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rip off plain and simple Helpful to 43 out of 43 people

The card is a rip off and run by scammers.

It does warn people in the fine print that it is not a Visa or MC. Most people probably do not even look at this. The site does try and hide it as well.

The owners of this company are veterans of the credit card financial game and have done this type of card before, this has been confirmed. They were part of the USA credit scam that was from Pennsylvania also.

They will spam you. They will try and charge you the monthly fee after you have cancelled. Several months after the cancellation too that I found out.

Everyone I spoke too at the company had full access to my social sec number , credit card info, and more. I found this very disturbing. Even after I had canceled. I guess this is how they charged me four months after I cancelled.

When I looked more up on this company, Reliant Holdings from Indiana, PA, I saw that the owner of this firm has bought his way into his local banks board and even his states financial board to protect his company's bank account from customer complaints and refunds. I guess this is the way these scammers work, pay off people to get thier way. They have their employees post fake positive reviews about them too.

If you are a customer , I would recomend to cancel ASAP before you get charged the monthly fee. Once this process starts you can't escape without changing your credit card number. File a chargeback with your bank to get back all of your money. 

Dec 23, 2012 Reply

Dear reviewer:

I'm sure you'll probably never see this post, but still I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for posting this review.  I was thisclose to giving them my credit card number.  And I truly thought this was a credit card and was happy that I was 'accepted'.

When I saw that they wanted my credit card, this made me take pause and go ahead and check them out.

I signed up at this site, JUST TO TELL YOU that -- I can't tell you how thrilled that I came across your post.  I won't be messing with these folks.


Relievedly grateful,


seethrough's reply was:    

  Mar 15, 2014

seethrough(3, 1)

Review by seethrough

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A total JOKE Helpful to 47 out of 49 people

Their advertisement is misleading. It is NOT a credit card. Is AN ACCOUNT that allows you to buy their own merchandise which is absolute crap. TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!



Dec 24, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Wow, thank you for making this even more clear!

How do people like this SLEEP comfortably at night...?

seethrough's reply was:    

  Mar 15, 2014

seethrough(3, 1)

Review by seethrough

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Get the card, but DO NOT USE IT!!!!!! Helpful to 118 out of 129 people

 First off, this is NOT a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card.  This card can only be used on the company's proprietary website, and you can find most of the products elsewhere for less.  That being said, it does report to Transunion, and does help improve your credit score, just by having an open and active tradeline.  It costs $24.95 per month for your "member benefits", and the initial $5.00 fee(plus the first $24.95) to set up the account.  Compare that to the credit cards that charge you $225 to "set up" your account, then the monthly fees, then th 30% interest rate.  I would recommend getting this card to build your credit by having the tradeline reported, but I would not recommend USING it...  Say you see an item for $18, there is a "shipping fee" of $12, and a processing fee of $4, both of which you have to pay up front, then the $18 for the item is financed through your credit line...  You can get the same item on...  let's say Amazon(the site I checked) for $14.98 including shipping!  Never bought anything with it and never will, but it looks freaking FANTASTIC on my credit report- 29 months, never late, and a $3000 limit(they raised it after 6 months).  Oh, and a tip:  Horizon only reports to Transunion, so after a few months write to Experian and Equifax requesting they add the card to your reports with them, as well.

Oct 04, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 18 out of 22 people

Really not good advice here. Why do you want to sign up for something pay 24.95 per month that you will never use? They report to the credit bureaus. Thats pretty nice of them, But acording to the reviews here they refuse to make it easy to cancel! so how much time and money are you going to spend to stop it? And still don't forget you are throwing money away, I rather spend 10x that for something I can acutally use in emergncies or just cause I want too. And be able to cancel it without the hassle, Credit Card companies reprot to the bureaus as well and you can acutally use what they give you.
I really hope people keep reading the reviews before making their choice of getting involved with this offer!!! To me I rather keep that 24.95 an apply it to something else to help my credit scores

justanerd's reply was:    

  Jan 19, 2013

justanerd(1, 18)

Review by justanerd

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Helpful to 11 out of 13 people

I would beg to differ.  I purchased credit for $225 and I was able to rent a car, book a hotel, and do other things that the Horizon card couldn't do.  Bottom line, I built credit and I got something in return.

seabow's reply was:    

  Oct 18, 2012

seabow(4, 24)

Review by seabow

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Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

Thank you so  much for all the great info on this card. I too had discovered that the items sold on the Horizon retail website could be found for cheaper elsewhere. Also it's good to note that there is a very slim selection of items on the Horizon website. Will be taking your advice on not ever purchasing anything on it - that way it always shows as the whole amount of available credit on my report!  

