Walmart MoneyCard(SM) Visa® Prepaid Card

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 17, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder


I bought a prepaind  Walmart Money Card for $320 wih cash and was told by A Walmart Customer Service Rep I could use it imeditly. However after activating the card the automated system informed me I had to wait to recieve a card I coud use in the mail, howver that card never arrived. At that time after going to the upper echelons of Wallmart I was able to speak to represenative who said there was nothing she coud do. I requested another replacmen online but never recieved it either.

I've sent messages through the Walmart MoneyCard websit for support that have gone unanswered, and am now told there is no known way to speak to anyone about how to resolve the issue, so basical they got me for $320 and hours of time and frustration.  

I've seen several other reports of similar or the same online.

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Mar 06, 2017
This card is a rip off.
Anonymous Cardholder

I wanted to find a card I could load so I could have my grandchild have the card when needed.  I got it and only put 20.00 on it.  I paid 2.00 for the card.  I never used it.  I registered it and gave it to my granddaughter.  When she went to use it, there was no money on it.  I called customer service for the balance.  There was only 5.00 on it.  Then I had to call another number if there were any issues.  I told my granddaughter to see if she could use the 5.00 on it and then throw the card away.  The is nothing but a scam.  I cannot believe that Walmart would allow such a thing.  Never again and will let everyone know it is a rip off.  

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Jan 28, 2017
Horrible Customer Service With High Fees
VictimofFraud Cardholder

Customer service is horrible. I had someone over charge me $496.00. I called Walmart customer support within a half hour of finding out (the same day the charge was made). Walmart card let the charge post to the account despite being told by me that it was fraudulent. Subsequently, they denied my dispute and never sent any explanation why. Truly a horrible experience. I am no longer going to patronize Walmart or use any of their products.

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Aug 09, 2016
Never use!
Cookbrit24 Cardholder

Today, August 9th, I checked my statements online. On July 26, it stated I had 0.33. I added $297, on July 29th. After I added the money, it showed my balance to be $109.20. How is that possible?? I called customer service. I could barely understand the lady. She told me that the system hadn't been updated yet, but they could mail me my statements (which would take 2 weeks). I told her that I didn't have 2 weeks to find out where my money had gone. I cancelled my card. I'm not going to keep it if my money just vanishes. 

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Jun 27, 2016
They Canceled by Debit Card
shasha349 Cardholder

My card was canceled by them stating that it was comprised.  I've had this issue with them before and it was as simple as verifying previous transactions.  This time they canceled my card and I have no access to my account.  My check will be directed deposited there and I don't have access to my account for 15 days.  Seems to me there could be a way to go into the money center at Walmart to verify your account before they immediately cancel your card.

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May 12, 2016
Total garbage
ZzyzxDude Cardholder

An ATM inquiry fee of 50 cents showed up and I called to find out what it was about since I never used the card at an ATM.  Immediatrely I wasd told the card was cancelled and that I would not have access to my money (balance of $132) for two weeks until the new card arrived. Their customer service people in India are rude and not helpful at all.  Now I will be forcecd to borrow money to by food.  

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May 11, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I called about a account that was closed and they canceled my card... no I have a paycheck I can't use or a card I cannot use worst foreign customer service I have ever had they froze my account be cause I called about a transaction that I didn't agree to and froze my account for 21 days... stay away trust me...

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Walmart MoneyCard(SM) Visa® Prepaid Card