sense (even to the point where I actually outlined the addition and subtraction and confirmed the pending amounts and balances with them, they just said the payment had yet to be cleared and there were pending transactions.  Well, two problems: I just showed you that the math did not add up and YOUR WEBSITE shows the payment as cleared.  If the payment shows as clear but actually isn't, at the best, it's very misleading.  In the end, even after speaking to a supervisor, I hung up frustrated.

I'm paying the balance completely off and applying for a different card.  I will never open a card under Comenity ever ever again.  I hope Virgin America switches partners.

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Jan 12, 2015
Worst Virgin America Credit Card EVER
Anonymous Cardholder

I received the Virgin America credit card in June as my daughter was starting college at SMU in Dallas and I like the nonstop Virgin flight from LAX. I love earning miles and therefore put every possible charge on one of our 3 favorite cards. Understand that we have excellent credit and pay our card balances in full every month.

This card has been such a pain that I'm seriously considering canceling the account.  Rarely does a week go by without my card being refused for "security". I can be at the same grocery market where I always shop and the card will be refused - it doesn't have to be an "unusual" transaction.

The final straw came today when I received a notice from a well-known charity that my annual donation was declined by Virgin America. While I was speaking to the customer service rep he just happened to mention, "I see 2 charges from the last couple of days which were declined…." yet he couldn't tell me what was declined. Was it a doctor? A bill for which I'll be charged a late fee? Another donation? And when was I going to learn about this latest problem?

I spoke to the most senior Virgin America employee available who was apologetic but said she cannot do anything about the “tight security”. I'm tired of being embarrassed by “suspicious” charges; my husband will not even use the Virgin America card any longer after having a workman's charge refused right after performing work for his business. 

To add insult to injury, when I receive a call from the Security Center at Virgin America about the "suspicious activity” it's a robo-call informing me that I need to call the Virgin America office. I don't even have the option of speaking with someone right then and clearing the issue while I'm at the store.

The wasted time and embarrassment are not worth the miles :(

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