sphinx8118's reply was:    

  Mar 25, 2013

sphinx8118(1, 3)

Review by sphinx8118

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Helpful to 4 out of 5 people

I would definitely get the card but sign up with a prepaid debit card that you'll never use for anything else. Put $30 on the card and sign up. After the $5 fee and $24.95 fee comes out they would have reported to your credit bureau. If you would like to keep it afterwards just keep $5 a month on the prepaid debit card. They will reduce their fee from $24.95 to $5 after they fail 3x at getting the next $24.95 from your account. It's all in the fine print. $29.95 + $5 a month for a $3000 credit line reporting to my credit each month is well more than worth it to me and anyone else that's having trouble building credit.

jpowell05's reply was:    

  Sep 13, 2013

jpowell05(1, 4)

Review by jpowell05

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Yes. I like this comment. That is the conclusion I was coming before I got to this comment.

tesee009's reply was:    

  Feb 23, 2013

tesee009(1, 1)

Review by tesee009

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

how do you ask them to add this card thank you 

kenscomputerfix's reply was:    

  Feb 14, 2013

kenscomputerfix(1, 1)

Review by kenscomputerfix

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avoid - please read !! Helpful to 20 out of 20 people

First off, I used to work for this firm several years ago. It is a scam, plain and simple. It is run by two men who ran a similar scam offer a few years previously. Some of the 'reviews' posted on here about how good it is, buying presents, etc., are written by their employees. The goods for sale through their website are worthless over stocks and returned mechandise. Thats right, returns. The coat or bathing suit you buy there was already worn by someone else. 

You will be charged a recurring fee for their product. They will debit your checking or savings account or attempt to numerous times if you are out of funds. This may cause your bank to hit you with NSF fees in some cases. If your account is suspended for lack of funds, they will attempt to bill you at a much later date to make you active again. This is done to see when you will have money in your account so they can set up the recurring billing to hit your account at the right time. Also, this practice is also frowned upon by VISA or Mastercard policies.

Your only option if you did sign up is to call in and cancel. Ask for a refund of any and all charges. Threaten to file a chargeback through your bank if they do not cancel and process your refund. This type of company operates on a thin line with their banks because of the tyoe of business they are in, and threatening or even filing a chargeback gets their attention.

I hope this helps people stay away from this product.

Nov 10, 2012 Reply
Thank You Helpful to 31 out of 33 people

Thank you guys for all the reviews, thank God i have been reading cuz this company is crazy, now someone did mention about finger hut and guys that your best choice because they dont charge monthley fees its just like a credit card but can only be used in there website but its a good report for your credit hope this helps.

omar4233's review was:    

  Jan 02, 2013 Reply

omar4233(1, 31)

Review by omar4233

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Terrible Helpful to 15 out of 15 people

Don't  waste your time or money! If you need credit apply for a Fingerhut card. You will get credit and you wil be able to order online or from the magazine. Your payments are low and they will report to the 3 credit bureaus. Also they will increase your limit after 6 months of good payments. Best part no monthly fees and the stuff you can order is really good.


III's review was:    

  Nov 16, 2012 Reply

III(1, 15)

Review by III

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oh hell no Helpful to 23 out of 25 people

this card is bs first off it want even let u use it as a credit card u got to pay for shipping an handle an some of your stuff on there website an i cant even get my money back

Feb 24, 2013 Reply
worst ever Helpful to 20 out of 22 people

this card sucks they make you believe your getting a real credit card it doesnt even have a logo on it. you can only use it for there sorry website which has less then 100 useless  items on it .

Feb 19, 2013 Reply
You can't even read the pre-acceptance Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

You can't read the entire pre-accetance agreement due to the way it is set up on their site. That is why people are being scammed.

junkyarddawg73's review was:    

  Nov 12, 2012 Reply

junkyarddawg73(3, 7)

Review by junkyarddawg73

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Helpful to 12 out of 14 people

LOOK at the card!

Do you see a VISA or MASTERCARD logo on the card?


Because it's a card like Fingerhut or simular.


mftinvermont's review was:    

  Aug 14, 2012 Reply

mftinvermont(38, 105)

Top Contributor

Review by mftinvermont

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Top Contributor

Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

You are oh so right what kind of credit card dosent have a major credit company logo???????

AndyJay36's reply was:    

  Aug 16, 2012

AndyJay36(1, 5)

Review by AndyJay36

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