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Dec 22 2018
Great card
Credit Karma Member

After reading the negative reviews, I was a bit hesitant in applying for the card.? The application process was easy and quickly received my card in the mail.? The main reason I applied was for the balance transfer promotional apr.? I was able to transfer two credit card balances without any problems.? I set up the balance transers online.? I agree with some of the reviews that the website and the app are not user friendly.? Once I figured it out, it was easy to set up payments.? ?I've never contacted customer service.?

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Dec 03 2018
Worst card ever !!!
Credit Karma Member

I applied online it took them 3 weeks to finalise my application. Then when I finally got the card 2 more weeks after it was a nightmare getting some one from customer service on the phone to answer simple questions because I was been transfert from one agent to another. Horrible experience . I end up closing the account 2 months further down the road. DONT DO IT.

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Apr 09 2020
No Problems
Credit Karma Member

Don't understand all the negative reviews...I had a couple of issues that were resolved quickly and very friendly...Online banking is easy once you have set up and making payments is a simple process...

Mar 05 2020
Don't even try
Credit Karma Member

Complete waste of time and energy with nothing but a pre-approval rejection. It's not for financial reasons either, absolutely no word on why it was rejected, how are HSBC credit cards still a thing?

Mar 04 2020
great card
Credit Karma Member

Was approved for higher than I thought so I can transfer another high interest card at 0% for 12 months!

Mar 01 2020
Credit Karma Member

Has complicated online banking ,the thing is if you want to pay your bill you have to back to 1990's to pay the bills?

Feb 25 2020
I honestly don't get all the bad reviews
Credit Karma Member

I tried going through the negative reviews and didn't really see anything that surprising. That is, aside from the website. The website does kinda suck, it's dated and not at all intuitive. But so far I've had the card about a year now and I personally have no complaints. I read some reviews that customer service is no good, which understandably nowadays every customer service is horrible (except for Amex).?

Feb 17 2020
Why is this card being recommended?
Credit Karma Member

Why would Kredit Karma recommend a card that is so disliked?

Feb 14 2020
Credit Karma Member

Cool design.? 0% intro APR for 18 months.? Super glitchy website.

Feb 07 2020
Credit Karma Member

Don't waste a hit. The process is slow from the application process, approval, to getting the actual card and then you find out your limit matches that of a student getting their 1st credit card. It's offensive. If Amex trusts me with over 50k of total extended credit then I don't understand why HSBC thinks so highly of "itself". I wanted to transfer a balance but I'll just use my savings. The approval amount was so low that I canceled the card immediately. It wasn't enough and any usage of the card would put me way over the recommended utilization limit and even the 0% purchase APR is useless. For what? I'm certainly not planning on taking 12 months to pay off $500 purchase. The card doesn't offer any other benefits. I really regret applying.

Feb 03 2020
Worst credit card company
Credit Karma Member

I've this card and this hsbc company and its support are the worst of the worst!

Jan 18 2020
Great card, easy accessibility
Credit Karma Member

D your homework before applying. There are quite a bit of steps prior to getting your card, but it's for your own safety. Don't listen to the other negative reviews, Those applicants didn't follow the directions. This card is great and my transfers went through quickly and without any issues. The customer service is excellent and answer quickly. So far so great!!?

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HSBC Gold Mastercard® credit card

HSBC Gold Mastercard® credit card

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