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Downhill since Capone took over Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

Customer service has gone downhill since the take over.  Credit limit increases have been frozen.  Policies are different than Capone policies even though it is the same bank now. 

I filed with the BBB against their counterpart Capone and they called me to tell me that I could not have a credit limit increase since I had just gotten one.  I informed them I was not concerned about this account but the Capone account.  I responded accordingly with the BBB.  They said they resolved it with me to the BBB, but I contested it again and again simply telling them that the complaint was not for Household, but for Capone.  They tried as much as they could to get a good resolve and even told me that Capone would contact me.  Capone did not and they kept trying for the good resolve with the BBB.  I held firm with the fact that I was contesting Capone and not Household.  When it finally came down to it, they did not get a good resolve with the BBB.  It was like they specifically chose the Household account to use in the dispute to easily get a good resolve and attempted to make sure of this instead of dealing with the Capone account. 

I don't like the customer service anymore, it used to be nice and friendly, but now it is just scripted Capone responses which really make no sense.

bernhardtra's review was:    

  Jun 14, 2013 Reply

bernhardtra(98, 389)

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Review by bernhardtra

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Watch your back with this company Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

We had a HSBC card and had excellent credit/payment history with them,  Then, my husband became disabled very suddenly and I struggled to make the payments.  They offered us a settlement plan, which we agreed to.  We had to give them permission to automatically deduct payments from our account for 6 months to fulfill our obligation to them and have the card paid in full.  We agreed to these terms and they deducted all payments.  After they were paid, we continued to be billed and when we called, they said we missed a payment, so the agreement was void.  I faxed them proof of the payment and thought it was settled.  Still continued to receive bills, were then told that my husband didn't agree to terms of settlement so it was void.  We are going to court tomorrow with the third company they sold our (paid in full ) accoun to.  This has been a nightmare for us and in hindsight, we should have filed bankrupcy.  We tried to honor our obligations and this is the ONLY credit card company that has pulled devious, underhanded tactics on us.  Called our Congressman and was told it is the worst credit card company to deal with.  Also FYI, do all of you know that this is a bank in CHINA and has a different name?  They use HSBC to relate to Americans.  Stay as far from this company as you can, or insure your balance to be paid in case of sudden illness/death.  You definately can not trust this bank.  If I could rate it a negative star, I would!!

Cheri1203's review was:    

  Feb 28, 2013 Reply

Cheri1203(1, 1)

Review by Cheri1203

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Just so so Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I got this card over a year ago.  No annual fee and rewards.  I have never had an issue with Household.  I pay it off each month and never late.  I was given a small credit limit.  After the 9th or 10th month I asked for a CLI and was given $200.  It is tied with Capone as the lowest limit I have.  (At least Household gives CLI's, Capone one after more than 2 years has not upped my credit limit.)  I have asked to have my interest rate lowered, but no go on that.  (I don't carry a balance, so not that important, but would be nice in case I have to at one point.) 

The customer service is adequate and they treat you fairly nicely.  (I can it is much better than their sister bank Capone.  They just simply say the same stale stuff over and over again.  And what Capone says never really makes sense.)

I wish they would give better CLI's or give them more often.

bernhardtra's review was:    

  Oct 02, 2012 Reply

bernhardtra(98, 389)

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Review by bernhardtra

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

i hate thus card

comicman's review was:    

  Apr 28, 2012 Reply

comicman(5, 6)

Review by comicman

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Have had this card for two months now. Received a "pre selected" mail offer, filled out the application online and was instantly approved with a $300 CL and $39 annual fee.

I must've missed the cash back promotion...oh well.

It's a nice basic rebuilder card...none of those crazy processing fees or other nonsense. I typically charge up to 2/3's of the credit limit and then pay most of that off before the statement posts...leaves a nice small balance which helps lower utilization.

Not sure what might happen once Capital One takes over...I've asked CSR's and they've said everything should go as normal but I guess we'll see...

injustifiiable's review was:    

  Mar 13, 2012 Reply

injustifiiable(51, 91)

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Review by injustifiiable

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

With my limited credit history, I was approved for this card with a $300.00 CL and no annual fee. Combining this with a 2% cash back rate (2500 points = $25.00 check/gift card), I think I'm going to love this card. I just hope that I can get a limit increase on it some time in the next few months.

patz2009's review was:    

  Aug 07, 2011 Reply

patz2009(14, 20)

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Review by patz2009

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Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

It is not a soft inquire..not anymore

shll519's reply was:    

  Jan 31, 2012

shll519(5, 10)

Review by shll519

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Following up on this review, I called Household Bank to request a CLI. The CSR requested to pull my credit report, which she confirmed to me would be a soft pull. I was shortly offered an increase of $200.00, to a total limit of $500.00. I've gotten a number of cards since, but having the higher limit on the 2% back card is all the better.

patz2009's reply was:    

  Jan 10, 2012

patz2009(14, 20)

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Review by patz2009

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I was approved for $300 with no annual fee.Fourth credit cards after bankruptcy. Cash bonus. waiting

A2008067's review was:    

  Mar 25, 2011 Reply

A2008067(6, 7)

Review by A2008067

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Beware of HSBC

I spoke to Roger (VWT694) and he told me that I was LATE on one payment, AFTER I PAID OFF THE CARD IN FULL, and that is why I was getting bills for almost $100. He said he'd waive the late fees if I pay him $40 today. I said NO because I'd never been late on any payments in the entire year I'd been a "valued customer". He wanted to argue with me even though he agreed that I'd never had a late payment and I've always paid before due dates and sometimes twice a month. Eventually he HUNG UP on me, because he was tired of me telling him that I wasn't paying him $40. 

This has been an issue since December. I paid the card OFF in FULL and accidently used it for one purchase and paid that off ($55) and then continued to get bills for well over $60 and now over $95. He's saying I have 4 months worth of late fee's which actually doesn't work out, since I paid it off in October, used it once in December, paid it off in full again and it's only March. 

I'm NOT paying them and I'm going to fight it until they get the point. This is not how you treat your "valued customers". 

Mar 04, 2013 Reply

This was my first unsecured card in an attempt to rebuild my credit. After having the card for three years and paying on time, my credit line remains the same ($300) and I'm still paying an annual fee of $50! When I attempted to inquire about it, not only did I have to speak to a customer service rep whom I could barely understand (Indian), but they refused to do anything to remedy the situation. I closed the account within 10 days of being billed for this years annual fee and they refused to credit it back to my account!! I'm still being billed the annual fee for a closed account with their only explanation being "sorry for the inconvieniance but it's already been billed" 

Feb 04, 2013 Reply
HSB Credit Card Interest and Late Fees

I paid this card off in FULL befor my no interest rate was finished and even 6 months after I paid it off I was getting bills in the mail. I didn't open them because I'd paid them off, but eventually thought it was essesive so opened one up. It was a $55 charge, which I paid becasue I'd accidently used it for an $8 charge and had late fees. The next month I got another bill for $60! I called them up and they said I owed them $60 for interest fees and late fees. After arguing with the repersentative for a minute I told him to CANCEL my "mempership" (me being a "valued" customer) and he said fine. I told him I was NOT going to pay him the $60 and he told me I had to, until I told him I was going to write a negative review and call the better business bureau, then  he told me he "took care of the fees". Upon googling the HSB name I came up with a ton of "negative" reviews and "scam" alerts. 

Jan 25, 2013 Reply
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