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Card Close $0 Bal - Sent to Collections Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

  I had this credit card to re-build my credit. Paid it always on time for over 6 years. I finally decided to pay it off and go with another card that offerred my no annual fee or monthly fees. Last September I made my last and final payment of $80.00 and I closed the account with a $0.00 balance. Now it's February 2013 I pulled a credit report and it shows a balance of $329 on my closed credit card. I immediately called customer service and they told me that I owed them $329.00 and it was charged off and sent to a collection agency. I argued with them repeatedly and told them I paid the account off and closed it last year. They were extremely rude and gave me the corporate fax number and said I had to fax them proof I made my final payment to them. Strangely on my credit report it shows I just owe the balance and that the account is current. Yet I logged into their website pulled all the transaction histories and it shows a $0.00 balance for October thru December 2012. If the account was still open I would have been billed their $50.00 annual fee and $10.00 monthly maintenance fee. I am really frustrated while I sit here and stir and wait for them to contact me. I have no other choice but to wait and PRAY they resolve this. The represenative at customer service would not even give me any information on the collection agency they supposedly sent this charged off debt they claimed I owed. I would like to sue this bank for fraud. I am trying to find any action I can take against them if it ends up being reported as a collection on my reports. I never once received one phone call of any balance, past due owed, a collection letter from any agency in the 5 months since I closed the account. If anyone has any advice on what I can do to take legal action please reply to my review. Never get a credit card from this fee harvesting bank. There will be no way to contact them if you have an issue with wrongfully being billed on a debt you don't owe accept sending a fax. The BBB has over 99 complaints filed to date. Avoid All Products From This Bank - Matrix Discover - Cerulean Discover - 

psychicmike's review was:    

  Feb 13, 2013 Reply

psychicmike(27, 248)

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Review by psychicmike

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I thought I closed it out as well and now they are alledging breach of contract /fraud and collection agency has been calling family members and threatening court server activity etc,etc

diagda's reply was:    

  Jan 06, 2014

diagda(2, 0)

Review by diagda

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 I have seen alot of bad cards,but this one is beyond outrageous!!!!!! IF YOU TAKE THIS OFFER,they saw you coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

foolsgold2's review was:    

  Dec 23, 2010 Reply

foolsgold2(37, 41)

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Review by foolsgold2

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Continental Finance

They will be investigated for fraudulent activity .

diagda's review was:    

  Jan 06, 2014 Reply

diagda(2, 0)

Review by diagda

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Failed to apply my payment

I am also trying to rebuild my credit after having it stolen. I wish that I had read the BBB and Credit Karma reviews prior to getting this card. Since Jan 2013, I have been making $40 payments. They recently switched from Discover to MasterCard and failed to apply my most recent $40 payment that they cashed on 12/2/2013. It is now 12/22/13 and no one has resolved it. They keep leaving me voicemails and are not even bothering to address the issue. They tell me to call back and when I do, they are "in a meeting". Now, I am scared after reading all of your reviews. Once they correct this issue, I want to cancel the card but now it seems as though they will try to scam me. I only wanted to try to repair what was stolen and now it seems that I am in bed with thieves. I could cry after reading all of this. I am so sad.

Dec 22, 2013 Reply

Will rip you OFF!

Mar 27, 2013 Reply

Be very afraid. I had the card open for about 5 days before I ran for the hills. online banking doesn't work (which means you have to make a payment over the phone--cost $10.00) Never came close to reaching my limit--called and closed the card (after making a payment) and was told everything was taken care of. Get a call a month later advising me that the card wasn't closed and I had a late fee---paid the card off again (for an additional $10). Lets hope this is the last time I have to deal with these people. GHETTO!

Aug 22, 2012 Reply

I have this card, and have absolutely no problem with their online payment site. But their customer service hours are not good--minimal hours afternoons on weekends--and NO customer service on Sunday.

mommatocharl's reply was:    

  Sep 14, 2013

mommatocharl(4, 10)

Review by mommatocharl

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 My balance is just about at the limit.  Every month I make a payment, but hardly any of it goes toward the principal.  They charge me eighteen dollars a month just for the "privilege" of having their card.  I have CUT IT UP and will be paying it off next month.  Useless, crap card.

Bear2269's review was:    

  May 27, 2012 Reply

Bear2269(2, 2)

Review by Bear2269

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First years fees total $480. $200 one time processing fee $180 year participation fee ($15 per mo) AND $50 annual fee. PLUS you get to pay 19.92% interest. Outrageous.

CYBERGLYPHIC's review was:    

  Feb 01, 2009 Reply



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Company Overview

The Continental Finance MasterCard, issued by First Bank of Delaware, is an unsecured credit card designed for consumers who have difficulty being approved for a credit card due to their less-than-perfect credit. Online credit card management is available, as well as more information on cardholder agreement, credit products, and payment options.

Continental Finance positions itself as one of the nation’s emerging credit card providers for consumers with less-than-perfect credit. Continental Finance provides three types of credit cards designed to help poor credit consumers build and manage their personal credit. Payment history is reported to all three major credit bureaus. More resources, such as an Education Center with tools on managing credit, are available on Continental Finance’s website.

Continental Finance MasterCard®