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Jun 03 2014
First review with Credit Karma!!!
Credit Karma Member

Hi. ?I'm not sure exactly what to write here, but I feel that my positive experience with FINGERHUT deserves a praise. ?I opened my fingerhut account on April 30th. ?I was approved for a credit line of 500.00. ?I bought a pair of shoes and paid the balance to zero many days prior to the bill being due. ?My second statement was issued with zero due. ?I decided to make a small purchase of a bath towel set (41.98). ?I got an email that said my order had been shipped. ?I logged into the website TODAY to track my order, and noticed that finger hut, in just over ONE MONTH, increased my credit line an additional 400.00. ?My credit line with them now is 900.00 in approximately 30 days. ?The pricing is a little bit much compared to other retailers, but from a credit analysis perspective, it sure feels good knowing this card is practically at zero. ?A big thank you to FINGERHUT and the rapid CLI. ?So, get this card if you want to improve your utilization quickly!! ?Buy a simple small purchase. ?Pay the BALANCE IN FULL. ?They will reward you QUICKLY. ?I'm proof. ?I hope I didn't put anybody to sleep with this review. ?:) ?It's my first one. ?EVER.

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Mar 21 2014
Hard credit hit, hard to place order
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this because it was recommended here by CK and other reviewers.? Had a CK score of 615, immediately went down to 594.? *Hard, hard hit*.? Got approved for the Freshstart program, so I have to pre-pay a $30.00 deposit on a item minimum of $50.00. I tried to place an order on Fingerhut site and pay that thirty bucks.? Would not take order due to their glitch, yet hit my bank account twice with holds that lasted almost a week.? My credit union said Fingerhut must fax them a release, Fingerhut says credit union must contact them.? So that's why hold went on for week. Called and tried to place order when those holds were finally released . Figured it might work better by phone than online.? Customer service rep, who barely spoke English, told me the payment site was down for a while. Waited a few days, today went on their site to place order, to find a notice the entire site is down for a few days. Crud.? I had planned to buy something just over then minimum $50.00 limit.?? Then occasionally buy something inexpensive to keep account active. This entire episode has been very disappointing, including a previous attempt to post my experiences here, as my original posting seemed to disappear.? I will try, once again, to contact Fingerhut something next week when the site is supposely working.?? A two week pain and stretching towards three weeks. If I had to do this over again, I sure wouldn't bother with Fingerhut.? I would suggest you don't either.? But since I've already taken the credit hit, I will try for a while longer, and let you all know.

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Jul 20 2017
They screwed me over...
Credit Karma Member

I'm going to start by saying, this was not completely fingerhut's fault...but it was certainly wrong. Last time I had purchased items with fingerhut wa close to a hear ago (June 2016). I had thought I had finished paying off my balance, my fault...I should of double checked. Fast forward to a few days ago, I'm checking on my credit report...making sure everything was still looking good...when I noticed I had a delinquent account. Did some digging to find out fingerhut called it in. No phone call, no letter by mail, no email. No, I find out through my credit report. I'm sorry, yes I should of checked and made sure I was in good standing. But it is also wrong for a creditor to allow an account to go on for so long, without calling or sending a letter. At least something before just selling my account to a collection agency. As soon as I found out I got the info I need to pay it off. If fingerhut would have at least tried to contact me, I would have paid! And now, because of fingerhut' disorderly system...I'm going to hav a delinquent mark for seven years. Thank you for ruining my credit. Real great company you are.?

Mar 29 2017
Credit Karma Member

They will steal your money and cancel your order

Mar 29 2017
Worst company ever
Credit Karma Member

They took my money and then canceled my order then 60 days later after they said they would return my money they stolen they said they returned my money which they never did and I have the bank statements to prove, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, they don't just steal on the total cost they don't even put your order through they just take your money and play dumb.

Mar 20 2017
Made my score drop!
Credit Karma Member

They basically threaten you that if you don't buy something, your credit will be taken away! I re-established credit 3 years ago and paid them off. I refuse to buy their overpriced, low quality items. They increased my limit to $2300 then dropped it to $1600 thereby causing my credit score to drop by 2 points! It's ridiculous!

Feb 20 2017
Great credit booster but overpriced
Credit Karma Member

With a credit score below 600, Fingerhut initially granted me with a $600 credit limit which I used to purchase a sewing machine. After paying it off they raised my credit limit to $1000. I would like the site more if they had better options especially with clothing. I have to search hard to find fair prices before purchasing as many of the items I found were sometimes double than other stores online. Overall, I am happy with it but don't use it all that often.

Jan 27 2017
wonderful way to get what you need!
Credit Karma Member

I oredered what we needed and make the payments ontime . Over 1K CL in three months .it hads been great for the kids when tey needed new shoes. Yes, you pay more but you do ?that anywhere when you have a low to no credit score.?

Jan 14 2017
Credit Karma Member

Excellent for re-establishing credit!

Dec 07 2016
Credit Karma Member

I don't have a card

Nov 04 2016
Credit Karma Member

I am now 22 years old got approved for fingerhut almost 2 years ago now I was 19 with no credit. They gave me a 200$ CL fresh start account paid it off they upgraded my account and I got 250 CL I am now at 1400$ CL just got another 200$ CL 2 days ago. Looks awesome on my credit report really helped me get some credit going. They have even let me go over my limit at times due to my 100% on time payments have gotten 2 Xbox ones pots and pan sets and printer and tools some prices are way to much but some aren't that far off :) and you get to make payments my balance is 1016$ I only have to make 59.99$ payments and they even sent me cute letters in the mail telling me how awesome of a customer I am. I now also have 2 credit cards one threw credit one for 300$ and one for capital one quick silver 300$ plus 100$ Credit line threw bank. Plus a score rangeing low 600s. I feel proud of myself for being barely 22 and doing good so far. But it really did all start with fingerhut. Def. Recamend :) and I also have collections on my account (sadly) medical and a small online school one. My advice go for it but only do what you can handle your score will shoot up in no time. :)

Nov 02 2016
Great card to reestablish credit
Credit Karma Member

I applied in 2014 and got into their Fresh Start program. I paid a small down payment, then made on time payments and was moved into their regular account. I was approved for a $300 limit. I did good with the card but was disappointed in December 2015 when despite my good history with them I was lowered to a $100 limit. I was told this is common around the holidays and they felt that I was not managing my other accounts well and using to much credit. I kept with the $100, was bumped up a few months later to $300. I was successful in managing that and rarely used it and paid it down quickly. I just found out today that my new limit is $700. ?I have heard that their prices are a bit higher than retail, but for me it works. I can make small reasonable payments and keep in good standing and it reports to the three credit bureaus. They come in handy when in a pinch for the holidays or birthdays if needed. I plan to keep my Fingerhut card and maintain a good relationship with their company.?

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